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Category: Crossover

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Anime(s)/Manga(s): Loveless/Inuyasha

Pairing: Seimei/Kagome/Soubi (maybe later) Seimei/Kagome/Ritsuka/Soubi

Summary: After the final battle with Naraku, Kagome was able to go home and celebrate with her friend Seimei and his brother, Ritsuka. But after receiving a video email from Seimei with his last wish for Kagome to live with his mother and Ritsuka, Kagome moves into the Aoyagi Household. Now two years after Seimei's death, what would happen if when Kagome meets Seimei's Fighter Unit?

Chapter By: Bishonen'sFoxyMiko

Chapter Ten

After Kagome and Ritsuka were done with dinner and Misaki almost shakily volunteering to do the dishes, the cat-eared pair made their way upstairs to Seimei's old room to relax and maybe talk before bed. Stopping in front of her love's door, Kagome turned to Ritsuka, "I'm gonna take a quick shower before we go to bed, Ritsuka. So that your mother won't disturb you or try to do anything while you're out of my sight, I want you to lock the door until I get back. Okay?"

Understanding that she didn't want to take any chances of the possibility of his mother hurting him while she was washing up, Ritsuka nodded in agreement to his Nee-san before opening the door and heading into his brother's room.

Once Kagome heard the audible click of Ritsuka locking the door, Kagome make her way to her room to get her towel and nightclothes before heading to the bathroom.

After she had quickly but thoroughly scrubbed her self off, she went to relaxing in the nice hot bath that just finished filling up after she rinsed herself off.

With thoughts of what she would wear for Ritsuka's Parents' Day, Kagome let her muscles relax while keeping her senses open for Misaki's presence if she went anywhere near Seimei's room where Ritsuka was currently at.

In Seimei's room, Ritsuka was looking through his late brother's computer for any hidden information on Septimal Moon.

But he could find nothing. He even looked into all of Seimei's backup disks that Seimei had. With a sigh, Ritsuka rested his head on the desk, just below the keyboard. Opening his eyes, his sights were met with the cell phone that Soubi gave him. What was said between them played through his head as he continued to stare at the electronic device as the rain continued to pour outside…


Soubi then explained to Ritsuka that he could get email and what else he had on the cell phone before Ritsuka spoke while trying to give the cell phone back to Soubi, "I can't accept this… there's not good reason to. And Kagome-Nee promised that we would get me one when we visit her family in Tokyo."

"Ah, but there is a reason. It's so you won't be lonely, Ritsuka-"

"But I'm not lonely. Not when Nee-chan is with me."

The Fighter Unit of Beloved turned to Kagome, meeting her gaze before turning back to Ritsuka, "Then think of it this way. Now you don't have to worry about getting one at a later time. And since I also added Kagome-san's number, you can call either of us if you're in trouble or anything. You can stay connected with the both of us."


His thoughts were then broken when Soubi's voice reached his ears, "Staring at it won't make it ring."

The older man's voice made Ritsuka immediately sit up and stare at the man he was just thinking about. Soubi stood in the doorway of the sliding doors that led to the balcony, soaked to the bone and dressed in black.

"If you wanted to hear my voice… you should just go ahead and call me." Soubi said while looking around the room, subtly looking for Kagome.

What Soubi came over to see Ritsuka for would be something she would be against completely and he didn't really want her in the same room after persuading the young boy lest he wanted to risk his manhood.

Ritsuka's surprised expression turned annoyed as he stood from his seat and picked up one of the clean towels that were stored in the room and threw it to the adult's head while cursing, "Why do you always have to come in from the balcony window?! It's not the front door!"

Soubi just chuckled, amused, "Then why do you always keep it unlocked? You think that I might be coming, didn't you?"

"… Nee-chan keeps it unlocked for me to escape through more easily, just in case mother tries to do anything dangerous." Ritsuka replied after he paused, finding no other way to answer Soubi but with the truth.

When Kagome felt that it was only a matter of time before Misaki's insanity completely consumed her, the Miko Sacrifice of Purity took steps to make sure that, worse case scenario, if that were to happen Kagome would try to keep her at bay while he made a run for it either through the front door or the same way Soubi always came in.

The sandy blond Fighter Unit was silent for a moment before looked about the room once again. Still no sign of his classmate who was also someone close to Seimei. "And where's Kagome-san now?"

