Inside Thifa was conflicted, she had no idea what she was doing but she wasn't going to let that stop her, she was ready for this, ready to jump willingly into something dangerous and yet she knew she was safe. Her body trembled as she watched him come closer, his body not quite touching hers, as if in fear she would stop him, but she knew she wouldn't, she wanted this far too much. She reached up, brushing the scar under his right eye, his eyes widened then softened even more, he leaned forward, kissing her lips with infinite care, as if he were holding a precious gift. Without the innate reserve that had been pounded into her at a young age, Thifa reached up and kissed him harder, deepening the passionate embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him onto her. Slightly stunned Bakura didn't have enough time to catch himself before he fell atop her, his hips fitting naturally into the cradle of her slim hips, his hard chest molding to her soft warm breasts. Holding himself above her he pulled away from her, just looking at her face for a moment, his eyes searching hers.

"I don't want to hurt you." He whispered.

"You won't."

"Not if you don't stop me."

She smiled. "Having second thoughts, Thief?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Not if you're not."

"Good, because I'm not." She paused. "I'm ready for this."

One of his hands slipped between them, sliding over the secreted ties that held her dress together, deftly he undid each one, opening the V wider and wider slowly. It started at her throat, he kissed the sun-brushed skin at the top, laving his tongue over it, sliding his mouth down to the front of her breastbone, tasting sweat and heat, then more down to her stomach where he gently swirled his tongue around her navel, lightly dipped his tongue into the little divot. Her hands sank into his soft white locks, lightly massaging his scalp as he seduced her slowly with his mouth, he raised above her and pushed the coarse cloth off her breasts, embarrassed she turned her head and blushed. Lightly he took the spheres of her breasts into his hands and kneaded them, brushing his calloused palms over dusky colored nipples. Instantly they hardened to diamond points, smiling he rolled them gently between his thumb and index finger, she moaned, unable to contain the feelings boiling her insides slowly. Thifa clamped her thighs to his hips, arching her back so she brushed the front of his pants easily, surprised by the instant response he jerked and groaned softly.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked worriedly, her eyes wide with worry.

"No Hayaati, you've done nothing wrong."


"Shhhh." He kissed her again, his hands sliding down from her breasts to her waist then to her hips where the fabric pooled, trying to preserve the fabric he fought to push it down her hips but the fabric refused to budge.

"What did you do to this fabric?" he asked, frustration evident in his voice.

"I sowed it, but the fabric pulled tight."

Cursing he yanked and delighted when the fabric tore easily, throwing the ripped cloth away from them he leaned up from her body to look at her in the early afternoon sun. Bronzed and slim with muscular thighs from riding, soft hips perfect for gripping, a soft stomach and magnificent high round breasts. She was voluptuous, but not overly so, there was just enough flesh on her body that it made her seem soft and vulnerable, the kind of woman a man needed to protect. It was her temper that made her such a contradiction, that's the part that he liked the most, the fire that burned hot in her, whether in passion or in anger. When his eyes met hers again he could tell that she was wondering what he was thinking, he smiled lustily and waiting for a smile in return. As curious for him as he was for her she pushed on the crimson robe that hung around his shoulders and arms, it slipped over his broad strong shoulders that seemed to carry the burden of the world, then fell in a bright puddle of red onto the bland sandy color around them. Her fingers trailed lightly over his skin, testing the rigidity of his muscles and flexibility of his skin, they followed the arrow of hair to the waistband of his riding pants that wrapped around his thighs easily. She hesitated there, as if waiting for his approval then fell away, she blushed and turned her face away from him again, biting her bottom lip in consternation.

He chuckled. "No worries, you do not displease me. We will save the exploration of my own body for another day, okay my frightened rabbit?" he teasingly nudged her.

