Author's Note: Its time to hear from Quicksilver so all of this is from his point of view.

Faith was practically skipping, her brunette curls bouncing with every step. I had been waiting for her for several hours in the dirt parking lot, anticipating how she and Pago had done in the riding competition. It had taken all of my and Antony's skills of persuasion to convince her to enter the horse show. I knew she had to show again when she and Terremoto had accidentally jumped Ratchet while he was in his alt mode. (She and I had been racing down the road when Ratchet unexpectedly crossed in front of us. I barely avoided running into the CMO but I was blown away to see Faith cue Terremoto to jump the Hummer. I could have sworn that that horse had some sort of boosters in his hooves the way they had soared over Ratch) Faith and her stallions have such immense talent that it would be ludicrous to not compete and when I found out she hadn't competed since that hideous encounter with that piece of slag Freedmont, I became relentless in convincing her. Finally, Faith gave in and agreed to enter her and Pago into a small horse show two counties from where Ahearn's ranch was situated. It was smaller than the competitions she used to take apart in, but she needed to get back in somewhere. And as she came toward me, I could tell she did well without even having to use my scanners; her green eyes were sparkling and she was wearing an enormous smile. Pago was following behind, his long black mane and tail flowing. My sensors narrowed in on a yellow piece of fabric around the black stallion's neck. On the fabric and resting against his chest was a small gold center-piece that was encircled by intricately folded fabrics that consisted of red, yellow, and blue colors. Long blue pieces of fabric then hung from the center-piece. In the hand that didn't hold Pago's lead rope, Faith held more of those strange objects but they were smaller and were either all blue or all red and didn't have the exceptionally long piece of fabric that could wrap around Pago's neck.

Faith came up to me and peered around to make sure that no one was around to see us. No human was even remotely close and I told her so. Faith was absolutely beaming with happiness and I almost laughed because she looked like she was about to start bouncing up and down. Humans had the most bizarre way of displaying their emotions.

"What are those pieces of fabric?" I asked, not understanding why she seemed so excited over them. Faith laughed, a sound that I would never stop loving even after thousands of years have passed.

"They're ribbons, awards I'm given for doing well. The blue ribbons are for first place and the red ribbons are for second place. And because we won so many ribbons and points, Pago and I won the High-Point Champion which is what the ribbon around Pago's neck is for" In my processor, I had a smile as wide as Faith's. It had taken her several weeks to get over the shock of that night at the port but eventually she realized that she no longer had to live her life in fear. The pure happiness she had now was something that I had never seen in any being that I had ever come across.

"Congratulations Faith" I slowly told her in Cybertronian. Her smile slightly dimmed as a thoughtful expression momentarily crossed her face. Then her smile returned when she translated it.

"Thank you!" I couldn't help but to laugh at her exuberance. She was catching on surprisingly fast to my native language and that made my spark glow with pride for my human. Only the twins knew that she was learning it but that was only because they had made a slagging comment about her and me in Cybertronian when she was around. She promptly told them off, letting them know where exactly they could shove their fragging egos. Their expressions were priceless and I made sure to store a snapshot of their faces in my memory banks. I'm pretty sure that Jazz knew too but he wasn't saying anything about it.

"I have some surprises for you" I told her in English. "Close your eyes and hold still" Faith looked puzzled but she did as she was told. Even when Pago impatiently nudged her with his nose, she held as still as she possibly could. The only parts of her that were moving was her hair gently blowing in the breeze and her chest rising and falling as she breathed. I reveled in the rhythmic sound of her breathing and heartbeat. They were sounds that I always wanted to hear.

As she did as I said, I activated my hologram directly behind her. It was of a male in his late teens and it looked pretty much what I would look like if I were human. A brunette with what was called a buzz cut and a tall, muscular build. It really wasn't any surprise to me that Mikaela told me that my hologram was extremely attractive for humans, earning both her and me a scowl from Sam. I mean, after all, the hologram's features were modeled after my own so it made sense that it was handsome. With Antony's help I made sure that it was wearing the clothes that were in the latest style; a t-shirt with a fashion company's name on the front, then beige cargo shorts, and finally some strange footwear that Antony called flip-flops. The style was a lot different from what Antony and Sam wore but Antony assured me that, for one, Sam had no style which was shown by the boxers with penguins that we would catch glimpses of, and that my style was 'cool ass white Cali boy' while his was 'suave playa that made all of da shawtys swoon'. When the human had said that, I had given him a warning look and growl at his calling himself a 'playa'. Antony was a nice kid but that wouldn't stop me from causing him serious bodily harm if he hurt my Faith. Something told me that he never would but ever since I met Faith I had this strange and extremely strong urge to protect her in every way. Faith called it my 'brotherly instinct'.