"Dry yourself off before you catch a cold, will you? And she's in the bath right now. Why?" Ritsuka answered, stopping in front of Soubi and started drying the adult's light colored hair with the towel he threw at his head, set on getting the man dried up before he got sick.

Not the he really cared since it was Soubi's own fault for not taking an umbrella with him. Ritsuka just didn't want the man to get sick so that he would miss his classes and fall behind. 'Yeah, that it… and since he and Nee-chan have the same class together, I don't want her to be getting his cold either!'

"No reason… I just have a request of you, Ritsuka." Came Soubi's answer, making the young sixth grader pause in his hair drying as he stared up at him. Soubi then pulled his hair back, revealing his left ear with an unreadable smile, "Look. It's a beautiful ear, is it not?"

Soubi's words made Ritsuka frown a little in confusion, not understanding where the man was going this. But then even more confusion hit Ritsuka while color drained from his face at Soubi's next words, "And now… I want you to punch a hole through it."


Water splashed softly as Kagome stood from the tub after unclogging the drain. The thick fur of her tail and ears dripped with excess water from the bath, along with her long hair as she stepped out of the tub carefully so she won't slip. She then picked her towel up from the towel rack and started to dry off, taking extra care to make sure her tail and hair were dry before she went to dressing in her undies and nightclothes. After dressing in them, she looked at herself in the mirror… in the nightie that Seimei had given to her a year before he died.

It was a modest dark colbat blue nightie that reached to her mid thigh. It seemed halter styled, showing a little cleavage but the straps became thin as they crisscrossed at the back.

Modest and simple in design but what made it so special was that not only did Seimei give it to her… he also specifically had it made for her.

"A little something for you. I thought you would look very nice in it… especially for our first night together, if we ever decide to take our relationship that far." Kagome remembered him telling her. At the beginning, she thought he was only kidding and was teasing her but after a while, Kagome found out that he was very serious.

She told him that she was a bit embarrassed to wear something like the nightie and she wanted to wait until she gathered the courage to wear it for him one night… but a year later… she would never be able to let him see her wear it just for him.

Feeling the sting of her eyes, tears almost forming, Kagome clenched her eyes shut and shook her head. She had to get back to Ritsuka before it got too late and she didn't trust Misaki enough to stay away from the boy for very long, even from within the house.

With her towel in hand and drying the back of her human ears and her still somewhat wet tresses, Kagome exited the bath/shower room and made her way to Seimei's old room where she asked Ritsuka to lock himself in until she finished bathing.

As she was about to knock on the door to have Ritsuka unlock it for her, she paused a moment from hearing Ritsuka's raised voice. His words making her cat ears perk up and her tail stuck up in shock, "Oh, really?! Then go ahead and enjoy the pain!" After those words, a 'pa-tchk' sound was heard, although muffled by the door.

A second 'pa-tchk' sound was heard again after Kagome heard Ritsuka saying something about a 'left ear'.

'What the heck is he doing?!' She thought and started knocking, "Ritsuka! What's going on? Open up!" Quick pattering of feel could be heard before the lock clicked and Ritsuka opened the door. When Ritsuka's slightly relieved bit somewhat disturbed eyes connected with Kagome's bewildered and confused ones, the cat-eared girl asked again before walking into the room, "What is going on in here, Ritsuka? I'm gone for a few moments and you're starting to beat at your own shadow or something?"

Her eyes soon left the boy before Kagome was met with the sight of Soubi, sitting on the floor and slightly wet. In front of him, on the floor was an open plastic casing and an easy to use piercing gun lying harmlessly on the said floor. Silently glancing up at the man, Kagome noticed Soubi's un-pierced ears were now pierce with small and simple silver studs.

The wheels in her head started to turn as she started connecting the clues from what she heard outside the room, the look in Ritsuka's eyes, Soubi's newly pierced ears, and the piercing gun…

'That bastard!' Were the only words that sounded in Kagome's mind as her cat ears swerved back against her skull and started to glare down at the male that was in front of her. The towel that was resting around her shoulders unevenly now lay forgotten on the floor before she slowly took steps towards the blond, completely missing the awed look in his eyes as she thought of nothing but beating his head in for making a kid Ritsuka's age pierce someone else's ears for the first time.

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