Author's Note: Sorry that I have been gone so long, the stress of my previous job was so severe I haven't been able to right, finally though I am moving along, expect another chapter soon! Also be warned I was already changing the tone of the story before I stopped writing, this may become slash but it will not be Harry/Severus or any characters, if it does become slash it will be with an OC. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter five-Starting over

"I love Harry." Ginny Weasley told herself as she stared outside, the snowing causing her to become depressed. She truly did love Harry, he was part of the best parts of her life...but he was never around. And when he was, she turned to walk into what Harry considered his study, he was still obsessing over Hogwarts. He was hiding something, she just knew it; but, whenever she asked him why it was so important to reopen Hogwarts in the fall he would frown, his eyes would grow cold and unemotional and he'd simply tell her she didn't need too know, and if she tried to push him any further he would state he had too open Hogwarts, for the sole reason he had too open it. "I love him...I want too…" she stopped and realized that she was still trying to live up to the dream that she had since reading about him as a young girl. Being Harry Potter's wife would be amazing, to the wizarding world; but, he wouldn't even sleep in the same bedroom as her. He was distant and did not let even her brother or Hermione in with whatever he was was a bit scary. Yes she loved Harry Potter but...she was not in love with him anymore, if she had ever been to begin with. The utterly depressed thought was going to possibly push the savior over the edge. even if he didn't realize yet, that he felt the same as her. They were only going through the motions of what was expected of them, and it became a pattern they fell into daily for the past five years. And with that she was done doing what everyone wanted her to do...she just really hoped they could remain friends because she truly cared for him; however, their relationship had always been more friendly and less romantic. After all what fiance would allow him to constantly run himself ragged while not even spending a single day with just her.

With these thoughts she decided she had her mind made up. She needed to inform Harry that this wasn't working and that it would be better if they called off the wedding they never fully planned as he was always too busy. Ginny walked to the telephone expecting Harry to already be awake even under the influence of Snape's potions.

Harry was leaning on the counter in Snape's kitchen having woken up again, the dream was already fading so he couldn't remember exactly what it was about. All he knew was he was awake and having peeked in on both Snape and Drake, he found he had managed to be awake before either of the other wizards. He jumped and grabbed Snape's phone as it rang once, not sure why he did so, but he didn't feel like dealing with anyone at that moment.

"Hello is Harry awake?" Ginny's voice came over the line, it was soft and timid as if she was afraid of being wrong. Harry frowned, that was not normal for Ginny.

"Ginny this is Harry."

" are you feeling?" Harry could almost picture her twisting the old phone cord in her hands nervously.

"I'm alright...Ginny what's wrong? Come on you can tell me." He coaxed, Ginny didn't tend to use the phone, only when someone called, not that she didn't know how to make phone calls; but, she was too ingrained in the wizarding ways.

"Harry...what are we doing?" She asked softly, and Harry closed his eyes as the headache he hadn't known was lingering came on in full force.

"Ginny, what are we doing, I am not sure what you are asking about, please I don't need this now, I promise I will come home as soon as I can get through Snape's wards, a friend of his came through, so they might be th-"

"Harry what are we doing together? Is it because we are in love, or is it just because it's what feels easiest for both of us. We never gave much thought about it, you've always been after rebuilding Hogwarts, and finding teachers, old subjects that were taken out of the curriculum ages ago, but we never actually talk about us...we don't talk about our wedding even when our friends are already married and having their first children...what are we doing with our lives?" Ginny said in a rushed voice. Harry felt the world tilt and slid to the floor holding onto the phone as if it was his lifeline. He couldn't believe she was questioning their relationship, especially when he already was having to deal with major the thought of losing her...He took a deep breath and tried to think clearly, it was important to her, and she had put so much of her life on hold while he devoted his time too his project.

"GInny what do you want? It's okay, just say what you need." He said making sure his voice hit the right tones that showed concern even while he was panicked, she was the one person he could count on, the one person who didn't constantly question or demand things from him...on second thought...she should've been the one person he could got too. He groaned even as he heard a sharp intake of her breath.

"Harry are you in love with me?"

Harry sighed, shaking his head even though she couldn't see it. "I...don't really know anything about being in love...haven't really experienced that in my life, or seen that much of it." He replied as honest as he could be, if she wanted her freedom he owed her too much too deny her it.

"I can't pretend anymore, I didn't even realize I was doing that until this morning. I love you like a really good friend, I do; but, I need to find someone who doesn't have to hide themselves from me and someone who will actually be able to love me back and be there for me...I'm sorry Harry…" She said and Harry listened for a few seconds as a dial tone replaced her voice. He felt broken, he couldn't find it in himself to blame her though, it was his fault for not examining his feelings for her and for not opening up to her closely enough instead he just gave her a small part of himself. It seemed that would be all he could give anyone...he could never allow anyone to close because if he did then they would know what he did, and fear would return to the wizarding world. He closed his eyes putting his head on his knees as the pain intensified, he felt as if his body was on fire and every bone in his body ached. But he didn't have the energy or desire to move from his position, or even too call out, though he knew he should, but at the moment he only wanted solitude, screw Hogwarts, screw the entire wizarding world. He thought angrily, he never could be a child, and it seemed he could never have a life period. He could hear movement in one of the other rooms but didn't raise his head, if he was quiet maybe whoever it was would assume he was still asleep and go back to sleep themselves. He inwardly groaned as the movement continued, he raised his eyes too stare intently at the doorway with a scowl fully intending to ream into whoever chose to walk through the doorway first.

