Disclaimer: The characters of Inuyasha are owned by Rumiko Takahashi, but this story belongs to me. Aster and Dayandhi also belong to me. As unlikely as it would seem at first glance, this is a continuation story, not AU.

Inuyasha: A Fugitive Fairytale

Chapter One

Wanted: Kagome Higarushi

"I found her!"


"Kagome Higarushi!"

The man turned to the uniformed woman walking through the door, practically dancing in excitement. As usual, he had the uncontrollable urge to ruffle her unruly mass of corkscrew curls. Well, self preservation caused him to actually control the urge.. He had only given in to the temptation a handful of times. He still had the scars. He smothered a grin and looked at her with as much professionalism as he could muster.

"It's about time, Az." He paused for a moment, his tirade forgotten. Something about her was different… "Is your hair purple?"

"I keep telling you, it's ASTER. Quit shortening it, it sounds rude. And it's violet, not purple." She plopped ungracefully into the chair next to him. She pressed a series of buttons on the tablet she was holding, then tossed it to her companion. Luckily the small computer was very durable, otherwise it wouldn't last a day around her. A holographic image of a dark haired young woman wearing a green and white school uniform appeared stood on the screen. "It's her. I finally found her."

"And it only took you… how long? Over a year now?"

"Shut it, Dayandhi. Finding one girl out of the billions of people on one planet out of billions in their universe isn't exactly easy, you know." She grabbed the tablet back and studied the girl. "I deserve a freaking medal for finding her at all."

He also studied the smiling school girl in the hologram. In their line of work it wouldn't do to make any errors in identifying their target. "She doesn't seem like a hardened criminal."

Aster leaned forward and snatched the tablet out of his hands, irritably punching the button that shut off the holographic image. Dayan couldn't help but wince at the force she put into it. For being such a tiny little thing she sure packed a punch. She may look like a sweet little cherub, but she was one seriously dangerous woman. Though looking sweet and innocent (not to mention helpless) usually worked in her favor. NO one ever expected her to be potentially lethal.

"Just because you think she's cute doesn't mean that she's innocent. Don't go getting all soft on me. We need to go get her, nab her, and bring her in for trial and judgment." She looked away from him. "And possible execution."


"She's a wanted criminal, Dayan. Don't forget it."

Dayan sighed heavily then turned to the control panel. "Setting a course to the country of Japan on the planet Earth, Feudal Era."


"Kagome!!! Inuyasha hit me!"

Cracking open an eye, Kagome tried to focus on the kit who was bouncing in front of her face. For the past few minutes she had been trying to ignore him, but that didn't seem to be working. It only seemed to increase the pitch and volume.

"Is it even morning yet?"

She groaned as she tried to wiggle down into her sleeping bag further to catch up on some much needed sleep. Yesterday's fight had wiped her out. She didn't know she was even capable of that much purifying power. She allowed herself a sleepy smile of pride. Her powers were definitely growing. The shocked whistle of appreciation Inuyasha accidentally let out when she obliterated nearly a dozen demons with one burst made the bone weary tiredness totally worth it.


"Oi, let the wench sleep, runt."

Kagome smiled into her pillow as Shippo quietly (not to mention reluctantly) agreed and decided to go draw instead. Inuyasha's threat to all who dared bug her nearly made her laugh. Not wanting to encourage death threats, she tried to keep her laughter silent. She enjoyed the warmth of her sleeping bag, and felt incredibly lazy and spoiled as she lay there listening to Sango and Miroku whisper among themselves and go about fixing their own breakfasts and make plans for the day. She enjoyed listening to Shippo play with Kirara, asking her what color she liked best for the guts coming out of the demon Inuyasha just slaughtered. They decided that green and maroon were the best colors to use for the drawing. And she really enjoyed knowing that Inuyasha was less than a foot away, keeping guard over her.

It was a good day.

She yawned and stretched, deciding it was time to come out of her warm cocoon. Today was the perfect day. Nothing could go wrong when you woke up feeling that good. Tired, but good.

"What is the plan for the day?" she asked sleepily, looking upwards at the hanyou hovering protectively over her.

"We're doing it."


He reached down and pulled the covers back up to her chin. "Get some rest, wench."

She turned on her side and sat up. He wasn't just being nice. He was worried. It warmed her heart that he cared. Even if he couldn't say it with the others within earshot. His eyes told her everything.

"I'm fine, Inuyasha. Just a little tired." She stretched again, humming at how good it felt to stretch her still sore muscles. "And hungry."

"Hey brat! Bring Kagome some food!" There was a slight pause as he looked to see that his orders were being carried out. "Not that stuff! Get her the good stuff. The energy bars at the bottom of her bag. Three of them! And don't make a mess!"

Without so much as a thank you, the dog demon grabbed the bars from the kit.

"I got 'em for you, Kagome! They're your favorite ones!"

