Story: Set in AU.

Warning: Some language, rating may rise.

Pairings: Main: SasuNaru. Side: NejiGaa, LeeSaku. KakaIru.

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"Are you sure?" Namikaze Minato hissed quietly into the phone while glancing sideways to his son as if nervous about something. "Come on Iruka I'm serious, this is a big deal!"

The 40 plus old blond man, millionaire and owner of the popular and famous Uzumaki software products, turned away when his son cast a worried look at him. "Yes, yes I know! But what can I do if he wants to meet me?!" The man had spiky golden blond hair and dark blue eyes with a fine body build.

Minato clenched his fist and let out a mumbled curse, "Alright I see. I guess I have no choice… Tell him I'll meet him tomorrow at the Haruno golf course tomorrow at let's say noon?"

"…That bastard." The younger blond tilted his head to the side when he heard his father mutter that. "I got it Iruka. Then I'll depend on you then. Arigato." Minato ended the conversation warmly before snapping his cellphone shut.

Golf, Not My Sport
Chapter One: Magazine Impressions
By: Hiki-chan

Naruto blinked when he heard the door slam. The boy glanced up from a book he wasn't paying attention before he left his room and descended down the stairs in a hurried pace.

Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, age 19, currently to be heir to the Uzumaki Enterprise which was his family's organization that specialized in software and technology. It actually started out as a small company that continued to progress into further and bigger things, and Naruto was with the company as it rose above others thus his love for it grew everyday.

Naruto was a natural beauty to anyone who had met him, and his attitude usually just pulls them closer in. His golden blond hair, crystal blue eyes and facial features that was childish with a fine ear-splitting grin. Naruto was unique in the sense he had three whiskered marks on each cheeks. His body was lean with fine muscles though not as much as he wanted, making him slim and appear, as much as he hated to admit it, girly.

"Otou-san?" The young blond tilted his head to the side as he peeked from his spot on the stairs. "Are you alright?" Naruto had noted to himself that ever since his father had that call from Iruka a month a go, he had been acting weird.

Namikaze Minato gave his son a grin identical to Naruto's own. "I'm alright Naruto, just a little stressed…" With that said, the older man proceeded to the kitchen with Naruto trailing behind curiously.

Upon reaching the kitchen, Minato pulled open one of the cupboards and took out a small plastic covered cupage (made up word, so sue me). He ripped it opened and poured boiling hot water in it while Naruto made himself comfortable on the wooden chair, his elbows propping up his chin as he observed his father.

"Rough day?"

"You don't know half of it." His father replied as he took the seat across his son's. "Screwed up idiot, I can't stand him…"

Blue eyes blinked once before he tilted his head to the side again, "It's unusual for you to curse someone, must be really bad."

"I would have used the 'f' word but you know your mo…" Minato glanced down at his covered cup, breathed once before continuing, "Your mother wanted me to quit using it."

Naruto bit his bottom lip. He never knew his mother because she had died giving birth to him. Naruto knew he was lucky because his father never once blamed his mother's death on him but instead had decided to name the company his wife and him had worked hard to build together the 'Uzumaki Enterprise', to keep it in rememberance of his late wife Uzumaki Kushina. Trying to lighten up the mood, Naruto answered. "Iruka would have your head if he heard you say that around me too."

The older man slowly grinned, "Yeah, he's getting a little too attached to you. I'd better remind him that you're my son."

Naruto grinned back before stood up and fetched a cup, "I'm sure he knows."

Minato smiled before he tore off his cover to the ramen and started to eat. Naruto chuckled softly, wondering what the other rich men would do if they ever found out that Namikaze Minato always had cup ramen for dinner. His father obviously knew what Naruto was thinking as he stared at his ramen. Naruto poured cold water in the glass before he had placed it down on the table and let out a soft snort.

The older man was glad that Naruto was quite wise despite outer appearance; his son knew when to keep quiet, especially when it came to his father. Naruto knew that he had to wait until he father was ready before he started talking. So once Minato finished his cup ramen and gulped down a glass of cool refreshing water, he decided to blurt it out.

"There's a company that wants us to become partners, to merge…" Minato twitched, "Into one company."

Crystal blue eyes widened lightly, "Really?" the Uzumaki Enterprise wasn't the type of disclosed company that would only depend on themselves and themselves only. The Uzumaki Enterprise had many partners including the Haruno's and the Sabaku's. They weren't merged but they were partners. So if his father was really worried about this one… "So is it a bad company or a good one?"

"It's a good company…" Minato muttered as he recalled his childhood friend with a progressively darkening mood. "But I hate the boss."

"What company is it?" Naruto couldn't help but ask as reached for his father's cup and drank some water from it.

Minato turned his eyes from his son to somewhere else, anywhere else. "Uchiha Cooperation."

Naruto almost dropped the cup and fumbled with it, water spilling out. "NANI?!"

The older Namikaze cringed, Naruto didn't have to be so surprised.

"The Uchiha Cooperation?!" The blond quickly placed the cup on the table.

Minato's eyebrow twitched nervously, "Yes."

"Wow! Then why don't you want to quickly sign the contract?" Naruto couldn't stop his eyes from glinting with excitement. The Uchiha Cooperation was like the biggest shareholder in Technology and Gaming. Crap, it is the biggest!

"I wanted you to meet them first."


"Uchiha Fugaku and his son Uchiha Sasuke."


