(A/N: LET ME SET YOU STRAIGHT! Nathifa IS NOT Ishizu's past life, she is a new character I made up. Atemu is Nathifa's brother but Bakura doesn't know!)


Bakura had been watching her for days, awaiting the moment he may find her alone, his obsession from the moment he had seen her on the river's edge, her long white linen dress sweeping the surface of the mirror like water. Bakura had watched her from behind a tree on the far side of the stream watching her walk with long graceful strides to a woven basket full of laundry. Her hair was an unusual color, shining mahogany as it swayed and shined in the sun, it cascaded down her back in ripples to her hips were it curled in soft ringlets. Her voice was deep and husky as she hummed along, absently dancing along while she washed laundry. The moment she turned so that she faced him, Bakura felt his body come to full awareness, his simple clothes were suddenly tight and hot as they clung to his body, time slowed and came to a jarring stop as he peered around the tree to see her face.

She wasn't spectacularly beautiful but unusual in appearance, large moss colored eyes dominated her heart shaped face, smooth pouty lips curved into a sensual smile at something that only she could see, her high defined cheekbones brought a certain kind of regal bearing to her comely face. She wore no headdress or band to tame her wild curly hair but allowed it to move freely as she continued with her chores, he wondered who she was, if she was a servant or a village girl, either way he had determined that she would belong to him. Her body called to him with luscious curves, full breasts melted into a slim waist accentuated by a long gold color band encircling her softly flaring hips, he couldn't see her legs but from the way the dress moved he could tell they were long and shapely. Her arms weren't adorned with any kind of jewelry except for a twining black band tattooed onto her right arm.


Now, he waited in the darkness of an alley, watching the entrance of the shop for her. He seen her walk in swaying those hips from side to side as she sashayed into the building, he smirked in the darkness for the wench had no idea what he had in store for her, tonight he would get what he wanted, and he wanted her. Quickly he signaled one of his men to watch the entrance while he slid down a rope he had fastened to the side of the building, his sandaled feet touched the side of the building as he scaled down, careful not to make any sound and alert the men inside. He heard her speaking to one of the men inside, Bakura let the sound of her husky voice roll over him, the first fingers of desire curled low in his stomach. Carefully he leaned so that he could see through one of the high windows of the building, it was musty and smelled of sand and grit but allowed a fairly clear view into the building. His quarry was sitting very straight at one of the makeshift broken down tables across from another man, his face was covered with a thick black robe so that only his mouth could be seen in the dim light, vaguely he heard them speaking.

"You need to send word of this to Set." She said quietly, Bakura saw her hand something to the man. "He will need to know."

"Yes, Thifa." The man said and bowed.

"I do not wish to have my brother know of this."

He nodded once more and stood when she stood, he took her hand and kissed the top bowing fully before walking away a small white packet in his hand, Bakura signaled one of his men to come over.

"I want to know what that man has, be discreet, have no mercy." He said with an edge of a threat in his voice. No one touched his property, even if they didn't know.

Thifa, Bakura rolled the name around on his tongue, whispering it to an errant breeze as he watched her, she stood there awkwardly for a moment, before sitting back down and taking a drink from the cup before her. Her long hair was hidden beneath a white cloth and small gold band that held it to her head, her face was barely visible in the light but sadness seemed to linger in the green depths, what could haunt her so much that she must hide from her brother? She stood once more, placing the cup on the table and taking a step away from the table towards the door, her movements were smooth and graceful with an edge of determination. Soon she would be his. Soon she would belong to him.

Bakura motioned for his men to prepare for another man was exiting at her side.

"I will grab the girl, you all will take car of the nuisance." He ordered in a low voice.



Nathifa exited the tavern, turning to her guard she addressed that she would be returning to her home and that he should stay close, he nodded and bowed but did not speak, he never did. Her heart heavy she walked out into the darkness, awareness prickled on her skin and caused goosebumps to flash over her hot flesh. She frowned and turned, behind her she found an empty alley, no guard, no sound, no anything, just an empty space where the guard had been before.

"Hello? Anzety?" she called. "Where are you?"

No sound answered her call, cautiously she took a step back into the dark alley and squinted into the darkness.

"Anzety?" she called again, a muffled moan split through the silence. "Anzety!"

Thifa ran back into the alley, ignoring the sense of danger that was slowly trickling down her spine, guilt felt heavy on her as she dashed to where she thought Anzety was, her heart was like a drum in her chest. She called out his name again, feeling rivulets of sweat sliding down between her breasts and over her brow then suddenly she was on the ground, her skirt hiked up around her knees, her cape open to the elements and the eyes of the man standing in front of her. Thifa looked up at the man and felt a spurt of fear.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you." She said hurriedly, standing up and righting her clothes.

She looked at him again, the dim light from the bar creating a slashed effect across his face, his eyes were a pale gray and seemed to pierce her heart, a large scar marred the space just below his right eye and extended onto the right cheek.

"I need to get to my friend." She said slowly, watching him.

He stepped forward. "I have waited a very long time to find you." He whispered.

"Excuse me?" Nathifa backed up.

"I saw you that day by the stream, but you didn't see me." His hand reached out and touched her cheek, Nathifa backed out the touch.

"Who are you? Where is my guard?"

"You won't need him anymore."

Moonlight seeped through the space between the buildings and bathed him in an unholy glow, his long red and gold robes opened to reveal a bare chest with long vertical white scars, a short black loincloth hung from his hips in an exotic way that made her mouth water. A large gold circle rested in the middle of his chest, short gold spikes were attached and a triangle with what looked like a eye sat in the middle of the open circle. The millennium ring. This could only be….

