Konoha's Saviour

Chapter Three

By: Foxtriller

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Summary of this Story:

Naruto leaves the village at a young age. However, destiny draws her back to Konoha…which is in grave danger…can Naruto save the village she hates? What secrets will be revealed about her? ddd's idea.

There was an ominous silence in one of the greatest halls in Otogakure. Sometimes it doubled off as a duelling pitch, and at other times was an execution hall, but today it was brimming with Oto ninja, alert and ready to move at their master's command.

Orochimaru surveyed them with satisfied eyes. Five thousand pairs of obedient eyes stared back in anticipation.

A messenger appeared right before him. "Orochimaru sama."

"Yes?" hissed the snake-like man.

"The first three snakes have reached konoha safely. No one suspects a thing."

Orochimaru smiled. He'd termed squadrons of ninja as Snakes. 9 ninja made one snake, and they acted just as a snake would. Sly, treacherous, efficient and above all, quiet and unnoticed until too late.

There was a soft burst of chatter as Oto ninja relayed the information among themselves.

Orochimaru enhanced his voice with a quietly performed jutsu and spoke, immediately silencing the entire crowd. "Tonight. Konoha is ours tonight."

It started as a whisper, then a soft rumble, and soon the entire crowd was roaring so loud dust began shaking from the domed ceiling.


Orochimaru smiled again and turned to Kabuto.

"Isn't it beautiful when one realises their dream is just about to come true?"

Konohamaru stopped at the gates of the second part of the genin exam and grinned at Moegi and Udon.

"We can do this guys!"

"Hai!" The two yelled back, saluting.

"We're gonna race in, ambush a group, take their scroll and get to the tower in record time!"

"Good plan!" the other two chorused.

The grinned at each other for a few seconds then, then broke into chuckles.

"We've got this!" Moegi grinned. "Especially with Konohamaru, who trained for month with Jiraiya-sama himself!"

Udon sniffed and blew his nose. "I say we go for the Oto team. They've only got two teams and they don't look too hard to take on."

"Nice idea Udon." Konohamaru encouraged. "Moegi you track them for us."

"Yeah!" Moegi replied. "Kay! Lets get ready to rock!"

The whistle blew and the three sped into the forest.

'in your free time, scout around Konoha'…

"WANNA SCOUT WITH ME, SASUKE-KUN?" Sakura grinned and grabbed Sasuke's arm, spinning him around deftly.

So that was another annoying thing about Sakura…how…damn…strong she was. Training with Tsunade had made her this whole new level of dangerous. Dangerously annoying…

Sasuke twisted his hand just enough to writhe out of Sakura's grip. "What do you want, Sakura?"

"Mou…weren't you listening?" Sakura fake-pouted, "Kakashi sensei told us yesterday to scout around Konoha!" She lowered her voice considerably at the last three words, before perking straight back up, "Did you forget already?"

Sasuke scratched his head in irritation, "This will not be a date, Sakura."

"Heck yes it will." She turned and smiled blindingly.

So if she wasn't so loud…she'd be rather pretty…

"Sigh…Ok lets just g-" Sasuke began, only to have Haku drop down before them from a tree.

Damn. "What is it, Haku?" Sasuke growled.

"Now, now, Sasuke-kun. No need to be like that. There's just something I want to show you guys."

"What is this thing?" Sasuke asked suspiciously, looking at Haku's clothes closely, was this guy a fake?

Haku leaned forward and hissed, "Just walk with me."

Sasuke nodded and began to walk, Sakura trotting shortly behind.

"So I was passing your house just then." Haku said quietly as they continued walking, "When I saw something shifting in the shadows. At first I thought it was a squirrel or something, when I realised it was a ninja."


Haku closed his eyes and sighed, "What do you mean 'and'? Someone was doing a really bad job of ambushing you."

"Well I'm alive s-"

Haku put his hand in his pocket and quietly pulled out a headband. "My policy is kill first, ask questions later. I put two needles through his neck – that rendered him in near death state, then I took his headband. And then Sasuke, here's the interesting bit…"


Haku turned the headband to show him the symbol on the other side.

"He turned into a snake."

The Oto symbol was on the headband.

Sakura blanched. "We're under atta-"

Sasuke and Haku clapped their hands over her mouth simultaneously.