The new hologram was bizarre for me since I had asked Ratchet to give it an upgrade. I could now register the human senses of touch, sight, smell, and hearing through it. My true form went into a kind of stasis with a few sensors running to make sure that I'm not caught by surprise since I'd be essentially living through my hologram form. It took me some time to get used to being in two places at once. As my hologram stood behind Faith, I took in what it was like to be on her level. I was still somewhat taller than her but an inch shorter than Antony. For a moment I examined her. She was tall for a human female and her features showed her mixed lineage. Her white show blouse was unbuttoned in the front and I could see her light pink tanktop through the thin fabric of the blouse from where my hologram stood behind her. Her thin and healthy figure was exemplified with the tight-fitting riding leggings and knee high riding boots.

A long drawn out snort came from Pago, grabbed my attention. The Friesian was staring at my hologram with nervous interest. I cautiously reached out my hologram's hand and stroked his nose. My sense of touch was delighted at the silky smooth texture of Pago's nose. The stallion still seemed confused but wasn't as nervous about my hologram.

"Quicksilver?" Faith asked me hesitantly. Several minutes had passed since I had asked her to close her eyes so she was probably wondering what exactly was going on. Instead of answering, I made my hologram take a step forward so that I was less than a foot behind her. My spark flickered as I smelled her fructose cleaning solutions for her hair. I had never been this close to her. My hologram's hands reached in front of her and covered her eyes. I felt her stiffen at my touch and I wished that I had more energy to sustain sensors that could register her.

"Guess who," I said through my hologram. My charge was completely silent and she pulled away. She slowly turned toward my hologram with wide eyes and her mouth open in shock. "Ratchet gave me an upgrade while we were staying at that military base before coming back to the ranch" Faith still stared at my hologram in shock but she didn't seem scared. After she put Pago's lead rope into the hand holding all of the ribbons, she tentatively she reached up and rested her hand on my hologram's cheek. I couldn't help but to let out a sigh in hologram form at the same time as my real self's engine gave a contented rumble. Faith's green eyes carefully examined my face.

"Can you feel through this?" she whispered. I nodded my hologram's head.

"I can feel, see, hear, and smell through it"

"What about you? I mean, the non-hologram you" she asked as she cast a look over her shoulder at my real self.

"It's kind of like…I'm taking a nap. You know how you humans sometimes go on the brink of stasis? That's what its like for me. At least until Ratchet gets the time to give me the energy core upgrade he promised"

"That's crazy" she said flatly which made my hologram laugh. But then she threw her arms around my hologram's neck and gave me a tight hug. For a moment I was taken aback with surprise but then wrapped my hologram's arms tightly around her. I caught another whiff of that strangely pleasant smell of her hair cleaning solutions. My spark was absolutely burning with a flurry of emotions whose meanings I couldn't exactly put a name to. As I held Faith against my hologram's chest I knew that no matter how much I wanted to deny it, Optimus was right; my spark was feeling something more for Faith. And Optimus was right about something else as well. There was no way that Faith and I could be together in the way I wanted us to be. Not only because of the obvious reasons, that we weren't even the same species, but also because of Antony. The teenager loved my Faith more than his very life which he proved several times. He had died for her, what better proof of his love could there be? And what was even more important was that she loved him. So to quell my emotions I just reminded myself that I'd be with her for the rest of her life, always protecting her and being there for her no matter who else comes and/or goes. And if for whatever reason things didn't work out with Antony, which I'd admit I'd have mixed feelings over, then maybe things could change. Until that happened, if that happened, then I'd be content with the role of dutiful Guardian.

"You said surprises. As in plural" Faith coyly reminded me while not breaking our hug. I gathered myself before we pulled apart.

