Title: Bound

Chapter: 1- Bound Part I

Warning: Humor. Excessive. Possible romance.

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A/N: I had this thought about like, a jutsu that could make our two favorite shinobi stick together for a month against their will, and here's what came out. I'm sure there's been others like this one, with jewelry, and such. One of my favorite stories is called Laying Claim and in it, Sakura puts on a necklace that she can't take off. It seems that Sasuke bought her, and she now has to bend to his will! You should read it. I'm still waiting for an update. -ahem-


Uchiha Sasuke was not a morning person.

In fact, he hated getting up any time before noon. It was just unacceptable. He only tolerated it because it was to train, and training was honing his skills to kill his brother. But now, at the ripe and fresh age of twenty, Sasuke could proudly call himself the lone wolf. Er, Uchiha.

That's right, Uchiha Itachi was deceased.

So, in other words, he no longer tolerated early mornings, or the sound of pounding on his door at 8am. And the thing was, that they didn't even have training today.

Extremely angry, he sat up and stomped his way to the front door. Once there, he ripped it open, his brain already brewing countless insults to send to his mouth. Whoever was on the other side was in for a rude awakening. To his annoyance, no one was there. The only sign that told him he hadn't imagined the knocking was a small red box with a white symbol on it.

Cursing loudly, he picked up the box and went back inside.


Haruno Sakura, however, was perfectly fine with getting up early. It was in her DNA. Everyday at 7:30am she'd get up and shower, and then have her morning tea.

It was exactly 8am when someone rang her doorbell.

Putting on her cheery face, the pink haired woman went eagerly to the front door to see who it was. She knew it couldn't be Naruto, he'd pound on the door and then walk right in. It couldn't be Sasuke, he had never ever used her doorbell, and preferred to scare her senseless with his smirk after knocking on her window.

So who could it be?

"Ohayo," She said, opening the door, but frowned when she noticed there was no one there. She was about to close the door again and forget about the whole thing when something caught her eye. A little blue box.

She bent down and picked it up. After examining it for a moment, she could only identify one thing on it, and that was the symbol. It was an uchiwa. The Uchiha fan.

"SAKURA-CHAN!" Looking up, she spotted her orange clad knuckle headed friend.

"Hey Naruto," She responded, looking back down at the box. Why would someone deliver a box with an Uchiha clan symbol on it to her house? She wasn't an Uchiha.

"Where are you going?" Naruto asked, stopping at her gate, cocking his head to the side, "I thought you'd make me ramen this morning?" He pushed out his bottom lip and widened his eyes, making them sparkle. The puppy dog face.

Sakura kept her eyes on the box. "We need to go see Sasuke."

"Teme? Nande?"

"Look," She said, shoving the box in Naruto's face, "It's got to be his, he's the only Uchiha left."

"Why do you have that?" Naruto asked stupidly.

"This is why we have to go see him," Sakura said, exasperated, "Someone left this on my doorstep this morning."

"Oh," Naruto was still looking at the box in his teammate's hands.


"TEME! WAKE UP!" Sakura and Naruto had been standing at Sasuke's door for over twenty minutes, and Naruto was getting very aggravated. "Sasuke-bastard, I swear to Kami I will kick down your god damn door-"

The door swung open, "Do it and die."

Sasuke was standing there, his hair mussed it different directions, and Sakura swore he had sleepies in his eyes. He was wearing a pair of dark blue plaid pyjama pants and a baggy navy t-shirt.

As soon as he spotted Naruto, he slammed the door.

"TEME!" Naruto's face was turning red, "OPEN THE DOOR!"

"WHAT?" Sasuke roared as the door was ripped open again. Sakura winced, she was sure the door would be ripped off it's hinges soon.

"Ohayo, Sasuke," Sakura said quietly and stepped past him into his house, followed by Naruto. Sasuke gave them death glares. Once she and Naruto were safely inside, she produced the small box. "Someone left this on my doorstep this morning," She said, referring to the object in her hand, "It has your clan symbol on it."

Sasuke's glare lessened as he bent to examine it, and his brow furrowed as he looked at the fan. A look of surprise spread over his face, but it was gone as quickly as it came. He grunted and disappeared down the hallway, only to come back a minute later with a red and white box.

"Someone left this here at 8 this morning," Sasuke grumbled, "It's got the Haruno circle."

She held out his box and he held out hers. The second their hands exchanged boxes, a bright flash of color and light filled the space they were standing in and all three occupants were throw about the room.

"Ow," Naruto complained, rubbing his head and opening his eyes. The two blue orbs landed on his teammates who were sprawled side by side, examining their wrists. He could see something one them...

"Bound," Sakura muttered, looking at the character that was plastered on her skin, "It won't come off."

Sasuke grunted again, "What the hell is going on?"

Sakura shook her head, waiting for Ino to pop out laughing hysterically, claiming she got them and telling them how funny their faces looked. Sadly for her, Ino didn't appear.

"That was cool," Naruto said finally, grinning, "Do it again."