"Not so loud." Haku whispered urgently.

"Because right now…" Sasuke hissed, glancing slightly behind him

"…We're being followed."

Neji sat boredly with Kiba inside the uncomfortable little box that served as the checkpoint at the gates of Konoha.

In the event of the chuunin exam, a huge banner had been erected across the gates, which spelled in huge characters, 'WELCOME TO KONOHA'.

The wind shifted the banner lightly, and Neji glanced at it.

Kiba sat in wolfish silence.

Neji turned his pale eyes on the boy beside him. Come to think of it, he'd never really gotten to know the guy. As a comrade, yes, but not as a friend.

He noticed the absence of Kiba's usual companion, a certain wolf-like dog.

"Where's Akamaru?" Neji questioned.

Kiba turned and grinned, showing fangs. "Gone to take a piss."

"I see." Said Neji, ever the diplomat.

Kiba slumped back in his chair. "Konoha Summers are so damn hot."

Neji nodded, silently, and contemplated the stone paving that made up the base of the entrance.

"All the genins have come and all." Kiba groaned. "In fact, they're already getting through their second examination. All their parents, their teachers and their guards are here. No one's coming. I don't see why we have to be here."

Neji said nothing, then picked up a pencil.

There were a few seconds of taut silence before he passed Kiba a scrawled note.

Either you're really that stupid or your playacting is excellent. There's a man peering at us from a bush, 20 m away, 50 deg NW. Now carry on.

"What's this? Noughts and Crosses? You must be really bored, Neji." Kiba remarked as Akamaru trotted back to him.

Neji resisted the urge to slap his forehead. "First move is yours."

Kiba picked up the pencil.

He smells like snake.

Neji lifted an eyebrow. "Really."

He's a little too obvious. I'm confident that he's just a distraction.

"That's not good enough then." Kiba said with a smirk.

I'll intercept him and get reinforcements. You find the original party.

Kiba stretched and made discreet hand-signs. Another two Kibas appeared quietly, one began moving quietly towards the gate and the other sprinted towards the Kage office.

Kiba whistled to Akamaru. "C'mon boy, lets kick ass."

Neji nodded to the real Kiba. There was no time to be making friends, of course. Knowing a man as a comrade was enough.


Neji scanned the area around Konoha. His eyes widened.

Sasuke wiped his hands on his shirt. "Good riddance."

A pile of four unconscious Oto ninja lay on the ground before him, thoroughly beaten up.

Haku grinned. "Serves them right for sneaking up on us and all."

"Don't underestimate Konoha ninja!" Sakura said contemptuously. She was quiet for a second. "Isn't it a little strange? First Oto-nin poking around Sasuke's house, then Oto nin creeping up on us."

Haku smiled cheerily, "Well…I didn't tell you guys something." He pulled another headband out of his pocket.

"Another one? Where did you get it from?" Sakura demanded.

"I passed your clinic too." Haku said. "Sent a few needles through that one as well. He was a bit of a bother…stood up and came after me…had to use Ice mirrors."

Sakura's forehead creased, "I do make morning visits every week…but today I stopped by Ino's for a bit…What does this mean?"

"Someone's trying to take you guys out." Haku said quietly. "And since they're all Oto Nin, it means Oto is behind this, or someone's framing them, which is unlikely. Looks like Sandaime was right."

"But why us?" Sakura asked, confused.

"Because we're famous and we're strong. You trained with Tsunade-sama, Sakura, and I was trained by Kakashi-sensei as well as the 12 Fire guardians." Sasuke answered. "Problem is what do we do now?"

"We've got war on our hands, guys."

"We have to warn Hokage!" Sakura cried immediately.

"Not we." Sasuke replied calmly, "You. Haku and I are going straight to the gate. Others would have realised by now. We're gonna throw that Snake out of the village before he even gets a bite in."

Haku gave another cheery grin. "Sorry, not Haku and I, just you Sasuke. Fighting your intruders as well as our ambushers just then has been my limit."

He sat down heavily on the ground. "I'll catch up later, Sasuke."

"Okay then." Sasuke turned to go.

"Wait!" Sakura shouted after him, "We can't just leave Haku here!"

"Don't worry Sakura." Haku gave a sleepy smile, "Roll me behind some bushes. I'll be fine in a few hours. The village is more important. Go!"

