Previously in 'I Heart You'…

Just when they thought that all the good news was said…

"Guys, I have more great news." Gabbi said. Everyone looked at her smiling.

"I'm pregnant." She said. Everyone was cheering and Troy picked her up and spun her around. They were finally going to start a family together.

I Heart You Too

Chapter 1- Celebrations

"Oh my gosh! Gabbi! We're so going to design you a whole baby line!" Sharpay and Taylor squealed as the hugged their 26 year old friend. Sharpay and Taylor had gone into a designing business together.

"Everyone, call me Uncle Chad!" Chad exclaimed. Chad was on the Lakers team with Troy. Chad followed suit and gave Gabriella a huge hug.

"I'm happy for you." Chad whispered in her ear.

"Thank you." Gabriella whispered back.

Gabriella hugged Mr. and Mrs. Bolton and her mom who teamed up with Mrs. Bolton and started a small wedding planning company after they worked together on planning Troy and Gabriella's wedding. Mr. Bolton was still working at East High and thoroughly enjoyed it.

"And we're going to plan the baby shower!" Mrs. Bolton and Mrs. Laster (Gabriella's mom) said. Mrs. Montez had gotten married the day Troy and Gabriella had gotten back from honeymoon to a nice man named Ben Laster.

Ben was a very successful businessman and lived a much lavished life with the newlywed Mrs. Laster.

After the get together at the Bolton household, Gabriella, Taylor, and Kelsi all went out to look at baby furniture since Taylor and Sharpay insisted the create a whole line just for Gabriella. Meanwhile, Troy, Chad, Zeke and Jason went out to the bar to celebrate.

Mr. and Mrs. Bolton, and Mr. and Mrs. Laster went to a restaurant to celebrate themselves becoming grandparents.

With the girls…

"Guys, we really don't need to but a whole lot of things this soon, I mean, I haven't even had my first doctor's appointment." Gabriella argued to the girls going shopping crazy and just throwing random things into the cart. It was mostly Sharpay. Once you let her loose in a store, there was no stopping her.

After Gabriella convinced Taylor and Kelsi that she didn't need anything else for the time being, it took al three of them to restrain Sharpay from buying anything else. Once said and done, they ended up just looking at things and putting out color schemes for the room. The girls left the store only with some paint ships in hand.

"What do you say we go out and celebrate?" Sharpay asked.

"Yeah!" they all said as they got into Sharpay's car.

"No bars though. I have a baby now." Gabriella said.

"Let's go out to eat then, my treat." Kelsi said.

"No, No, No. You don't need to pay Kelsi, I can pay for my own food." Gabriella argued again walking into the restaurant. In the end, Kelsi won the argument and paid for their dinner.

With the guys…

"Dude, you better enjoy you're freedom while you have it." Jason said.

"I feel kind of bad though. I really don't want to be away from her while she's pregnant because of games and things. Let alone be away when the baby is born." Troy said as he took a sip of his beer.

"I'm sure coach will let you take some time off, I mean, the season is coming to an end soon. He gave me the chance to go home when Taylor had Jill." Chad stated. "The guy is a huge family oriented guy. If you want to be there for her, then just tell him. I'm sure he'll let you." Chad added.

Zeke looked down at his watch. "Whoa, it's almost nine, we should go meet the girls." He said. They agreed and paid for their drinks and got into Zeke's car. He wasn't a drinker. In fact, he hated alcohol.

Let's inform you on everyone's family life, shall we?

Chad and Taylor have a beautiful, bouncy little 1 year old daughter named Jill Faith Danforth. Jill is everything to Chad. He will turn out to be one of those 'overprotective' fathers when she's a teenager.

Zeke and Sharpay have two children. A handsome 4 year old boy named Martin Marshall Baylor and a pretty little 3 year old girl named Megan Lorraine Baylor. Megan will definitely be like her mother, and Martin, much like his father.

Jason and Kelsi have one 6 year old boy named Kyle John Cross. Kyle is interested in basketball and music. He has taken a real liking to the piano.

And as you know, Gabriella and Troy are expecting their first child.

Zeke called Sharpay and they agreed to meet back at the Bolton's so that they can get their cars and go home for the night.

Troy and Gabriella stayed the longest at the Bolton household. They got caught up in a conversation that lasted and hour. Gabriella yawned and this didn't go un-noticed by Troy.

"I think we should go, I'm positive that Gabbi's tired." He said softly to an almost asleep Gabriella laying her head on his shoulder. She mumbled a response that nobody could understand. After saying his goodbyes, he helped an extremely tired Gabriella back to their small apartment since nothing had been moved into their new house yet.

Gabriella climbed into bed next to Troy.

"Goodnight Troy, love you." She said.

"Night Gabs. Love you too." He said. She laid her head on his bare chest and fell fast asleep.

Troy stayed up for a while longer thinking about how lucky he was to have Gabriella. He quickly fell asleep, resting up for the next day. Moving Day.

I know, kind of short, but I just wanted to explain everyone's family backround and how Mrs. Montez got married so I didn't confuse the heck out of you. I won't be updating this story much until I finish up 'Always There For You' which is coming to an end in the next day or so. But I would really be happy if I got lots and lots of reviews! Considering how much you liked 'I Heart You' you should enjoy this! R&R!!!