Naruto had heard of the Uchiha Cooperation since he was young. It was the biggest company in charge of all gaming technology and it was always on top of all advanced machinery. The latest things he had heard about Uchiha Sasuke, was all from his friend Haruno Sakura. The girl was sure scary when she talked about Sasuke and if Naruto criticized him even a little, she would smack him with a golf club.

"Uchiha Sasuke…" Naruto muttered softly as he ran a hand through his thick golden locks rolling onto his back on his comfortable queen sized bed with chibi foxes printed on it. "If I'm not wrong, he was said to be the most 'handsomest man in the universe'. Though Sakura-chan likes to exaggerate…"

His father had pulled out stacks of magazine and had given it to Naruto to flip through. The blond rolled on his stomach lazily as he pulled out the first one. He flipped through the first few pages and came to rest. 'Interview with the Uchiha's' Naruto's mind told him, the blond sniggered. That sounded so lame. But his cerulean blue eyes came to rest on the family and Naruto's head tilted to the side, his common habit when he was confused or curious.

Uchiha Fugaku was definitely a man of power and wealth like the article said. The way the man upheld himself was of utmost confidence and majesty. The man had long raven hair that was neatly tied up, two lines at the side of his face showing his age and maturity. His build was unlike those you would expect from a CEO, not chubby and fat, but Fugaku was definitely well built, almost like he went to the gym every other day.

"Not bad." Naruto muttered softly to himself, impressed with the way this man held himself. Those baby blues orbs went to rest on the figure next to him and Naruto almost gasped.

Uchiha Sasuke… was… not that Naruto wanted to admit he was, as Sakura had put it, the 'handsomest man in the universe'. But just like his father, Sasuke upheld himself in a way of confidence and majesty. "Although the way he does it is more like he is better than everyone else…" Naruto murmured softly. But unlike his father, Sasuke had an air of beauty and grace. He had beautiful raven hair that spiked up at the back of his head. "Unique." Naruto commented with a snort. Sasuke didn't look like your typical spoilt brat that demanded things. His figure was definitely built almost like his father. Except it seemed more like Sasuke went to the gym everyday. Naruto cursed this man for being in a better build than him.

"The article says that Sasuke is the same age as me…" The blond muttered and flipped the page again. "Sasuke was nominated as one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. Bloody bastard." Naruto pouted before he read on, it wasn't fair! "He's the dream man for every girl with his cool personality."

Naruto closed the magazine with a growl. "He's just a bastard trying to get attention." And Naruto really meant it, he just couldn't stand the other somehow. The image of the heir to the Uchiha Cooperation showed an arrogant man who seemed to look down on others. Though Naruto was also a bit jealous.

"Was this what Otou-san meant when he said he wanted me to meet them first?"

Maybe his father was worried about him not being able to get along with Sasuke. It couldn't be problems with corruption because he had heard that the Uchiha Cooperation gets rid of every corrupted idiot and only hires those they feel are trustworthy. "Maybe Otou-san really hates the boss. But…" Naruto flicked his eyes to the magazine lying innocently at the side of his bed. "But Uchiha Fugaku doesn't seem so…" There Naruto decided to stop.

"I'll meet with them first. Then I'll see." Naruto told himself. Because if his father landed this contract, it was sure to bring the Uzumaki Enterprise nearer to the top.

"I just hope they don't eat smaller companies…" Naruto muttered, a sinking feeling at the pit of his stomach bothering him.


"Merging?" Sasuke questioned his father, his dark obsidian eyes almost boring holes into his father's head. He had heard about this from his father's adviser Kakashi quite a bit. It seemed like his father wanted to merge with a smaller company called the 'Uzumaki Enterprise'. Sasuke had heard about this company quite a bit and although impressed with their progress, he wasn't happy about merging.

"Yes," His father replied crisply, "I've given some thought and I have decided that our company cannot stay the way it is."

"We're fine the way we are." Sasuke replied, meeting his father's gaze evening.

Fugaku knew his son would be against this from the start. But he needed to do this before he committed anymore mistakes. "We need new allies and partners."

"We have the Hyuuga's and even the," Sasuke hid a cringe, "Rock's. I don't understand why we need to have the Uzumaki's."

Sasuke knew that once his father's mind was made up, it wasn't easy to change it.

Fugaku just acted like nothing was wrong. "So I'll expect you to come with me tomorrow to meet him and his son for a game of golf."

Sasuke couldn't let his father just get away with this, so as his last resort he said, "What about their corruption?" he knew that many smaller companies had a very big problem with corruption.

Uchiha Fugaku rose an eyebrow at his son, "I assure you that they are a hundred percent free of corruption."

Dark eyes narrowed and Sasuke was able to inquire about how his father knew so much about this company before it hit him. "You know the head of the company, don't you?"

Fugaku sighed softly, it was hard to hide things from his son who was in almost every way just like him. It was his own fault, Fugaku had realized, that his son had turned out this way. He had put all his hopes in Itachi, Sasuke's older brother, who had lived up to his expectations until… "He is my childhood friend." The man replied.

"Just because he is your childhood friend, doesn't mean-"

"Rest assured, he won't allow any corruption in his company." Fugaku said in a voice that was final.

Sasuke rolled his eyes when his father left. But he was the one who wanted to live up to his father's expectation since young, so if his father really wanted this merge, Sasuke knew he would do all in his power to get it.

"How hard can it be to convince a small company to merge with the Uchiha Cooperation?"

To be continued.

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