She turned, biting back tears, "I can try my energy-refilling jutsu or something, are you su-"

"Kami's sake, woman!" Haku rasped, "You're acting like I'm on my deathbed! This is war, Sakura! Face it already!"

"Sakura." Sasuke said quietly. The girl turned resignedly, and the two carried Haku behind some bushes as he requested.

"Lets go."

The two sped away like arrows.

"Do you know one interesting thing about Konoha Ninja, Kabuto?" Orochimaru asked as he sipped on a cup of bitter medicine.

Kabuto looked about the glum room. He knew several interesting things about Konoha ninja, "What might that be?" He asked.

"The fact that they're all friends." Orochimaru replied. "Their alliances aren't built on fear or blind obedience. No…the Hokage's have cultivated this strange but effective strategy of bonding Konoha nin together."

"I see." Said Kabuto.

Orochimaru wasn't done yet, "Konoha nin are raised together, they learn together, fight together…This togetherness they call friendship. And that raw feeling of intense friendship, they call the Will of fire."

"That's interesting." Said Kabuto.

"Can you see what I'm getting at, Kabuto?"

"A way to defeat them, Lord Orochimaru?" Kabuto feigned the appropriate level of curiosity.

"Yessss…" Orochimaru whispered. "This will of fire can be exploited. You see…Kabuto…friendships aren't fair, unlike what Konoha would like its people to think.."

"They certainly aren't."

"Most friendship 'groups' as they are called…are named 'groups' for a reason. Because friends tend to clump. Imagine Konoha's ninja clumping into protective little groups. What happens to the defense of the village?"

"They're well trained…The safety of the village is their priority, with all due respect Lord Orochimaru."

"I know that." Orochimaru said impatiently, "Can you not see my point yet?"

Naruto stared impassively out of the window of the Kazekage office. She hadn't done much today. She'd signed some request for a Konoha merchant to set up shop in Suna, had a brief clash with Gaara's father and was preparing to start reviewing Suna's remaining forces after she'd met with Temari and Kankuro.

You're bored aren't you.

Not bored enough to talk to you

Ginji and Mika writhed as if they sensed the fox talking.

I'll talk regardless.

I don't care.

There's something I really hate about you Konoha nin.

She didn't rise to the fox's taunt. Telling him that she wasn't a Konoha nin would result in him gloating that she'd talked to him.

That dogged determination you insects fight with. They knew I'd crush them, but they kept coming.

Naruto wondered briefly about what the fox was trying to get to and decided to stay silent and pretend not to be listening.

You know what they'd yell at me when they launched themselves at me? 'You killed my friends!' The fox began laughing darkly. They were pathetic midgets. But those eyes they had on them…Pretty fierce for tiny bugs.

Naruto threw a pen and pinned a fly to the wall. Mika shot forward and abruptly ate it.

After rotting in here for a good 16 years, a smidgen of my life, I've come to an understanding about your pathetic Konoha people. I've analysed the movement of every single one of you bugs and that pathetic killing intent.

She stared out at the sand. It was certainly less entertaining than whatever the fox was talking about. What was he planning anyway?

Your Hokage's were smart, enforcing that loyalty Konoha nin hold to their fellow nin. But it's also their greatest mistake. This is why those Oto nin going towards Konoha are going to crush them like ants under the feet of giants.

Naruto stiffened.

Kyuubi laughed again. You're pathetic, human. You're fighting those emotions you hold to that crappy, dead village of yours, but you know they're winning. You also know that you are too pathetic to help them even if you care.

So he was openly taunting her now.

What do you want?

I can tell you all about the weaknesses of Konoha. About how to make Konoha indestructible, how to keep that little Kazekage of yours safe…My power can control this entire world, and you can use it as you wish.

I'm not tearing off that seal.

All I want is to see things. Rotting in this cell is driving me mad. Share with me one of your eyes.

The fox could take over with as much as a fingernail. Do you think I'm a braindead fool?


Forget it. You can rot. I don't care.

When your friends die, when your village rots like I am, you will remember that it's all your fault. All your fault that you couldn't save them because you are so pathetic without me.

Sakura was a strong runner, not a fast runner, but strong. She could go on for days; having perfect chakra control and medical skills had its perks.

