Author's Note: This is a spin on the 7th book – there are a few changed scenarios and alterations that were not in the book.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Harry Potter. That is J.K.'s creation.

Ginny's Burden

CHAPTER 1- Storm

Ginny sighed heavily, staring blankly out at the pouring rain from her bedroom window, her head leaning against the cold, damp window pane.

It had been exactly two weeks and four days since Harry Potter left her.

This was going to be a long summer.

She paced the bedroom, holding her broom in one hand, debating if she should fly out in this weather and try to escape, or to even find them.

Mysteriously, right after Dumbledore's funeral, her brother, Hermione, and Harry had met in the secret room- she had spotted them conjuring up the door. Within a couple of hours later, reports had gone out in the morning that Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger had disappeared from the Gryffindor dormitory and they have not been heard of since.

But Ginny knew where they were.

Ron and Hermione would have never let Harry go out alone to search for those Horcruxes or battle Voldemort, they were always by his side. She just wished he would have let her come along – but she knew the reasons. He wanted to protect her from harm, to make sure she was safe. She knew he still felt for her – but what he didn't know, was that he was slowing killing her…tearing her apart…

Tears leaked from the sides of her eyes. She was torn- she wanted to scream out and wrench away from the life she was born into, to fly out into the storm and never be heard of again- perhaps, if she was lucky, to be struck by lightening. She hadn't received one letter from either of the three since they left – and they had promised her they would write to her if need be. What if they were in trouble? She couldn't just stay in this room and wait for the news of their falling to Lord Voldemort.

Just the thought of him made her skin crawl. Shivers went up her spine and she had to sit down. It had been a couple years since she felt under his control, yet somehow, she constantly felt irked by his presence- by the very mention of his name sometimes. Yet she kept on a strong appearance.

I am just as smart – I'm just as bright – I can whip up a Bat-boogey hex within a milli-second – conjure up a patronus, something Hermione isn't even able to do – I'm more fearless than Ron – the thoughts running through her head were frustrating her. She was just as clever as the other three – she didn't want to go back to school, because those three were missing from her life. Worst of all, Harry wouldn't be there to hold her when she'd cry…

I won't cry- that's stupid, why would I? They don't care about me – I'm perfectly fine. Just need to keep my wits about me.

But somehow the thought of Harry battling Voldemort – the possibilities of his death – she couldn't bear to think of. Ron and Hermione didn't know the secret thoughts Harry held inside – but Ginny could see them. She saw right through Harry. She knew what he was thinking – how he felt so alone and lost – he hadn't a clue where any of the Horcruxes were – and worst of all, he felt immense guilt for the deaths of Dumbledore and the others – blaming them all on himself. Numerous times Ginny would tell him it wasn't his fault, but he would just turn away, or smile and try and shake the thought off – but she knew it was always on his mind – and that's the reason why he left her, he wouldn't be able to bear the burden of her death to the hands of his worst enemy.

Yet it was the reason that Ginny was herself around him that she had experienced the same torture and wrath of Voldemort (causing her to become more protected by her family and mother), that she and Harry got along so well – they would relate, they understood what the other felt, how powerless and alone sometimes their minds would wander. And their commonality held them together – until Harry left…

It was slowing breaking her heart as she tried to cover herself up with a mask, a façade of a smile glimmering in-between tears.

Her mother didn't bother her for two whole weeks – partially because she was too busy with the Order – another group Ginny was left out of.

She was alone.

She belonged to nothing.

Heaving a heavy sigh, she found there was nothing more she wanted to do than to ride her broom straight across the thundering sky. She straddled the broom between her legs, before flicking her wand to open the window. The curtains billowed fiercely into the room, already soaked with rain. With ease, she pushed off of the ground, and flew into the torrential storm.

She did not know where she was going. She couldn't see.

She couldn't hear anything but the clap of thunder.

If her mother knew what she was doing, she would have had a heart attack. But Ginny didn't care at that point – she needed an escape.

It seemed like hours…

Exhilaration coursed through her veins.

A gust of wind tried to through the broom off, but Ginny's delicate hands straightened it. Her wavy red hair, drenched in rain, blew into her freckled face. She saw a large dark shadow in the distance – only to discover too late it was a tree. She quickly swerved, her tears of frustration mixing with the screams of lightening and pouring rain. But no matter how skilled Ginny Weasley was at flying, she couldn't stop the impact.