"Aren't you perceptive" I said while my hologram gave a crooked smile. Faith gave me an innocent, but still expectant, look. It still amazed me how expressive she and the other humans were, especially Sam. The way that Bee's boy could be sarcastic and witty with just a single expression and inarticulate noise always made me laugh.

My hologram took Faith's hand and led her and Pago over to my driver's door. I swung it open and my hologram reached in and pulled out an envelope that was sitting on my seat. Faith's eyes narrowed and she gingerly took it from me, unsure of what it was.

"I had to go through a lot of lengths to get this for you but I definitely think it was worth it" I told her. She neatly tore it open and examined the contents.

"Oh my God" she whispered as her eyes began watering with tears. My spark plummeted. This was not the reaction I thought she'd give. Her hand covered her mouth and she was trying to fight off her tears. My hologram pulled her into another hug. As my engine purred comfortingly behind my hologram, I told her how sorry I was. Faith violently pulled away from me, her features shocked and confused.

"Why would you be sorry?! This is the most incredible thing that anyone's ever done for me!" I was more than confused. Her actions were saying that she was distraught but she was telling me that she was ecstatic.

"But you're crying" Faith only confused me even more when she laughed.

"They're good tears Quicksilver, happy tears. Humans cry because we're overwhelmed with emotions and usually those emotions are bad. But those emotions can also be good but they're so overwhelming that we cry"

"I don't think I'll ever be able to understand you" I said with a shake of my hologram's head. I understood her explanation of why she was crying but the more I was around the humans, the more ironies I came across.

"That's what everyone says about me" Faith exclaimed, laughing. Her eyes were swimming with unshed tears but they were also shining with ecstasy. I knew that all of my efforts to have her re-enrolled into the prestigious college she had to drop out of were worth it. Granted, she wouldn't be able to begin until the spring semester but she'd still be going.

"How'd you do it?" Faith asked as she reread the acceptance letter. My hologram shrugged its shoulders.

"Did some research, made a lot of phone calls, and had Lennox or Epps go to the meetings I couldn't go to"

"Thank you so much Quicksilver…this means the world to me" The tears were starting to spill from her eyes but I was taken aback by the way her eyes had changed color. I had never noticed that they could change colors but then again I had never been close enough and the change was subtle. Her normally dark green eyes had lightened and they were a mix of light green and cyan blue streaks; the topaz around her irises had become a stronger tone of gold. They were magnificent.

I was completely taken by surprise when Faith raised herself up to the tips of her toes and gently pressed her soft pink lips against my hologram's cheek. My spark began to absolutely burn. If this is how I felt with just a little kiss, I couldn't imagine how Antony felt when they… I refused to let myself finish the thought. It only made things more awkward for me when Pago impatiently shoved Faith his head and sent her against my hologram's chest. Faith laughed and straightened herself before turning her attention over to Pago. The stallion was shifting his weight and tossed his head. From all of the time that I had spent with the horses I recognized that he wanted to go back to his stall and eat his dinner.

"Can I come with you to get Pago settled?" I asked through my hologram. Faith told me that I could but she seemed puzzled. I quickly explained to her the dynamics of the hologram and the extent of its range. She was still baffled so I tried explaining it better.

"Quicksilver?" she asked, hesitantly interrupting me. "You know how you say you'll never understand me? Well, the hologram thing is something that I don't think I'll ever be able to understand. If I think about it too hard my brain might explode" We both laughed and started walking toward the long row of stalls further inside the showgrounds. Suddenly I felt something smooth press against my hologram's hand. I looked down to see that Faith had given me Pago's lead rope. Neither of us had to mention what a huge honor it was for her to have me lead Pago. The whole entire time that I had been at Ahearn's ranch, I had never seen anyone beside Faith take care of her horses. Not even Ahearn or Antony other than when they feed them as a favor for Faith.