She sped through the streets steadily. The rooves were too visible. If war was really descending on them, Sakura wanted to remain inconspicuous.

She darted, alleyway to alleyway, barely looking around her.

Sakura skidded to a stop. She had caught a flash of gold. Ino.

She spun on her heel and ran back, she caught the blonde girl as she headed casually down the street.

"Ino!" Sakura hissed.

"Yo, Sakura. Done any scouting?" Ino asked casually.

"I've done enough." Sakura replied tersely. "War's on us already. Oto ninja were waiting outside me and Sasuke's doorsteps, no more scouting, time to fight."

Ino blanched. "They're here already? Oh god, I have to go shut down the shop."

"No time. It's on the other side of town, Ino." Sakura said quietly, "People come first. I'm going to warn the Hokage. You need to protect our village. The gate's only half a kilometre away, that's probably where the first ambush is gonna be."

She stood up, "I need to go now."

Ino grabbed her arm. "Don't go Sakura…"

"What are you talking about?" Sakura asked, surprised.

"Stay with me…" Ino's eyes began watering, "Oh God, I am so scared."

"I can't…" Sakura scanned the street for anyone who might help Ino. "We don't have time for this…"

Ino began crying quietly. "I'm not the greatest ninja Sakura…I only work in my Ino-shika-cho trio…What am I going to do by myself?"

Sakura frowned. "How about this.." she scratched her head absentmindedly, "You come with me and warn the Hokage. We'd work ok together."

The blonde brightened up almost immediately.

Sakura sighed, "Ok let's go then."

"You see, Kabuto. Most villages fear and revere Konoha for one interesting trait. Most teams go into disarray when their leaders are killed. Cut of a snake's head and it dies." Orochimaru began.

Kabuto gave an intent 'I'm listening' look.

"Other villages are astounded when Konoha nin continue fighting despite the death of their leaders. They don't desert each other." Orochimaru continued, "The villages think, Konoha's friendships are extremely strong, they run thicker than blood, friendship is stronger than leadership."

Kabuto nodded. That was true, he'd heard that before.

"Konoha's secret is that they hide their leaders well. Very well. When disaster like the havoc the Snakes are wreaking strikes..it'll be easy to see who these are…"


"It'll be the ones all the weaker in mind gather around. If I'm not mistaken, that's happening right now."

Sakura smiled mirthlessly, mind going overdrive thinking about strategies. Looks like I've got my own little army.

They'd bumped into Chouji shortly after, and then a few confused Suna nin, who insisted on joining them. Why were they treating her like some sort of leader? Did she look like a leader?

Sakura turned to face them, "We can't all be messengers, some of us need to go and fight."

"But what do we do?" complained one of the Suna nin.

She scratched her head and tried to think of something safe for them to do. "How about this, you three Suna guys, go warn the Kazekage and ask for his orders."

They nodded reluctantly.

What are they waiting for? Do they think I can protect all of them?

"Go!" Sakura said shrilly. "They need you."

They turned hesitantly, than began leaping off sluggishly. Sakura shook her head and sighed.

"You're a real leader, Sakura." Ino said.

"Cmon, let's go find Hokage." Sakura ordered.

Chouji grunted and the three moved on.

Kiba's clone launched a Gatsuuga at the peeper in the bushes before he even had a chance to react, the clone popped out of existence upon throwing the assailant backwards and was followed by Kiba, who dropped onto the man with a 'Ha!'.

The man grinned up at Kiba, then pulled his vest open. "Surprise."

Kiba's yell turned into a yelp as he rapidly turned back to Akamaru and leapt backwards as the man exploded.

"Akamaru!" Kiba yelled, rushing towards the clearing, just as he was surrounded another five Oto nin.

"Shit." He looked at the three. "No matter. Akamaru and I can take care of 10 of ya." Akamaru growled.

Kiba gauged that they were chuunin level. I can take at least two of them…My clone had better get to Hokage soon…

"Ok Akamaru, lets do this!"

With a growl, the two turned into massive, howling wolf-hounds and began attacking the shocked Oto nin.

Neji stood about 200 paces from the attacking force that surrounded Konoha.