She smiled her gratitude at his allowance of her inexperience, leaning back up to his knees he slipped the ties on his pants and let them fall away from his hips, he didn't want to startle her but wasn't embarrassed by his own nakedness. She gasped, her eyes instantly lowering to his thick sex that was nestled in a thicket of light hair, he tried not to smile as a blush stained her face and neck. He moved slowly towards her, coming back down on his hands and knees to trap her against the ground, she didn't struggle but seemed a little more wary of him now. He kissed her lightly, slipping his tongue into her mouth, trying to ease her doubts away, his hands sliding over her bare stomach before dipping between her thighs to tease the small button. Bakura was pleased to find that she was more than ready, slick and hot for him, easily he inserted a finger into her tight passage, still teasing her clit. She arched into him, gasping at the sparks of pleasure that rippled through her.

He felt her hands on his shoulders, squeezing them lightly, unable to control her response to his gentle ministrations, he enjoyed the way she mewed and moaned for him, the way she pushed her hips into his. He liked her better when she seemed to lose control of herself, savagely he pushed her on, kissing her until she was meeting the thrust of his hand with the twist of her hips.

"Bakura!" she whimpered.

It was getting harder for him to control himself, harder for him to go slowly, already he could feel the reins of his control slipping out of his reach, making it difficult for him to grab back. Tenderly he drew her thighs farther apart, settling himself between them easily, she looked at him anxiously, not sure what to expect but finding a part of her was scared. Looking at him, she was sure he wasn't going to fit inside her.

"This part is going to hurt." He said apologetically.

She felt something nudge the place between her thighs, it was smooth and round at the top and was pushing lightly against the entrance to her body, bracing herself she bit her lip and wrapped her arms tightly around him, pulling him fully down on top of her body. A slight burning began, a tight feeling, like her skin was too small, not pain but not totally pleasant to her as well, Bakura eased another inch inside, feeling her tighten and clench around him, pulling him deeper she gasped and arched again, moving her hips in a slow undulating pattern. Fast losing control Bakura whispered incoherently in her ear and thrust deeply into her, holding himself dead still when he was fully sheathed within her, her gasp was soft but nearly tore his eardrums from the fear of hurting her. He waited.

"Bakura." She whispered softly.

He stared down at her, her eyes were closed and her face was slightly clenched in the effort not to cry out, my body was tightly wrapped around him as if she feared he would leave her.

"It's okay, the pain will fade." He reassured her.

Gingerly he pulled out of her, slowly and steady. "I can stop now if you'd like."

She hesitated, she wasn't sure what to say, what to do. All of this was so new but the pain from his initial thrust was begin to fade, the steady feeling of his breathing and the thunder of his heart was calming.

"No." she said, opening her eyes and staring at him. "Don't stop."

He smiled and thrust slowly back into her, gently kneading her hips, he leaned forward and placed a kiss on her forehead, moving his lips down slowly until they touched the corner of her mouth. The pain had completely subsided by now and was replaced with another odd sensation, a quickening under her skin, electric and undeniable. Experimenting with the feeling she lifted her hips and was surprised when a shock of pleasure spiked down her spine and spread out along her limbs, Bakura groaned and kissed her hard on the mouth, teasing her mouth with his tongue. Lights burst before her eyes as Bakura continued to thrust in and out of her slowly, his own body tense with control, sweat beading on his tawny skin. Thifa met his thrusts easily, lifting and thrusting her hips up towards his, trying to push his control as her own pleasure heightened. She started to buck, wanting more of him, more from him, her body becoming a torrent of heat, she whimpered and clenched around him, testing everything she could until she felt the last leash of his control snap. His lips found her easily and suddenly everything was different, he was pounding into her, thrusting wildly, his groans louder and more pronounced. He gripped her hips in his hands, almost painfully and rode her as hard as he would one of his horses, beneath him she bucked and moaned, almost screaming as her body tensed and strips of light flashed behind her eyelids. She screamed as she came, arching her back and throwing her head back, not too far behind her Bakura released something hot and sticky into her, collapsing atop her body, spent and breathing harshly.

"Thifa?" he said hoarsely.

"Mmhmm?" she mumbled into his shoulder, too spent to speak.

Gently he rolled onto his side, curling her against his side. "I'm sorry if I hurt you."

"Shhhh." She whispered, her eyes closed as she placed a finger to his lips to silence him. "Be quiet."

He grinned and closed his eyes as well, drifting off to sleep in the late afternoon sun.


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