Chapter One

One dark and stormy night, sat a certain bushy haired women with a raven haired man in a small apartment. "Oh Harry", she sighed. "I don't think we can continue like this we have to end it". "Rob doesn't know about us and I don't want him to find out", she said. "But, I love you" said Harry. "I know" said Hermione "but, what if"… she started but was cut off because Harry kissed her passionately. He then carried her off to his room and closed the door.

8 months later

Hermione sat on her couch in her spacious condominium. She was flipping through a magazine when she heard the sound of a key turning in the lock. Then as the door closed she got up. Hi hon. said a brown haired man. "Hi Robby" said Hermione. The man then gave her a kiss. "How are you feeling" asked Robert while rubbing his hand gently over her round belly. "I'm fine" said Hermione. "Only 3 more weeks" said the man. "I know she" said rather annoyed.

1month later

There was a loud knock on the door and Hermione opened her eyes. "Hi, babe," said Robert "did I wake you?" "Uh, no" said Hermione. "Where's my princess" he asked holding a big bunch of pink and lavender balloons. With a big pink one that said: It's a Girl!! With the name Daniella Anne Zarciabala. Hermione said the nurse took her to the nursery. As she had given birth to a baby girl the day before and had been in intense pain she was somewhat crabby. "Oh, okay" said Robert "I'll go and tell the nurse to bring her over". Hermione sighed. The baby had had a full head of raven black hair and gray eyes. She recognized that hair. It reminded her of him. Her lover. Her Harry. Then there was a knock on the door and in walked Robert holding a small pink bundle. "She's beautiful" he said. "I know" said Hermione faintly.

Some time later

The family of three lived a wonderful life. Dani (Daniella) grew up very happy. They celebrated everything from her first smile to her first tooth. Dani had inherited her mother's brains and won the spelling bee every year in her grade. She loved learning and never objected to homework. However as she grew older she always felt as if her mother was hiding something from her. She didn't know what it was but she was sure there was something. Little did she know that she would soon find out what it was.

More time later

At the age of ten when she was the most righteous age, she decided that she should find out what that "hidden" thing was. One rainy night, Rob was driving home, but the road was slippery. He lost control on a turn and swerved, hit a wall and flipped over. He died almost instantly. Someone saw what had happened and called an ambulance.

Back at the Zarciabala Manor

At about midnight in the Zarciabala manor the phone rang waking up Hermione. Hello, she said. She was then informed that there had been an accident and that she needed to come to the local hospital. She turned pale. The phone was hung up and she changed into some regular clothes. She ran down the stairs and locked the door with her daughter inside and drove to a certain local pub called the Leakey Cauldron. Once inside she went up to the bartender, Tom and said "I need an owl". He looked at her oddly and said, "I don't know what you're talking about". "Look", she said "I'm a witch", "my name is Hermione Granger". The bartender's eyes grew wide and he said, "oh, miss granger, so sorry, I…uh let me go and get you an owl". She scribbled on a piece of parchment and sent the owl on its way. When she arrived home she saw a petite shadow in the kitchen. "Hermione", it squealed. "Hello Ginny" Hermione said. "I'm sooo sorry", said Ginny. "Can you watch Dani for me" said Hermione "Just while I go to the hospital" said Hermione. "Sure" said Ginny. "You can take the guest bedroom" said Hermione. It's the first one on the right. "Okay" said Ginny. Then Hermione walked out of the door and headed to the hospital.