Impossible. With his 360 (actually, 359) degree vision, he could see that Konoha had been completely surrounded. Neji made some mental calculations. They outnumber us three to one. But that wasn't too big of a problem, he knew Konoha nin who could wipe out dozens. Jiraiya-sama's not far off…He's at Waterfall village, should be back soon. Tsunade-sama is in our clinics, if she's alerted, she could take out huge chunks of nin…

Focus Neji…Focus…don't let them know of your presence. Neji realised what a precarious position he was in. Why would they send out one man, or a single squad as a decoy if they already have us surrounded?

If they know I'm here, I won't stand a chance, and Konoha will be one step behind. We have an advantage, we know they're there…

This is one of the times when I wish I had a summon. Why does the Hyuuga clan not have a Summon creature? He performed a Kage bunshin quietly.

So this is why this is a forbidden technique. Jiraiya had revealed the scroll of forbidden techniques to the Jounin of Konoha and advised them to use these in times of need.

It uses up a half of my chakra. Neji took out a scroll quietly and began writing into it quickly. He rolled up the scroll deftly and handed it to the other Neji, who took off on a run.

They want me to gather up a group of nin whom I deem best, and attack them, that way they'll pick off good nin before they even enter Konoha. Doubtless, they've already infiltrated Konoha in an attempt to quietly eliminate the best…

Neji let a cocky half-smile slide onto his face. I won't give you the satisfaction of taking out a squad.

Sakura thought as she ran. This isn't right, if Oto wanted to eliminate strong nin, they'd go after Tsunade-sama, or even just some of the clan heads.

…and that would be an extremely bad tactic. Tsunade would definitely emerge victorious and warning bells would be ringing all over Konoha…we'd group up, strategise and destroy our attackers easily.

They must have balls…sending anyone in here. Is the main force here already? Or do they have thousands of reinforcements so that whoever's out there doesn't matter?

Neji smiled at the traps he'd picked up around the enemy. You can't fool my Hyuuga eyes so easily. He found dozens of traps, some almost invisible, even to his Byakugan, but he wasn't fooled.

Alighting briefly on a far off tree-branch he surveyed the group he was about to attack. They're completely unawares.

Dodging tree-trunks he sped forwards and lobbed a smoke bomb directly at the people as he dropped down on them. Byakugan activated, he could see through the smoke easily.

He took down his first ninja easily, a palm to the neck, closing their tenketsu as well as blood supply. Dead.

The others reacted with surprising speed. Neji felt the air swoosh as a kunai whipped out behind him and slashed at his approximate position. He disabled that arm with a few strikes and spun to hit a third.

Take down as many as I can.

The smoke began clearing. Neji cursed, his advantage was fading. He heard whispered exclamations of 'Hyuuga!' and 'Suicidal'.

In the initial moments of his attack, the rest of the enemy had taken that chance to surround him.

I don't stand a chance of escape.

He whipped out two kunai and channelled his chakra through them. Bet you never heard this about the Hyuuga.

He jabbed at another nin's stomach tenketsu, twisting the kunai in the wound, cutting both the outer and inner organs. That's because, this technique is invented by me.

There were a few gasps of recognition.'Neji' and 'Genius'.

Neji grinned darkly and spun, releasing a massive Kaiten that blew a dozen nin off their feet. He leapt up in the midst of the new round of confusion he'd created and slashed two nin in mid-air, and began descending confidently towards the ground…

…only to be impaled upon a venomous sword…

The Oto nin holding it grinned, "What an honour, to kill the genius of the Hyuuga clan upon my first visit to Konoha."

Neji writhed on the sword and choked up some blood. His stomach was on fire. He wouldn't last long.

The nin twisted his sword, "Looks like Konoha isn't so fearsome at all."

All of a sudden, Neji disappeared in a poof of smoke.

The ninja stood, mouths gaping for a few seconds.

"A bunshin?" said the sword-wielder incredulously, "Do you mean that five of us just got taken out…by a clone?"

Sandaime had paced around his room exactly twenty three times that morning. And he had read Naruto's letter about five times.

He pulled the scroll out of his pocket and opened it for the sixth.

Grandpa Hokage,

Gaara told me to write a letter to you.

I haven't seen you for 8 years. How are you? Konohamaru's definitely no runt anymore. He must be a great ninja by now.

You probably guessed by now that I'm in Suna. I've gotta say, your tracking systems must be top-rate. How did that bird still remember my chakra signature after so many years?

