HAY GUYS, I wrote a fic for something that's NOT House related and not likely to get much traffic. I guess I do it for the love.

It's for the movie Threesome, which is a fun little movie from the 90s about a MMF love triangle. All you really need to know is that Alex is a girl, and Eddy is played by Josh Charles. Cheers!

Save Eddy From Liberated Women!

Eddy: I won't blow you, man—and that's final!

Eddy wants Stu to fuck him on Alex's bed. He wants Stu to fuck him on the dirty tile floor, the weight bench, the couch in the social room.

He wants Stu to fuck him hard against their dorm room wall, until the chipped plaster rubs his face raw and the neighbors start banging on the ceiling.

Alex doesn't get it. Alex with her legs and lips, soft-spoken Alex just can't understand why it's not her that gets him so hard. Why it has to be Stuart.

Stuart is all grunge hair and muscles, tattoos and big rough hands. Stuart could crush Alex, with her tiny wrists and Barbie-doll neck. Stuart could crush Eddy.

Stu is big everywhere, Eddy knows. Stuart's got a big dick. They've seen each other in the bathroom, at the lake. Eddy doesn't feel inadequate. If Stuart would fuck him, it wouldn't matter. All he really needs is for Stu to fuck him like Stu wants to fuck Alex: hard and fast; Stu's teeth on his neck, Stu holding his arms down so tightly that they bruise—so tightly that his blunt fingernails cut into Eddy's skin.

Eddy's thinking about it in French class, at lunch time, and now when he's sitting in their room, in their shared space, trying to will away a hard-on before Stuart comes back, because God this is fucked up.

This isn't love, Eddy decides. None of it love; Alex thinks about him, Stu thinks about her and Eddy almost wants to cry because no one is getting what they want and they've doomed themselves to something that will never be satisfying.

But when they're all together and they're all so optimistic, Eddy thinks that maybe Stuart's face buried in his neck or Stuart's lips grazing his own before Alex intervenes—maybe this is enough.

Then Stuart stumbles in drunk, fresh from a fight with Alex.

And Stuart flops on Eddy's bed instead of his own and mumbles, "That girl is something else" while fondling himself through his pants so blatantly there's no way Eddy can miss the bulge between his legs that Alex (obviously) didn't take care of.

And Eddy's hands go clammy and suddenly he's not so sure what he wants—he just wants more, and it's a terrible gnawing feeling that he can't push away. He wants whatever he can get.

Eddy lays his head on Stuart's stomach.

"What're you doing?" Stuart asks idly.

"I'm thinking."

"About what?"

And Eddy could say it, he could admit it and leave himself open and exposed—if Stuart rejected him so be it!

…except that he couldn't, not really, not in a million years, no. He needs something safer, something not hinging on his own need, his own fucked-up desire.

So he licks his lip and says,

"Rescinding my position on blow jobs."

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