Red Alert

The alarm rang throughout the building and there was the clicking and whirl of gears as metal grates dropped over the winders and all of the doors automatically locked. Before the office door closed Mina, the doctor's daughter, ran in with her card key at hand.

"I heard the alarm go off," she said breathless and then walking over to a chair to sit down, "are they in the building?"

Valspar could only shrug, "I don't know but Delyn left saying he was taking his secret with him."

Rei stood up after hearing a scratching at the door, "Andrew extra pistol?" she asked while he pulled on out and threw it to her. "We need to get out of here; if I can get to Bobby we can radio for a helicopter." She looked at the small pistol in her hand, "and get my case, I can't work with this."

Andrew laughed, "Man you have a leveled head on those shoulders."

Rei smiled, "and I plan on keeping it that way thank you very much."

Valspar hung his head in despair, "there's no way to get out unless we use my card key but even then I'm sure some of them have gotten inside." He sighed while the lights flickered out and the hum of electricity ceased.

Mina rolled her eyes, "daddy come on, there are plenty of ways to get around, and we can restore the electricity! I don't see why you're acting this way but isn't this what we planned for incase the dinosaurs got out?"

Rei nodded her head, "that's right and if we can restore the system then we'll be safer."

Valspar looked up, "Ok but I'm going with Andrew to retrieve your case, and you go with Mina to restore the electricity." Both Andrew and the doctor stood up and they walked to the door the doctor had originally walked in.

Mina nodded, "I know how to fix it anyways," she said while she unlocked the door with her card key and they all started walking down a quiet hallway.

Rei held her gun in front of her but in a relaxed position and she walked in front of the group; there was a buzzing noise and the lights came back on but dimly.

"Rei…Andrew…can anyone hear me?" Asked Bobby from a wrist communicator that was having static interference.

"Bobby?" Asked Rei while she lifted her left arm up and looking into it.

"Rei, thank god you answered…the dinosaurs have….electricity…out…generator powering…" Bobby said as the static interference grew stronger and terminated the transmission.

"Damn," She said wiggling her wrist around, "Andrew we have to get the power back up."

"You mean you and Mina do, I'm going to retrieve your case," Andrew said while they turned down a different hall while Mina pulled Rei in the opposite direction.

"We'll see you later then," Mina said while the others made a turn and disappeared from view.

"Well we had better be quick or find another gun," Rei said while her ears perked up slightly, "what was that noise?" she asked while hearing a clicking sound.

"I think it's a…" Mina started while they rounded a corner and saw a Velcoiraptor.