Sandaime sneaked a guilty look at one of the chakra-infused plants he'd rescued from Naruto's abandoned house after she left. The plant acted like any other plant. It sat stiffly in its pot and grew slowly and needed normal nutrients and water. It was pretty normal.

Except when it waved…at every single ninja above C-class level…the plant seemed to detect chakra concentration.

The plant was currently waving frantically. Sandaime put his scroll back in his pocket just as Sakura charged through the door, Ino and Chouji in tow.

"Sandaime! Konoha's being att-" Sakura began just as a clone of Kiba crashed through the window, followed by Neji, who was bearing a scroll.

They stared at each other for a few seconds, then Sakura acknowledged Neji. He had a scroll, so he probably had more information.

"Neji, make your report." Sandaime ordered.

Neji nodded then jolted slightly and muttered something about his clone taking out five. He opened the scroll and gave it to Hokage who read it quickly and frowned, he waved Sakura and the clone Kiba closer.

The two read it and noted what Neji had seen outside of Konoha.

"Currently the real me is fighting Oto nin." Kiba said.

"May I go and assist him?" Neji asked.

Sakura butted in, "Sasuke was going that way too, most likely he will be able to help Kiba."

Sandaime rubbed his temples and closed his eyes. "Neji, go and help mobilise forces to defend the walls."

"Hai!" Neji leapt out the window promptly.

"Sakura!" Sandaime said in an ordering tone. Sakura perked up, as did Ino and Chouji who were standing behind her.

"I would like you t-"

He was interrupted as Ebisu appeared all of a sudden in the room.

"Hokage!" Ebisu yelled, launching himself at the table.

"Ebisu. Wait. We are in an emergency, we must act calmly. I am giving Sakura an order." Hokage raised his hand and waved Ebisu aside. "Now Sakura, I want you t-"

"Hokage-sama!" Ebisu said again in a more desperate tone, "You must listen to me! The Chuunin exam is in a disarray, it's chaos down there!"

"Have ninja's been dispatched to deal w-" Sandaime began, only to be interrupted.

"Yes hokage! But more importantly, Konohamaru…"

If anything, Moegi had learnt a fair amount of medical jutsu in her pre-chuunin exam training.

But nothing she had learnt was going to help her now.

"Konohamaru…" Udon said softly, pushing the hair away from Konohamaru's blankly open eyes.

Moegi closed her eyes and let tears fall slowly, splattering against the ground like Konohamaru's blood.

"Moegi." Udon said in his quiet voice, while wiping his bloody sleeve on his nose. "What are we going to do Moegi? What are we going to do? Konohamaru's injured!"

The boy lay over Udon's lap, the latter dripping tears all over his team-mate. His face was intact, aside from a few bruises…but neck down…

Moegi averted her eyes. He hadn't stood a chance. He'd destroyed his own chakra pathways using Rasengan three times that day. Konohamaru had been shredded like straw against that strange snake-like nin's attacks.

"Konohamaru…" Udon whimpered again, "We…we have to take him to hospital…Moegi-chan."

Moegi put her hand on Udon's arm. "Don't overstress yourself Udon. Your leg is bleeding, you should lie down."

"But Konohamaru's worse! We have to find adults! Why are we alone here? Why did this happen to us? We must get Konohamar-"

"Konohamaru.." Moegi said sorrowfully, her voice changing from to a choking sob. "Konohamaru's dead, Udon."

Moegi tensed as she heard the sound of footsteps coming in their direction.

I'm the only one left who can stand in the team. I've got to protect Udon.

A chuunin with the Konoha headband stepped into the clearing, only to be confronted by a stern-looking, kunai-wielding Moegi.

She dropped it when she saw him. "Oh sorry sir. I thought you might have b-"

"It's ok…little girl." Said the chuunin, licking his lips.

"Who are you sir? I've never seen you before." Moegi asked, relaxing her defences.

"My name?" The chuunin chuckled. "My name is death, kiddy."

Moegi shrieked as the chuunin ripped off his face to reveal one with a sound headband.

Udon scrambled back as best as he could, dragging Konohamaru's torn up body with him.

No one…no one's coming to help us.

I felt bad killing Konohamaru..he's just an innocent little boy ):

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