Maybe once upon a time they were her favorite, but she was getting kind of sick of energy bars. What she really wanted was a nice juicy artery clogging cholesterol riddled greasy burger and fries. Mmmm. And maybe a shake. But of course she wasn't about to tell the kit that.

"Thanks, Shippo."

"Eat all three. You need your energy."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Thanks, Mom."

Golden eyes went wide with panic. His hand was at her head feeling for a fever. "We need to get her to Kaede," he yelled to the group, a frantic Shippo alternating between feeling her pulse and patting her hand. "She's hallucinating! Hurry!"

Yeesh. Talk about over reacting.

"No. Inuyasha, I was just being sarcast… put me down!" She huffed as he cradled her in his arms, sleeping bag and all, and prepared to run. "I was just being sarcastic. I wasn't hallucinating. I'm fine. Please calm down!"

"Kagome Higurashi?"

Kagome froze, her hands still on Inuyasha's shoulders as she tried to push him away. Within the space of a heartbeat she was looking at the back of Inuyasha's robes as he stood in front of her protectively with his sword raised. Inuyasha's ears were flicking in every direction, trying to locate more intruders.

How had anyone sneaked up on them?

"What do you want with Kagome?" Inuyasha snarled.

Sango and Miroku jumped to their feet. Sango grabbed her weapon and Miroku raised his staff. Kirara roared as she grew into her giant demon cat form. Shippo jumped on Kagome's shoulder. To protect her of course.

Kagome peeked at the intruders from behind her guardian. The sleeping bag fell to the ground around her ankles, causing her to lose her balance. She held on to the fire rate robe for balance as she kicked it off of her feet. She had a bad feeling she would need the use of her feet.

There was a man and a woman. The man was fairly tall, with a lean build. His hair was pale yellow and rather shaggy looking, but in a touseled sort of way, not an unkempt way. His eyes, even from as far away as she was she could tell, were bright blue. Similar to Kouga's. But this man was not wearing a smile. Neither was his purple haired companion. She was a good bit shorter than the man with curly (and purple) hair that brushed her shoulders. She would have been pretty cute if she wasn't scowling at them and had a weapon (was that a gun?) pointed at them.

But her friends didn't know about guns, did they?

"What do you want?" she demanded. Inuyasha's outstretched arm kept her from coming all the way around to confront them.

The man looked at her and raised his own weapon, causing Inuyasha to growl. He may not know what a gun is, but pointing ANYTHING at Kagome was never a good idea.

"Kagome Higurashi," the man said. "You are under arrest for crimes against the universal Law of Time. You have the right to remain silent, but failing to mention any facts in your defense may be treated as evidence against you in the Court. If you wish to speak, anything you say may be given as evidence in the Court. A representative will be assigned to you once you have been processed." He paused and gave her a sympathetic look. "Though I must warn you Ms. Higurashi, the evidence against you is overwhelming. You have two minutes to say good-bye to your friends. Your family will be notified."

Kagome's mouth was still open as she looked at the intruder in shock. She was being arrested?


"You're being arrested, girl. Say good-bye so we can get out of this place."

Kagome scowled at the rude female. Was she some sort of Trekkie? Her outfit sure suggested it. Actually, they were both looking like they were on their way to a Sci-Fi convention. Did they come through the well also?

"You ain't taking Kagome nowhere!" snarled Inuyasha.

The woman pointed her weapon at Inuyasha, who ignored Kagome's whispered warnings. "Sure we are. She's our prisoner. She'll be executed after the trial for crimes against the Laws of Time." She cringed at her own words, then turned to the prisoner in question. "Sorry, kid."

"Laws of Time? What are you talking about?"

The man sighed, but still didn't lower his gun (phaser maybe?) from Inuyasha. "Time traveling without a license. Knowingly changing history by changing the past. We're here to bring you to trial for your crimes. And they are real strict on the Time Laws, so I wouldn't count on ever coming back."

"I will kill you if you lay one hand on Kagome," the dog demon swore. "Slowly and painfully. Leave now if you want to keep your lives."

The purple haired girl glanced over at her companion and nodded. Quickly she turned her weapon at Sango and fired, quickly shooting Miroku next before anyone could blink. Then Kirara. It happened so fast that Kagome didn't even have time to scream out a warning. Inuyasha was zapped the same time as Miroku fell. Kagome stood trembling as he dropped to the ground in front of her.

"Run, Shippo," she whispered to the kit. "Run and get Kaede. You have to save them."

But he wasn't quite fast enough, and the strange woman was much too good of a shot. Kagome cried out in horror as Shippo's fleeing body hit the ground with a soft thud. He was so still… they were all lying so still. Her heart clenched painfully, and it felt as if her soul was being ripped from her body. Tears streamed down her face as she turned to their attackers.

Oh, but they were not tears of sorrow. It was pure anger that coursed through her body.


She felt her body pulsataing with energy. She didn't know if it worked on humans, but she was about to find out. Turning her murderous gaze to the woman who shot her friends, Kagome raised her hand and prepared to send every ounce of energy she had to hopefully incinerate the human, even though she had precious little energy to spare.