It hadn't taken long for Faith to get Pago settled. I visited with the massive stallion, at least massive from my hologram's point of view, and I could really see why Faith loved these beings so much. They were so strong and at the same time they were gentle. Pago had such a presence about him but that presence had peacefulness to it. While Faith puttered around I asked as many questions as I could about Pago and horses. Not only was I curious but I also needed to distract my charge as much as possible since the other humans were back at Ahearn's ranch setting up Faith's surprise party. The moment Mikaela found out about the college acceptance, the female teen immediately began planning for a party. I helped Faith pack her and Pago's things to get ready for the morning when she'd be taking Pago back to the ranch with the horse trailer pulled by that slagging piece of machinery she bought. I still didn't understand why she felt like she had to go out and buy a truck. She had me and if she needed to trailer the horses anywhere, I knew that Ironhide would do it. The Weapons Specialist wouldn't be overjoyed with being used like a common Earth vehicle but I'd make him do it anyway.

After Faith bid Pago good night and made sure he was as comfortable as possible, we began walking down the row of stalls. The other horses in their stalls seemed apprehensive about my hologram but the humans we passed only seemed to take notice that an extremely handsome man was walking by. I muttered something about that to Faith and earned an elbow in my hologram's ribs that actually kind of hurt. I was surprised with how strong Faith was, at least with my hologram.

"You know, I think you have a bigger ego than Sunstreaker" she muttered. My hologram gave her a slightly insulted look.

"Hey, I'm self-confident, not egotistical" That earned a disbelieving snort from Faith.

"Like there's a difference" she said as I opened my driver's door for her. Reluctantly I deactivated my hologram. No matter how much I liked the hologram, the program drained my energy and Ratchet had warned me against using it too much. My engine roared to life and I slowly headed through the dirt parking lot.

"I'm self-confident which means that I have a healthy self-esteem. Streaker, on the other hand, just has an overblown ego"

"That does nothing to prove your point" Faith said as she placed her ribbons and letter on my passenger seat.

"Streaker goes out of his way to make sure that he looks good every moment but I don't do that"

"Quicksilver, why are you driving so slow?" Faith asked me with a smile. She had placed her hands on my wheel to pretend she was driving.

"Because I don't want to get dirt on my-" I cut myself short when I realized that I just proved Faith right. With an enormous roar of my engine, I accelerated through the dirt parking lot. Clouds of dust billowed everywhere, covering me in a thin layer of dust. Faith was laughing hysterically and she had to somewhat struggle to keep her balance as I swerved onto the dirt lane that led out of the showgrounds. I practically flew down the lane and then onto the paved road. I even made sure to drive through a massive puddle when I saw it. Faith wouldn't stop laughing. I upped the pace merging onto the highway since we were practically the only ones on it. I earned angry glares and honks from passing drivers but I could really care less. It had been a while since I was really able to test my alt form's speed.

It wasn't until we were passing through the town outside of the ranch that I realized that I had gone way too fast. When I communicated to Bee about our approach he told me that Mikaela was freaking out. Apparently she needed more time and my little race didn't exactly help her. So to kill some time, as the humans would say, we went through a gas station's car wash. I'm never going to do that again. I don't care if Faith says I have a big ego or if I have to hack into an ATM to get the money, I'm going to nothing less than the auto detailers. I actually felt violated by that slagging car wash. When I grumbled to Faith about that, she laughed so hard that she had trouble breathing.

"There's no difference!" My engine roared with annoyance when she said that. Oh, there was a difference all right. Next time she says she needs to take a shower I'll spray her down with a hose and when she starts complaining I'll tell her that there isn't a difference. No difference my aft.

Everything was quiet when we pulled into the ranch. Faith looked around curiously and I knew that she instantly figured that something was going on. She gathered her ribbons and letter before exiting from me. I transformed next to her, making sure that none of my transformations were too close. I followed her to the stable and patiently waited as she went inside. There was a flurry of activity as she bolted out, no longer holding the ribbons or letter. I used my best acting skills and asked her what was wrong. The only answer I received was a half mumbled question of where her horses were at. I crouched down and laid my hand flat out in front of her.

