Chapter 6

"ID?" the guard at the door to Babylon said around a yawn. Justin smiled slightly at his inability to hide his boredom.

After showing the guard his fake ID (which nicely said that he was 22 years old), Justin walked in slowly, adding a slight sway to his hips and a bounce to his step as he walked through the crowd. Occasionally he was able to find clients at Babylon, so it was always a good idea to exude the idea of sex from the very instant he stepped into the club. Which, if Justin thought about it, he was very good at.

Thus began the night for Justin. Revolving around the dance floor, trying to catch a few clients, and dancing to the music when a good song came on. Justin smiled slightly as one of his favorite songs came on. Now all he needed was someone to dance with. He gazed around and saw a tall man standing by the bar with a two shorter men. He looked older, but kind of cute, so he walked over to him, still swaying his hips seductively.

"Hey," Justin called out at the tall man. He turned to look at him with a mildly interested expression on his face. His two friends also looked up, frowning slightly. Justin glanced over the three of them and was surprised that he recognized their faces from somewhere. He stared at the short man with the dark hair and cute smile, knowing that he had seen him somewhere before quite recently.

The tall man looked Justin up and down before looking away. "Hey," he said in response, waiting for Justin to continue.

Justin looked back at him, furrowing his eyebrows, trying to figure out where he'd seen them before. He glanced over all three and then did a double take on the short man with dark hair. He was all but glaring at him, exuding as much hostility as he possibly could. That made it even more important for Justin to remember who they were.

Wracking his memory, Justin thought as hard as he could over the past few days. And then, suddenly, it hit him.

"So how much?"

"Depends on what you're looking for."

"A good fuck."

Oh... They were his friends. Which could explain the hostility. Justin smiled disarmingly and slowly began backing away. "Sorry," he said, "I thought you were someone else."

"One of your other clients?" the short brunette said, even sounding hostile. The tall man nudged him with his elbow and smiled at Justin.

"Don't mind him, sweetie. Who are you looking for?" he asked nicely.

Justin shrugged. "It was a good song. I was looking for someone to dance with."

"How much do you charge for that?" the short man said snidely.

The tall man glared at him and then turned back to Justin. "I'm Emmett," he said, extending his hand to Justin, who took it gratefully. "This is Ted," he said, pointing to the sullen looking man on his right, "and this is Michael." He pointed to the man who had been verbally attacking him. "You'll have to excuse him," Emmett said softly. "He's been in a bad mood all day."

Justin shook his head, easily dismissing it. "I'm Justin," he said, smiling at the three men. The man called Michael simply frowned and turned back to the bar without saying anything.

Just then, a man walked up and grabbed Justin by the arm and began to pull him away from the three men. Justin began to struggle, attempting to pull away from him when he turned around and looked at the man, only to see one of his regular clients. Instantly putting a sexy smile on his face and a seductive sway to his hips.

"The ususal?" Justin asked in a low voice.

The man smiled and Justin suppressed a shudder of revulsion. He wasn't an attractive man, and he wasn't necessarily cleanly. It really wasn't hard to see why he had to pay for sex. But money was money, regardless of who was paying.

So he followed the man in the back rooms willingly. As he was about to enter the room, he caught sight of a man with brown hair who was dancing with another attractive man. Justin paused and gazed at him. Could it be?

The brunette suddenly grabbed the man he was dancing with and also began to head to the back rooms. He looked up and Justin found himself looking in the eyes of one Brian Kinney.

Justin gasped and felt his heart rate speed up. He was suddenly nervous and his palms were sweating profusely. And all of a sudden, he wanted to do nothing else than throw himself into his arms and ravish him, right there on the spot. However, his client was becoming impatient and was attempting to get Justin to move by gently pulling on his arm.

Justin shook his head slightly and complied with his client, accepting the $100 that he slipped into his hand. This was work. There would be time for pleasure later.

Brian smiled ferally as he was shoved against the wall by his most recent trick. He was a very attractive man...almost as attractive as Brian himself. Almost.

As the trick (what was his name...?) began to play with the button on his jeans, Brian, for some unknown reason, looked up and gazed around the back room. As he looked around, a certain blond head caught his eyes. Brian looked at him. He was surprised at the twinge of...jealousy? Sorrow? Regardless, he definitely wasn't supposed to be feeling anything toward this trick. Nothing at all.

Brian shook his head, as if trying to physically dislodge the thoughts of Justin. Instead, he merely relaxed and enjoyed the company of his most recent trick.

However, when he closed his eyes, he was haunted by a certain blue-eyed, blond boy.

"You're great," the man panted as he pat Justin's cheek occasionally.

Justin smiled his thanks, but inwardly scowled at the man. He hated it when people pat his cheek. It made him feel like a toddler again.

The man walked away, turning around and winking at him. Justin smiled slightly and gave a small wave, not having the energy to do anything else. Running his hands through his hair, Justin started to head for the exit and back into the club. He still had a long night ahead of him, and he figured he might as well get some dancing in before he went to his usual corner. After all, he was already there.

What he didn't expect was the sudden presence that sidled up behind him as he was walking toward the dance floor.

"Come on," a low voice said in his ear. Justin turned around, somewhat surprised that someone was already behind him. He was doubly surprised when he saw that it was none other than Brian.

Justin shot an immediate grin at the man and felt his nervousness return almost immediately. Brian smirked back at him, grabbing him by the wrist and pulling him onto the dance floor.

The two began to dance, first somewhat hesitantly, then with fierceness that neither of them knew they possessed. They moved together, fluidly, as if they were one entity. Heads turned and watched them briefly, taken in by how well the two worked together.

For Brian and Justin, it was if the rest of the room didn't exist. It was just them and the music, dancing along to the beat. And they danced, not caring about the world around them. Justin forgot about his home life and his financial situation. He forgot what he was supposed to be doing that night, forgot about his usual street corner. He forgot about Daphne and her judgment and her harsh words.

Brian forgot about his work, about his jerk boss. He forgot his friends and their judgments. He ignored Mikey's glare from the bar. He forgot his own misgivings about relationships. He forgot his own rules and judgments.

And they danced, both recognizing their instant compatability. They danced without care or regard for others. They danced for what seemed like hours, each content in the others company.

Finally, when reality could be placed on hold no longer, Justin smiled, leaned in closer, and said, "We could dance all night or we could go somewhere less...loud." He laughed, trying to bring an amount of humor to his next words. "I promise I won't charge you or anything."

Brian hesitated. Now that he had to deal with life, his misgivings and rules came back to him with full force. And Brian Kinney made a habit of not breaking his rules. But then he looked at Justin's face and took in his earnest expression. And just like that, he was able to suspend reality and forget that he had rules. "Don't worry," Brian said, pulling Justin in close to him, "I'll make sure it's worth your time."

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