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Anime Assasin Corps Official Report
Case #2: A Civil Demise

The Hit: Elle (Shadowskill)

The Intro:
"Why Elle?" you ask.
Have you seen Shadowskill? All she cares about is making money and drinking herself drunk. She is the heroine of this particular anime series. Yet it is Gau, her adopted brother, who is the most chivalrous character of the show. Her only admirable feature is her willingness to teach Gau the ways to the Shadowskill. But it is amazing how she HAS to always beat him senseless in the process.
Therefore in order to stop the abuse in this family. The Anime Assassin Corps has sanctioned a hit on the Shadowskill Civil, Elle. The Assassin of our choice is...

The Hitman: She is the infamous space pirate,no,...wait a minute, she is an evil demon trapped by Yosho, no,...wait a sec, she's the daughter of Little Washu? Now which one was it? Oh, well. Anyway, She is RYOKO, the Saki Drunk.
Yes, boys and girls! If you watched Tenchi Muyo! on Toonami, it wasn't "bad tea" that Ryoko was always drinking.

The Ryoko Report
By Ryoko

Yeah, the AAC gave me the hit on Elle. But I had to wind down first. I mean taking on the First Class Criminal, Cain, takes a lot out of a girl.

So, I headed out to my favorite tavern, the Cabbit. I walked up to the bar and to my surprise, my target was there.

"I CAN DRINK ANYONE HERE UNDER THE TABLE", she yelled in a drunken shout.

smirk I'd like to see that.

So, I took her up on the challenge.

"Barkeep! A bottle of saki, please!"

"We both drink a shot each, then again, and again, and again... until one of us is left conscience.", she answered.

I agreed. smirk, She didn't have a chance. Shot..shot...shot...shot... hiccup...shot...shot..shot...hiccup

"Th-this is g-getting usss no where.", I said to her an hour later. "Barkeep! My usual!"

The man gave a horrifying look and tried to say he was out of stock. But I knew he had just received a shipment today. I prayed the fool wouldn't screw up my plan. The damn woman could hold her liquor.

"Just BRING IT!"

He poured us each a shot of the special brew. It bubbled and boiled like out of one of those old horror movies. I grabbed my shot glass. She grabbed hers. ...And down it went.



That's why I love it. The variety of sensations it sets off is thrilling.

I looked across the table at my drinking partner. smirk I guess she couldn't handle her liquor after all. Her vacant stare said it all. Dead.

"Always remember that there is always someone better than you, Elle."

Mission Accomplished: March 3, 2001