A very long Author's Note:

Well, I just got back from class. I have now attended all of my classes for the semester once, and the verdict is thus:


It'll be a pretty intense semester. That being said, I am still going to try to write year three. I am going to try to take a break from life each weekend and write a chapter, which means it will be written waaaaaay slower than these past two. Fortunately, I started on the first chapter before school began and it should be up within a few days. I also plan on posting an outtake from this story sometime in the near future.

Thanks for reading, and please review and let me know what you thought of the story. :)

A couple of individual readers I wanted to address...

My beta, Confusednight – Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To Anemone – Thank you so much for your extremely helpful reviews. They were both encouraging and constructive. In regards to my mistakes, "painful" has been changed to "severe" in the first chapter. I don't think I can fix the Andromeda thing, so throw that in there with the other mistakes I've made.:( As for Cissy, hopefully she'll have future appearances. I liked the way she turned out. Also, your comment about the possibility of me having a career as a writer absolutely made my day. My week, really. I'm working on a novel now (or at least I was... I might not get much done on it this semester), and it's good to hear that at least one person thinks I stand a chance at succeeding.

To lyin' – As with Anemone, I am very grateful for your reviews. Thanks for taking the time to give me truly useful feedback. Also, you are the first person to comment on the surnames thing! I actually squealed gleefully when I read your comment! You pick up on a lot of the subtle things that I assume only I will ever appreciate, and it makes me very happy. As for the Hopkirks... oops. I suppose they probably wouldn't be muggleborn. Peter, however, I made muggleborn for a reason. Hopefully I'll get to write all the stories in my head and that reason will actually come to light.