"Dobe," Sasuke muttered, "It was bad."

"I guess I should go to the Hokage," Sakura sighed, standing up, "I'll come back later and tell you what she said," She was looking at Sasuke, who nodded.

Sakura then made a beeline for the door, but yelped in pain when she got out of arms length of Sasuke. He too groaned, and they both dropped to the floor. Naruto watched all this with wide confused eyes.


They were too busy trying to understand what was going on, and Sasuke moved a little closer to Sakura and they both let out sighs. It was too weird.

"What the hell was that?" Sasuke growled, rubbing his forehead.

"I don't know but I didn't like it at all," Sakura complained, standing up and grabbing onto Sasuke's shoulders for support. A tingle went down her spine, and Sasuke seemed to shiver but they both ignored it. "I can't leave," Sakura muttered, staring at the symbol on her wrist.

"Teme," Naruto hissed, "What did you do to Sakura-chan!?"

"I didn't do anything, dobe," Sasuke muttered, glaring at anything and everything.

"Well then explain why Sakura-chan can't leave your house!"

"Like I know," the dark-haired boy scoffed.

"Sasuke," Sakura said, a twinkle in her eye, "You try."

So the boy did. He went to the door, he opened it. And when he tried to step out, a sharp pain shot up his leg and he hissed in pain, and heard Sakura grinding her teeth. He stepped back, and the pain disappeared as quickly as it had come.

"Okay," Sakura said after a minute of silence, "Now Naruto."

Naruto shrugged and went out without a problem.

"Naruto," Sasuke growled, "Go get Kakashi and the Hokage."

"Oi, Teme, why should I do that?"

"Because we're trapped here," Sakura explained, "These tattoos are keeping us from leaving the house."

"Aa," Sasuke agreed, and Naruto frowned, watching the whole thing and deciding to comment.

"It's like whoever did this wants you guys to repopulate Teme's clan, geez."

Sakura turned red and Sasuke's fist came down painfully on Naruto's poor unsuspecting head. "Go get them, now," He growled at Naruto.

Rubbing his head, Naruto ran out the door.


When Kakashi, Naruto and Tsunade arrived at the Uchiha's door, Sakura and Sasuke were just standing there awkwardly, with a gloomy air around them. Sakura was across the room, sitting in the corner, leaning on the wall and Sasuke was lounged out on his couch, ignoring her entirely.

"What's the problem?" Tsunade asked, everyone in the room could smell the sake on her breath.

"This is the problem, Tsunade-sama," Sakura said, jumping up and shoving her wrist under the Hokage's nose, "I can't leave."

"Oh," Tsunade said, studying the character, "Bound... I know what this is. It's a binding jutsu. Engaged couples used to use it to test their love. If they could last it, then they knew they'd have a tolerable marriage," Tsunade said, looking at the two ninjas with a curious expression.

"That's just great, "The Uchiha muttered, "How do you release it?"

"You can't," Tsunade dead-panned watching the two warily, "You have to wait it out."

"For how long?" Sakura asked, a worried look in her eyes, "I have patients to attend to."

"Well, Sakura, your patients will have to wait," Tsunade informed her, "It takes about a month."

"A MONTH?" Sasuke roared, causing Kakashi, who hadn't said anything to chuckle.

"You should calm down, Sasuke," The jounin informed him, "This gives you a chance to bond with your teammate."

Sakura, who hadn't been paying attention, missed the glint in Kakashi's eye as he said this. The tips of Sasuke's ears turned red and he glared at the copy nin.

"You've read too many porn novels," Sasuke grunted, "They've gone to your brain."

Kakashi just laughed.

"The distance between you will fluctuate. At times, you will be able to be at separate ends of the house, and at other times, you will have to be within arms length. I suggest you share a room. The jutsu can change at anytime, which does mean when you're sleeping. If it does, and you're in separate rooms when you need to be at arms length, you will probably pass out from physical pain," Tsunade said, looking at Sasuke.

"Ano, you can't be serious, shishou," Sakura squeaked, looking at Sasuke worriedly, "Sasuke..."

"It's fine," He said stiffly, "You will be looking for whoever sent us these?" Sasuke asked the Hokage, handing her the two open boxes.

"Yep. I'll put Hyuuga Neji, Tenten and Inuzuka on it."

Sasuke didn't look satisfied with this, but said nothing.

"Naruto," Sakura said, turning to the blonde, "Go tell Ino to go to my house and pack me some clothes," She ignored the look that Sasuke gave her.

"Sure, Sakura-chan! Sasuke-bastard," Naruto warned, "Don't touch Sakura-chan," and then he was off.

"Don't worry," Tsunade said as she and Kakashi were leaving, "I'll give you a month's paid vacation," She smiled, "Don't waste it."

Sakura grimaced.

And as the door shut behind the blonde Hokage and the copy nin, Tsunade let out a low chuckle, "The things that happen to those two..."


Well, this is another one of those drabble-ish things. Yay! There will be a second part. Probably 5 parts.

Anyway, there's number one. Joy-o-joy.