"The Thief King." She said slowly, touching a hand to the necklace that lay warm against her neck.

He didn't speak but moved forward and grabbed her wrists, Nathifa tugged on the hands that held her in a bruising force, his mouth curved into a smile that bore no malicious intent, he pulled her closer.

"Let me go!" she cried, pushing against his chest.

Bakura pulled her flush against him so that his arms wrapped around her and her hands were flat against his chest. "I have waited a very long time to do this."

His lips descended on hers, the minor brush from his to hers and lightening flashed through her body, he kissed her again keeping his warm soft lips on hers, Nathifa stared into his eyes and fought harder for escape. It felt as though her insides were melting, her muscles were turning to water and her mind was failing to think of escape, she was caught up in the way his lips touched hers so intimately. Bakura deepened the kiss, tracing her lips with his tongue.



Her mouth was sweet, remnants of the wine she had drunk lingered on her lips and the slightest taste of honey, he watched as her eyes drifted closed and her arms touched his shoulders reverently. Bakura lowered his hands to her hips and relished in her response, he hoped that they could stay this way forever, but he knew that it was slowly slipping away from him as her resistance returned and she began to reluctantly fight him.

"Tonight, my dear, you will be mine."

She didn't answer.

"Men! We need to return to camp, leave the man! Fall out!" he ordered and waited until the other men had mounted before mounting his own horse, Thifa sitting in front of him.

"Where are we going?" she questioned, alarm evident in her voice.

"Returning to my camp."

"No!" she cried.

Bakura wrapped one muscled forearm around her waist and yanked her more firmly against his chest, he felt her hands wrap around his arm to try to pry the arm away but Bakura was resolute, he held her against him as they rode away from the city.

"Stop fighting me." He whispered in her ear.


"Then face the consequences."

After two hours on a horse with a struggling young woman, Bakura seriously questioned his sanity about bringing her anywhere near the camp, he wondered how much more his body could take of her, with her bottom bouncing against his erection, her elbows and various other parts flailing.

"Stop. Moving." He hissed in her ear.

"Why should I?" she demanded.

"Would you prefer that I tell the men to continue to the camp while we stop and have a good lay here?" he questioned.

"What….?" Outrage tainted her voice.

"As much as I would like to relieve the pressure in my loins with your body, I would much prefer a bed to sand."

"I will never sleep with you!"

"All in good time, my dear. When we arrive we shall see how much maidenly outrage you will have after I have pleasured you."

"What makes you think you can?" she hissed.

"I remember the way you melted beneath my hands in that alley, the way your body went soft when I touched you."

Thifa gasped. "You wouldn't dare do it again."

"Screw good intentions." He murmured to himself before raising a hand.

The hoofbeats behind him halted.


"We are to stop for the night, we will continue on at sunrise."

Thifa then became animated, struggling against him. "Do not worry, my love." He crooned. "I will make you a deal."

"How am I to trust a thief?"

"It is my word you will trust."

"Your word means nothing to me."

He sighed in anger, running a hand through his hair. "I will not bed you until we have arrived at my camp."

She seemed unconvinced. "Do you swear?"


"I will find a way to escape. I will not sleep with you."

Bakura smiled and dismounted and lifted Thifa by the waist, pulling her down his body with ease.

"You said you would not touch me." She hissed.

"I did not say that I would not touch you, merely that I would do nothing to you, my love."

"Stop calling me that!" she demanded.

"Ordering a thief?"

"Ordering a man."

"Be careful little one."

An hour later all of the tents that would be needing for that night along with two fires were prepared and going, Bakura sat in front of one of the fires, two men slept under their capes not far from where he sat, Thifa tucked between his thighs.

"What is your full name?" he asked her suddenly.

"Nathifa." She answered before she could stop herself. (A/N: Nathifa is Pure in egyptian)

"Pure." He whispered to himself.

"When will you release me?"

He didn't answer and merely evaded the question.

"Are the rumors true then? That you kill all that you capture?"

"Be quiet."

"How many have you killed before me?"

"You do not want me to answer that."

"Do you bed all the young women you find in alleys? Or am I a special case?"

"Please, be quiet."

"Why do you kill?" she yelled angrily.

"Shut up!" he yelled.

His heart hurt, he felt the heavy weight of guilt on his head.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Do you truly wish to know?" he whispered, angry at her for asking.


It seemed that she did not understand that gravity of what she was saying, she did not understand what he wanted her for.

"It is not something that I can tell you, I must show you."

He stood and held a hand out to her. "Come with me."

"Where are we going?" she hesitated.

"Take my hand."


"Take my hand!" he ordered.

She took his hand and he lifted her easily, pulling her against him as he made his way to his tent, ignoring the snores of his men.

"W-where are w-we going?" she stuttered.

"Shut up."

She went silent. Once they had entered his tent Bakura threw her on the floor on top of a makeshift mattress, she looked frightened as she looked up at him, her hands went up to defensive mode.

"You swore."

"Shut up."

"You swore you wouldn't bed me."

"I'm not going to, but I will give you a little taste of what it's like to test me."

"What are you going to do?"

Bakura lay down next to her, easily pinning her wrists to the sides of her head, he wasn't holding her too tightly or too loosely but enough that she couldn't move, his dipped his head and claimed her lips.