Drake walked into the room whistling

Harry shot him a dark look, almost daring the man to say something to him as he sat on the floor oblivious to the chill that was seeping into his bones. "Your up early."

"Yep, what are you doing down there?" Drake inquired quizzically while moving around the kitchen to make breakfast.

"Just got off the phone." He said not elaborating any further he did not want to go into the fact his fiance just broke up with him.

"Mmhm." Drake indicated while completing mixing a meal of oatmeal, as he was sure both men could use something that was actually good for them and not full of fat. Harry watched him as his vision blurred slightly from the pain.

"When do you think Snape will allow the staff meeting to occur, or do you think he would at least allow a few or even one staff member at a time, there is still one I have not had a chance to meet in person...though i should probably put that off." Harry said thinking he really shouldn't invite his new mediwizard when he was not at 100%, or at least able to shield how he was truly feeling.

"You'll have to ask him when he presents himself this morning. Now please come sit at the table." Drake started setting the food out while hearing Snape moving around in his room. He was curious to see if Harry could even glared at the healer, damn him, he thought and stayed put he was not about to admit oo anything, if he did that, then Drake might make him spill the beans about his phone call. He heard the shower start and knew Snape was showering, probably getting the grease out of his hair. "Excuse me?" Drake stated not hearing what Harry muttered.

"I'm fine where I am." Harry said through gritted teeth. "That's great then. To the table for breakfast." Drake rolled his eyes to himself and started dishing out the food as Snape appeared. "Hey look who the cat dragged in."

"What is Potter doing on the floor." Snape sneered, obviously in a foul mood as he sat at the table frowning at the food and giving Drake a pointed look.

"You can go back to bed and get up on the right side...that'd be nice for Harry and I. Right Harry?"

"Sure." Harry said cautiously agreeing. Snape rolled his eyes. "Forgive me for being concerned that someone who is weak and ill, with a high grade fever is sitting on an ice cold floor." He snapped and set himself the task of eating ignoring both wizards.

"What a spoil-sport. But I was talking about your foul mood. Harry up."

"Fine where I am, thanks ever so much for asking." Harry sneered shaking his head at both men, he still couldn't believe he was stuck there, and now had no reason to leave, given that Ginny dumped him.

"I am not in a foul mood, this is my home need I remind you, and you are but a guest. A rather annoying one to." Snape muttered the last bit to himself as he turned to glare at Harry who seemed content to glare at the both of them.

Drake sighed. He worked with really annoying people sometimes; but, once he got them back on track, it was always worth it. He stood up and walked over to where Harry lay on the floor. He swooped down and swiftly picked him up and dropped him onto a seat at the table. He knew he was still very sick; but, the kid also needed nutrition. Harry let out a startle yelp, and glared at Drake. "Do not manhandle me!" He said annoyed with Drake being able to do such with such ease. "Gain some weight and maybe I won't be able to. Or get up on your own next time."

"Thank Merlin I did not hire you as Hogwarts Mediwizard." Harry snarled at Drake as he played with the food in front of him. "Both of you eat." Drake replied. Snape rolled his eyes. "What does it appear that I am doing, after this I will need to go brew some potions. Will you be able to handle Potter on your own?" He said eyeing Harry, he needed to make sure he was well stocked with any potion the younger wizard could need, he was very serious about the deal he had made, and to do so he was going to have to be brewing as if he was back at Hogwarts even during the summer.

Drake didn't reply; but, kept on eating his food while making sure the other two ate. Harry pushed his half full bowl away and leaned his head on the table, at least Drake wasn't bothering him about the phone call.

Drake finished his food and watched as Snape went towards his lab. He flicked his wand and the dishes started to clean themselves. He stared at Harry and rolled his eyes again. He moved to his chair and again swopped the kid into his arms. "I think it's past time you went back to bed." Harry yelped and glared at Drake.

"I am not going to bed like a child, I am perfectly capable of staying up, and I am feeling fine now." He said with a scowl. "Feeling fine with the fever I can feel raging through you. It's like I'm carrying the sun. Maybe I should just stick you in a cold shower actually." Harry jerked in his arms and hissed at him. "Don't you dare." Drake debated. He wasn't really sure what he should do. Harry was much too hot for someone who only had a cold. A cold shower sometimes did wonders even for witches and wizards when they ran a fever that wouldn't break on it's own. Harry growled again and twisted in Drake's arms. "I am fully grown, will you put me down at once!" He demanded, feeling very much the child in his arms, something he had no intention of feeling again.

"No." Drake said walking towards Harry's room. They would try another round of potions to see if they wouldn't start working. They'd go to another plan if they failed. Once he approached Harry's bed he gently dropped Harry on his bed.

Harry hissed as his aches came screaming into his mind after landing on the bed. Sitting straight up he really wished his wand was nearby, if it had been, and not in Snape's possessions he would've blast the wizard out of the room. He eyed the door and tried to calculate how much energy it would take too get the door and then slam it shut with wandless magic, locking the other man in. Drake snorted at Harry. "You need to take more potions. If we don't get you over this so called cold, we're going to have to become more aggressive. Why don't you just settle down take the potions and see if they help." Drake suggested.

"Fine I will take the bloody potions." He held out a hand waiting.

Drake smirked. "That's a good boy" He stated once he was assured Harry had taken all the potions.

"Don't you ever say that too me again…" Harry said starting to slump down in the bed half awake.

Drake made sure he was covered and placed a monitoring spell over the bed. He learned his lesson in letting the kid roam around. He chuckled walking out the room. Yep, he didn't like the use of good boy. He walked to the lab to check on Severus.