Dino Crisis: Second Generation

Log Date: September 20th 2029

We arrived on Kyouryuu Island to assist the directors in security. Who would've thought all of my training really would come in handy.

Rei Erickson-Weapons SpecialistMaintenance

Rei put down her data pad and looked around her room, "cozy," she said sarcastically at the grey walls and neutral tones of the room. She pulled out her gun case and automatically grabbed her 50 caliber rifle and started cleaning it. Being around this place made her edgy; recreating dinosaurs for entertainment such a foolish idea. Her mother had warned her against such things but said that scientist will never give up until they were able to recreate them and tame them like the animals they were. She sighed; her mother had been the best in teaching her about the world around her. Teaching her about the nature that was shrinking every year because of modernization, spices you could use in cooking, and weaponry. The best lesson her mother had passed onto her, it was a form of protection against a lot of things.

"Rei!" cut in Andrew from outside the door, "Dr. Valspar is requesting the team's presence."

She sighed, 'good because I'm getting off this god forsaken rock in three days and I'm not coming back.' She stood up from her bed after carefully placing her rifle back into its case. Her heeled boots quietly tapped on the floor while she walked to the doctor's office, she tried to look through the small windows on the doors she was passing but all of them were dark. She heard light laughter down the hall, probably Dr. Valspar's daughter, Mina; she was a cute girl and knew how to get around after curfew.

Andrew was fast walking in front of her, "I think we should hurry he said it's important." He took a sudden turn down a hallway and walked into an office, "well, Bobby said he wouldn't be here until later he's in the Security Room checking up on the cameras."

Rei smiled while she thought about her somewhat boyfriend, they hadn't made it official since they hadn't actually gone out anywhere before being dragged to this wannabe Jurassic Park. She nodded and saw the Doctor walk in another door on the opposite side of the room. "Doctor Valspar," she greeted nodding her head as they all took a seat, she crossed her legs and relaxed while the doctor searched for something in his desk.

"I'm so sorry to bother you this late at night but my partner Dr. Delyn has gone missing and he left a note…" he said trailing off as he fished something out of his desk, "ah here it is."

Andrew rolled his eyes as the Doctor held it up to read.

"It says that he is leaving but taking his secret of living dinosaurs with him," Valspar gave a puzzled look, "does that mean he's going to…"

"Release all of the dinosaurs," Rei said hearing an alarm.