Before Kagome could send off a blast, she was knocked off her feet. When the pain in her head and the stars she saw cleared, she realized that there was a rather heavy body lying on top of hers. The man may look lean, but considering how much he weighed it must be all muscle, Kagome thought bitterly as she squirmed and fought, trying to bite and kick and scratch anything within reach.

"Sorry about that, miss," he said, although he didn't move off of her. In fact, he took the opportunity to grab hold of her hands and pin them to her sides. "But we have to take you in."

His companion spoke up, her voice not quite so apologetic. "You broke the law. You are much too dangerous to be running around between times. You are changing history, and that can not be tolerated." She held up a hand and shook her head when Kagome tried to defend herself. "It doesn't matter if you meant to or not. Traveling through time and CHANGING things is wrong. One wrong move and you could accidently wipe out an entire race. Tell me, Miss Higarushi, just how many demons are there in your time now?"

"I… uh… I…"

"Hmmm. Think maybe all this demon slaying might be the reason why? Wiping out an entire species? Several species really. What makes you think that you should be allowed to change the natural order of things? As it is, it will take us months to clean up the mess you made. Do you know how long it will take to wipe the memory of you from every person whose life you've touched? In BOTH times! Do you know how big of a headache that is?"

The grumbling woman was still complaining about headaches as she pulled out a small item that looked a whole lot like Kagome's little brothers hand held game machine, the one with the flip top. Souta… they were planning to wipe her from his memory too. From her whole family!

"I'll go ahead and wipe her from the memory of these guys. She won't be so much a dream by the time I get done with them. It will at least contain the damage until we can get back for clean up."

"They… they aren't dead?" She almost wept in relief.

The woman looked at her in disgust. "Me? A murderer? No way, kid. I uphold the Law. I don't break it." She tossed an odd looking device to the man who was now sitting on her lower back. "We're about ready to go, Dayan. Wrap her up and get back on the ship."

A loud roar made everyone jump. Then suddenly Kagome was free.

Quickly she rolled away from her spot and scrambled to her feet. Glancing to her right she saw Inuyasha trying to claw her male captor. Surprisingly, the man was able to fend off the hanyou. Of course, he was unable to get in any shots of his own since he had to devote all of his attention to blocking those claws. The woman was frantically looking for a shot. Kagome bent down and rushed her like a linebacker. The woman let out a squeal as she hit the ground. She tried to take the weapon from her hand, but the woman fought to keep control of it. Left with no other alternative in fighting fairly (the woman was obviously much more experienced in hand to hand combat), Kagome sank her teeth into the woman's arm and grabbed the weapon.

Well, she thought she grabbed the weapon. Instead she found herself holding the small computer. She was snatched from behind before she had a chance to study it. The wall of red let her know that Inuyasha was once again her protective shield.

"She has the Tripper," the woman hissed to the man trying to stand back up. "You have to get it back, Dayan. Hurry."

"I'm a bit busy trying to make sure I still have all my important limbs. Why don't you get it back?"

"I'm the brains, you idiot! Not the muscle."

She straightened her shoulders and took aim again. Just because she didn't enjoy fighting didn't mean that she couldn't. Besides, she smiled to herself, there are more important qualities than simply brawn. Az may not be the muscle, but no one was as accurate or as quick on the draw as she was. She got off two shots in rapid succession, though both were deflected by Inuyasha's sword. As he was fending off a third shot, the man began shooting from behind. It took four hits to bring Inuyasha to his knees. It all happened so fast that the miko barely could register what had happened. When she saw him on the ground, she knew what she had to do.

At least she hoped she knew what she was doing.

"Stay back!" Kagome yelled as she backed up, moving away from Inuyasha. Hopefully they would concentrate on her and leave him alone. He would get his bearings and save the day. She just needed to buy him some time. "Both of you! I'll destroy this if you don't."

Dayan shrugged, wincing at the pain in his ribs and stomach as he did. "Big deal. It's company property. We'll just get another."

Kagome's hands tightened on the machine, her gambit wasn't paying off. She was startled out of her feelings of dread when it made a cute little chirping noise, causing their two attackers to freeze in place. Their eyes widened in horror as the machine seemed to come to life in her hands. She probably would have been frightened if she wasn't so angry. She took another step back as Az and Dayan ran towards her, but they were too slow.

It felt a little like static shock. Her body buzzed with energy. A slightly familiar energy, similar to the feeling she got when she jumped through the well. Then she was falling.

"Kagome!" screamed Inuyasha as he lunged for her.

In the blink of an eye, Kagome and Inuyasha had disappeared.


Author's Notes:

This story will be several chapters long. Usually I have an outline of where I want a story to go, but for this one I'm making an exception. I know where it is going, but how many side trips it takes to get there is wholly dependant upon if I think there is another fun chapter to do.

Constructive criticism is always appreciated (how else would a writer improve?), but flames are good for nothing but toasting marshmallows (oooh, and chocolate fondue!).