The name was made up by KiriharaAkaya. And this is dedicated to KA cause I say so xD. Pretty short though...cause it's my first Rikkai Dai fic...

Cause uke pair's just cool that way xD And it needs more love.


Oh, by the way, I haven't written anything about Rikkai Dai before...so pshh if it's OOC WHATEVERRR

"Akaya, what are you doing?" Sanada asked.

"I'm drawing," Kirihara replied.

"What the hell is it?" Niou asked.



"It's...a person."

"It is?"


"Hmmm..." Yanagi was busy scribbling in a notebook.

"Then who is it?" Marui inquired.


Niou burst out laughing. "That doesn't look like buchou at ALL! What were you thinking?!"

"Well Mura-buchou's cool! And..and...and...he PWNS all of you!!"

Marui began poking Kirihara. "So? Does that mean you have a crush on him?"


Niou pointed an accusing finger at him. "You hesitated! So you DO like him!"

"...Well...I guess...maybe..."



"Haru, you know I'm right behind you, right?" Came a voice from behind...

It was Yukimura. (ZOMG XD)

Everyone froze. Well, kinda. Sanada was kind of just standing there because he was just there.

The really scary part was that Yukimura jsut sent everyone outside for their regular tennis practice. He gave no inclination WHATSOEVER that he had heard the conversation in the locker room AT ALL. Which was really scaring Kirihara.

Well, that's what he thought initially. When practice was over Yukimura brushed passed him and handed him a note.

The contents?

"My house Sunday. 3:00."

Kirihara was extremely hyper for the rest of the week...

Yes, I know it sucks. My attempts at fluff are horrible. But uke pair's just too awesome. But it's short. Oh, by the way, if anyone wants to continue this, be my guest because I don't want to kill people's brain cells writing horrible fluff xDD.

But Dirty Pair's really my OTP xDD. Now I'm going to ask a very retarded question. What the hell does OTP stand for? Cause I forgot...I have a VAGUE idea but...xDD