Title: End of Summer
Author: Slytherinette
Disclaimer:I don't own Kingdom Hearts , but I wish I did..
Rating: M – NC 17
Warnings: Gayness, probably drug use, language, a serious story, and sexual situations
Summary: He never knew how lost he was until he let Axel lead. AU AkuRoku

Thanks to NT/westside for the help with this!

Chapter 1

Despite the hype, the dramatization and clichés, there was absolutely nothing remarkable about high school. It was like a movie he had been told was "oh my god, the best ever" only to find out it was just the same old rehashed plot with a new cast. He had been nervous at first, he had heard horror stories about what seniors did to freshmen, but most seemed to leave him alone. It had progressed like every first day he had ever had, same tedious tasks restarted in a new setting. Learning schedules, classes, what teacher let you get away with what. He got up that morning, went to school, had lunch. He would go on to more classes afterwards, then to home, sleep, rinse, repeat. Even lunch was the exact same as every school lunch he had ever had. There was nothing to be happy about eating the same thing every Monday since first grade.

School would teach him nothing new. World War I came before World War II Walt Disney would always be the founder of the Kingdom of Disneyland, and Mickey was still king.

His friends kept a cheerful tone. Hayner, Olette and Pence had been talking nonstop about whatever they found appalling, fascinating or bizarre. Out of the small group of people Roxas bothered to talk to, he alone seemed to be the only one who was unaffected by this "new step."

"At least we have English together before lunch," Olette told Roxas, who had somehow managed to not score a single other class with anyone he like.

Roxas shrugged, stabbing his green gelatin with a fork. "Yeah, it sucks." He agreed.

"Roxas had to go and be a geek and get put in hard math and science classes." Hayner teased. "So you got any classes with Na-mi-né?"

"I don't know, none yet." He replied, uninterested. Despite Hayner's teasing he really wasn't interested in her. She was nice but…

"I feel bad she didn't make it far in cheerleading tryouts. She just didn't yell loud enough." Olette explained. "She would have been so cute, and you would have been dating a cheerleader." She winked at him.

Roxas sighed deeply, "We aren't dating…"

"Not YET, though. Anyways, I think I did okay this weekend. Won't find out until tomorrow who made it or not. If I don't I'll be disappointed, but even so, I refuse to become a cheer-wanna-lead."

"Yeah, I know." Hayner agreed, "It sucks I wasn't able to try out for the football team because I sprained my ankle, but I'm not going to follow them like a lost puppy. I'll just wait till next spring and try again."

Roxas tuned them out, having no interest in cheerleading or football, he turned his attention to the room around them. The school was only 30 classrooms big with hardly 500 students. Even then, it was all Roxas could do to fight the flow of people going one way when he needed to go another so whoever thought it would be a good idea to get all 500 students have lunch at the same time had to have been on something. The room was crowded and the line impossibly long.

The upper classmen already had a well developed clique system. A few freshmen had already made their way into the various groups offered, buts most the freshmen were scattered about, some awkwardly sitting close to people they hoped to clique with. The center of the lunch room was made predominately of teenagers wearing brand-name pseudo-grunge, any of whom Roxas only barely recognized. There were a few "geek" groups, one was huddled around a laptop, laughing at whatever was on the screen and another group had one guy waving Brethren of the Bracelet in the face of another. To the far opposite wall was a different kind of group. The "Goths" as Hayner would refer to them. Most were in black and most had unrealistic colors of hair.

He turned his attention back to the tray before him. He wished Sora were still home. He had came in for the summer and has provided Roxas ample distraction but now he was back off to a school hundreds of miles away with a promise to come back for Christmas break. He doubted he would, though. Sora had a fight with their mother the day before he left, it left their mother in tears. Sora hated this island and only came back for Roxas. When Roxas left it, Sora told him, he wouldn't think about this place twice.

Destiny Island wasn't exactly a tropical island, or even a temperate. The days were moderate during the summer, he had been able to get away without a jacket, but the bulk of August was quickly passing and what little not so frigid days they had would be gone in just a few weeks. He was used to it, however, having lived no where else in his life. He had gone on vacation to a tropical area when he was younger with his family, but he had nearly melted before he could have any fun. He wasn't looking forward to the long dark days of winter coming though.

"Hey, Roxas," came a soft voice. He jumped from his thoughts, his head snapping to the right.

"Hey, Naminé," he said, sitting up nervously as she slipped into the seat beside him.

"I haven't gotten the chance to talk to you yet," she said, her voice soft and sweet, "and I didn't hear from you all summer."

"Ah, yeah. Sora came home, so I stayed pretty busy with him." Though, arguably, he wasn't too busy to call her. He felt a bit guilty when she took his excuse without question and gave him a sweet smile.

"Oh, that's good. I'm glad you got to see him; I know how much you missed him when he went to school. How is he?"

"Good." He said. She looked like she wanted him to elaborate but when he didn't she just shook her head.

"Maybe we could get together sometime this week… after school?"

"Yeah, okay." He nodded, trying to sound excited. He should be. Naminé was the type of girl any guy would kill to have. She was sweet, and she really liked Roxas. Roxas wasn't stupid, he could tell, even before his friends decided to try to push him into a relationship with her. He had tried, really tried to like Naminé, and he did. He really did like her, but he wasn't sure if he liked her they way she wanted him to.