The next morning

The next day Hermione woke up at about 10 am with an insane headache. She thought maybe she had a hangover but then she remembered what had happened. She felt like lead, but she knew she would have to tell Dani. She changed into some jeans and a t-shirt and went down stairs. As soon as she got into the kitchen she saw Dani sitting in the breakfast bar eating conjured pancakes. Hiya Mom said Dani cheerfully. Want some breakfast? Said Dani through a mouth full of pancake. After scarffing down 2 helpings of pancakes, Dani said Mom, what happened last night? I heard you get up and walk around the house she said. Oh, Dani, well your father, was…well in an accident and well… said Hermione but was cut off by Dani who's emerald green eyes were glistening with tears. he gone said Dani whimpering. Then Hermione could no longer hold back her tear she sobbed and said "yes… Yes… Yes!!" "He's gone" wailed Hermione. "Forever!!" She wailed. "Mom, how?" Said Dani He flipped said Hermione. By the time he was taken to the hospital he was gone. Then mother and Daughter's cries were put together. 2 weeks later a funeral was held and Rob was laid to rest. Dani seemed depressed and lonely even though her best friends Carolina and Marie came over often with Hermione's permission to try and cheer her up. Hermione felt hollow and alone even with Ginny around. Soon all of that was going to change.

3 weeks later

One morning 5 weeks after Rob's death Dani got up and went down stairs. There she found her mother and Ginny. They were sipping coffee. Morning she grumbled and opened the fridge to get some orange juice. She poured some in a glass and grabbed a granola bar. After she finished eating she went upstairs and took out a pair of dark wash jeans and a green shirt that matched her eyes. The print on the shirt said ROXY in big bold letters. Then she scavenged under her bed to find her green frog VANS. Once she put them on she studied her complexion. She had an okay face. Her big green emerald eyes and her black hair went well together. Dani liked her hair. However she always felt that she did not belong to either side of the family. She did not look like her mother and definitely did not look like her father. Again she felt that there was something missing. She then grabbed a hair tie and tried to pull back her hair but it did not work because her hair was layered. She decided that she should just leave it down. Her hair had always been untidy up until now, because she finally found the right cut. She gave up on trying a new hairstyle and went downstairs and out the door to Carolina's for lunch.

Later that Night

After going to Carolina's she headed back home. There an idea hit her. She decided to take something of her Dad's to remember him by before her mother packs everything away. She then opened his closet and found shirts, ties, caps, but nothing truly interesting. Then she walked over to the closet both her parents had shared. As she was quietly searching she stumbled upon a shoe box with tape around it. It was marked memories in her mother's writing. She then took a broken plastic hanger and cut the tape. Then she gently lifted the lid off of the box. She immediately found something that interested her. It was a beautifully carved stick. She turned it over in her hands studying it. Then she carefully set it down in the box. She then took out a bunch of letters tied together with a light blue ribbon. They were from someone who signed off your love. Then she found 2 pictures. She picked up the bigger one. It was a picture of a man with untidy black hair and green eyes, he was hugging her mother. Then… the picture moved!! The man kissed her mother on the forehead. Then they were laughing. She watched the picture reset a few times, with amazement. Then she moved on to the next one. This one was one of her mother and the same raven haired man but with another man. The other man had fiery red hair. They were all holding sticks like the one she had found in her mother's box. They seemed to be about 13. After that she picked up a roll of what looked like parchment. It read:

This Certifies that Miss Hermione Jane Granger has completed her education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with High Honors.

She gasped and put the items back in the box, covered it and carried it to her room. There she hid the box in her night table cabinet and put the pictures in one of her albums. Then she thought of how her mother could have been a witch this opened up so many doors for her. It then hit her that her mother was a witch. It was the something missing. She cleared her head and headed down stairs. When she was walking in the hall she heard muffled voices. As she got closer she realized it was her mother and Ginny talking. She stopped and listened. She heard Ginny say "so after you left him you stopped using magic?" "Yes," Hermione said. It just wouldn't work if Rob knew. He hated people who were different. Then Ginny looked at her watch and gasped. Two o'clock already. "Oh, Hermione I have to go I'll be back in a few minutes" she said smiling sheepishly. "Okay" said Hermione. Then she left with a loud crack. Dani couldn't believe her eyes she had just witnessed magic!! She then went up to her mother and said "Hi mom", whatcha doin'? "I…uh, oh hi Dani". She was about to say something but was interrupted by three loud pops. Hermione slowly turned around only to see… Ginny standing with two other people that she had not seen in ten years. "R…r…Ron?" She said. "Harry?" She whispered. "I...I...I then she broke down in tears. "I've missed you so much," she said