"Let's check the pastures" I offered. She climbed up onto my hand and I lifted her up to my shoulder. I jogged over to the pastures, making sure my movements were as smooth as possible so Faith wouldn't be jarred. When I stepped over the fence, I placed her down. She let out a whistle that called Taffy and was answered by a neigh. The little mare came loping from around a hill and when she spotted Faith, Taffy let out another neigh and began eagerly galloping towards us. Taffy skidded to a stop a few feet away. Faith reached out and gingerly touched the incomplete wreath of flowers hanging from Taffy's neck. My charge looked up at me, not needing to voice her questions. I shrugged my shoulders, feigning ignorance. Just then, there was a mad rush of barking. Faith dropped to her knees just as Kobe slammed into her. The Doberman began attacking her with his slobbery tongue and I watched contentedly, happy that Ratchet was able to help Kobe's recovery along. It had only been two months since the young dog had been shot and already he was able to run around chasing lasers. Again, Faith was puzzled about the collar of flowers around Kobe's neck. The Doberman then started trotting back towards the hill, looking over his shoulder at us expectantly. Faith followed with Taffy and I close behind.

Faith literally yelped when she saw what was on the other side of the hill. Mikaela had really gone all out. Beneath the oak tree that was wrapped with twinkling lights, there was a table with a wide assortment of food. From the boughs of the tree hung a banner reading 'Congratulations' and a paper table cloth with confetti was on top of the table. The old droid Prowl was standing guard beside the table of food with warning optics locked on the twins. Faith seemed blown away at the surprise and she was staring in awe at our surroundings even as she was being hugged by the other humans.

"This is so incredible but…why are you doing it?" she stammered as she saw the stallions, all except Pago, grazing in the grass. Spitfire had ambled over to Taffy was contentedly eating her incomplete wreath.

"Because you've been through so much and it's amazing how you not only got back into the show ring but how you totally kicked ass. And then on top of that, you're going back to UCLA" Mikaela explained. The two girls hugged each other, Faith thanking all of us.

"Yeah, I don't think they would have reaccepted just anyone" Sam added as he was about to take as swig from his water bottle. Before he could, however, Bee stopped him. The scout used observance lasers to examine the contents of the bottle to make sure nothing had been added. With a nod of approval Bee let Sam take a drink.

"Are you going to do that every time I drink?" Sam asked in an exasperated tone.

"As long as those two are around" Bee's answer caused a few snickers to come from Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. An angry glare from me made them offline their vocal processors.

I had never been to a human party but it was something that I definitely wanted to experience again. Jazz played music from his radio while everyone hung out. Antony and Sam gluttonously devoured the food and frankly I had no idea where they put it all. After stuffing themselves, they joined Faith, Mikaela, Bee, Jazz, the twins, and I so the humans could show us how to do this dance that went along with a popular song on the radio. Jazz caught on immediately and began adding his own flourish to the dismay of his charge since Antony had pronounced himself the ultimate dancer. The two were really getting into showing who really was the better dancer when they were interrupted with a cacophony of yelping. Kobe barreled into Faith, whimpering and his docked tail trying to tuck between his legs as he stared in fear at the rhinestone wearing Chihuahua. On our way back to Ahearn's ranch, Sam had swung by his house and picked up the rodent he called Mojo. I had had an intimate moment already with the spawn-from-the-Pit after he lubricated on me. I almost let Sunstreaker take him out but then I would have had to deal with Bee. Despite the fact that Kobe was from the same species, the Doberman seemed utterly confused by his much smaller cousin. The youthful dog was happy by the presence of another dog at least until Mojo apparently decided that he had had enough of Kobe's pointy nose jabbing him. Even after Kobe was hiding behind Faith, the little embodiment of Cujo came chasing after the much larger dog with sharp little teeth bared. Faith yelled at Sam to get Mojo to quit it but the teenaged boy was laughing too hard to do anything but hold his sides and keep from collapsing on the ground. That was when Antony came walking over and tried to grab Mojo by the scruff of the neck. The Chihuahua would have none of that though and promptly bit Antony on the hand. Jazz's charge let out a wail and a flood of profanity, some of which he picked up from Jazz. The lieutenant just chuckled and watched while avoiding meeting Prowl's accusing glares.

It was late in the night when things began calming down. Ahearn and the older mechs had left to go back to the ranch house, leaving us younger mechs and the humans out in the pasture. We were all sitting beside the oak tree, the twinkling lights and moon offering the perfect amount of light. I was propped up on my elbows with Kobe curled up on my torso since the Doberman refused to go anywhere near the ground where Mojo still patrolled.