She smiled sweetly at him and he gave a grin back. "Okay, well... I'll see you later then. Maybe we'll have a class together or something." He nodded. He watched her walk over to her group of friends, an empty expression on his face.

Then a hand slapped him on the back of his head.

"You moron." Hayner exclaimed, "She's so got the hots for you! 'Lets get together sometime' " he mimicked a soft feminine voice, "and all you say is 'yeah, okay.' God, I have no idea why I waste my time on you."

Olette at least looked sympathetic. "Naminé really likes you, you'd be cute together."

"She is really pretty, and really sweet." Pence supplied helpfully.

"You need someone, you know?" Olette said as if she really did know, looking at him as if she could feel pain Roxas didn't.

No, he didn't, but he couldn't explain that to them. They didn't seem to get it, but why should they? Roxas didn't get it anymore then they did. He heaved a heavy sigh and stood up. "I'll be right back." He declared, moving to the door before they could stop him. He wanted to get out of this place, he needed to breathe, to think and be away from friends who were only trying to do what was best for him.

The lunch room was separate from the rest of the high school, so instead of going on into the school he made a left to go around the back of the building to hide. If anyone came looking for him they wouldn't think to look there.

He leaned back against the wall, his eyes closing as he drowned in the silence. God, but he would give anything to be with Sora, right now, far away from this island.

He let his mind shut down for a moment, thinking nothing, listing to his breathing. He didn't want to think about his friends or Naminé, just… not think at all. It was easier then trying to wrap his mind around his emotions or lack there of. He felt alone, even in a room full of people, surrounded by people who really cared about him.

It was a paradox. He didn't want to be alone, yet, at the same time he didn't want anyone around.

Roxas was forced away from his thoughts by a deep voice and a sharp flick to his forehead. "Oi, you asleep or somethin'?"

His eyes shot open, surprised at first, then annoyed. He lifted his hand, rubbing his forehead where it was flipped. "Excuse me," he grumbled, moving away to salvage what personal space he could gain.

Roxas knew who Axel was. He was only one grade his senior, and being that it was such a small island all the kids went to the same school. He couldn't say that he had ever spoken to Axel before, but it was hard not to notice that insane red hair.

"Sorry," he snorted, "thought you might be dead." He leaned against the wall, reaching into his pocket to pull out a pack of cigarettes. Roxas only rolled his eyes and resumed his own position and claiming a small part of the wall for himself. He was unwilling to be run off by an uninvited guest and was even more unwilling to face his friends.

"Roxas, right?" The other teen asked as he lit up his cigarette. Roxas was a bit surprised he knew his name but shouldn't have been. After all, Roxas knew Axel's.

"Yeah… Axel, right?"

"The one and only," he said, throwing out his hands in a flashy move, a grin on his face.

The two of them slipped into comfortable silence. Axel nursing his cigarette and Roxas just standing. It wasn't completely comfortable but Roxas was appreciative of the quiet. It gave him time to clear his head.

Axel thrust his cigarettes in Roxas's face, causing him to pull back a little in surprise. "Cigarette?" he offered.

"No thanks."

"Smart choice. Wish I had never picked them up. Fucking expensive," he griped.

Roxas asked the obvious. "Then why don't you quit?"

Axel looked at him, his eyes sparkling and a smirk came to his face. "What? And ruin my bad boy image?"

Roxas found himself looking over Axel's attire. He did fit the bad boy image, maybe. He seemed fond of black, belt buckles, and chains. With the tattoos under his eyes he was surprised they didn't expel him. "I don't know. You seem to fit it well enough without having to get lung cancer."

Axel barked out a laugh, a puff of smoke blowing from his lungs. "What about you? You don't seem the goody two-shoes type." He mused, his eyes running over what Roxas's sloppy clothes.

Roxas looked down at what he was wearing. Over sized jeans and an old faded blue t-shirt, both hand-me-downs from Sora. Most kids went to the mainland to get new clothes, and while Sora would have taken him, he didn't really think he needed new clothes. He shrugged in response to Axel. "I'm not."

Axel smirked again. "Good, I'd hate to have to hate you on your first day of hell school."

Roxas didn't say anything in response and occupied himself with toeing a rock.

"If you don't smoke cigarettes, I have something much more interesting to smoke." Roxas looked over at him in surprise. It took him a second to figure out what he meant. He frowned. He had the distinct impression Axel was trying to impress him.

"You're gonna get into trouble, you know that?"

He shrugged, "You gonna tell on me?" Now he was baiting him.

"No, I'm just saying that you are gonna get caught and get in trouble."

Axel smiled, "Maybe, but I don't care. I'm not interested in playing good guy." He waved his hand nonchalantly. "Besides, you haven't said anything that I haven't been told a hundred times."

Roxas supposed that was true. People like Axel knew that what they were doing was wrong and didn't care. He just shrugged and pushed away from the wall to head back to the school. Lunch would be over soon and his friends would be looking for him. "Your lungs, I guess."

As he was walking past Axel, a long arm reached out, wrapping around his shoulders to stop him. Axel bent down and let out a long blow of smoke in Roxas's face. Roxas instinctively flinched back, knowing how vile the cigarettes his mother smoked were and expecting the same harsh smell. Axel's wasn't as strong and was a bit sweeter. "You should try being bad, sometime, Roxas. I think you would be good at it."

Roxas only blinked the smoke out of his eyes at him before continuing on his way.