"Do you need any help Faith?" Sideswipe casually asked. Faith just glared at him from the corner of her eye, not bothering to respond as she and Mikaela continued cleaning. She was still infuriated with the fact that the twins had registered themselves in her name. It wasn't necessarily that she was mad that they were registered to her, just how she found out. A few days before she had received a hefty fine with a combined total of a thousand dollars for her two Lamborghinis being ticketed for speeding and reckless driving. Optimus was letting Prowl think of a suitable punishment and the tactician was still pondering, which was an extremely bad sign for the twins.

"Don't bother trying to get back on her good side, you're still slagged" I told them in my native language which earned a smirk from Faith. They both glared at me and then sulked off back towards the ranch house. Probably to program their last requests. I watched them with a smirk before looking over to see how it was coming with the clean up. My optics focused on Faith who had Antony's arms wrapped around her waist. Her partner was whispering something to her which was making her smile. Then he turned her around and gave her a quick kiss before they thought anyone noticed them. It was no secret to everyone that they were back together but I knew that they were trying to keep everything quiet. This was something that I could at least be thankful for.

"Quicksilver?" I hadn't even noticed Faith come up to me, I was so deep in thought. Everyone was heading back towards the ranch house, except for Faith. "I'm not ready to go to bed, so do you wanna walk around a bit?" I smiled and went to reach for Kobe to put him down. The Doberman squirmed, not wanting to be close to Mojo but the evil Chihuahua was restrained in Sam's arms as they headed back. Kobe practically welded himself to Faith's side so he gave a distraught whimper when I placed Faith on my shoulder. I began walking through the pasture while Faith gazed up at the night sky covered with twinkling stars. The horses stayed in the pasture, happily grazing in the warm summer night air. Kobe dashed around as much as his still healing injuries would allow. Faith and Ratchet had already given up hope on getting the dog to take it easy so he was allowed to do pretty much whatever he pleased. After dealing with the young dog, Ratchet gained another level of patience with the rest of us and especially with the twins.

"Do you believe in destiny?" Faith whispered, her body easily moving along with the movements of my shoulder as I walked. I cocked my head slightly in her direction. I wasn't exactly sure how to respond since we didn't really have a concept of fate or destiny. "I do" Faith continued. "I think it was fate that we met. I'm not sure if it was an act of God or Primus or some sort of higher power but I'm not going to question it because I can't imagine my life without you" My spark began glowing more fiercely with what she said.

"I'll always be here" I reassured her. This time I was going to keep that promise.

"I know. Cuz if you leave I'll kick your ass…or aft…or whatever you have" I couldn't help but to laugh at the image of her trying to beat me up.

"Hey, I'm tough!" she said laughingly.

"Oh trust me, you've already proven that" I genuinely told her.

We were quiet for the rest of the walk. It wasn't an uncomfortable kind of silence but rather the kind that just didn't need to be filled. When I felt Faith leaning against my helmet more than she would if she were more awake, I turned and headed toward the road that led back to the house. By the time we reached the road my sensors began picking up that she was falling into recharge so I gently picked her up from my shoulder and stood her on the ground. I transformed, leaving my top lowered, and swung my doors open for Faith and Kobe. Faith practically fell into my driver's seat while Kobe tried his best to curl his body into my passenger seat which wasn't exactly designed for him. The Doberman went into the most bizarre position with his rear end basically hanging off the seat and his head, chest, and front legs stretched across my console. Faith's eyelids were slowly lowering and she had one arm outside of my rolled down window, her fingers curled against the outside of my door. Her cheek was pressed against my leather seat and I could feel her soft breaths.

"I love you Quicksilver" she murmured as she drifted off to sleep. "You're the best friend that I've ever had"

"I love you too Faith" I whispered back in my native language as I let my purring engine lull her to sleep. I drove smoothly back to the house, taking my time. With the sensors that I didn't need to navigate the road, I focused on the starry night sky off in the horizon in front of us. Out of all the stars and planets out there, I was glad that fate had brought me to this beautiful planet and to my Faith.

The End

Author's Note: Just a little what-not note, stallions and mares absolutely can't be left alone together and normally stallions can't even have contact with other horses period. But this is my story so I decided to change it up a bit.

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