spoilers ahead.

so dh was just so completely awesome, wasn't it? i love what rowling did with ron's character; it was just so so so well-explored. anyhow. so i loved ron and the whole trio in this last book.

this is in a bit of a different style, but i'm please. hope y'all like.

She watched him refuse to think about it. It would come over his face: fury, sadness, defiance, just for an instant. She recognized the emotions, recognized them so well, for they coursed through her second after second after second.

Hermione was unable to stop thinking about it. She would rack her brains, try to find an explanation, why isn't he here, why hasn't he come back, where is he, why did he leave? Tried to make excuses, but that logical side of her that she sometimes just wanted to turn off would smash them all away.

She hated to cry. She wasn't a friendless eleven year-old anymore, but a woman and, and he just left them out in the cold and how could he do that and God oh God she missed him and they needed him, it couldn't be only Harry and Hermione. To her, having only the two was like taking a step and stopping halfway; a stumble, a moment (day, week, month) of disgrace.

When the tears rolled down her face Hermione made sure Harry missed them; in those fleeting moments, Hermione knew that his pain had to be much greater than her own.

For weeks, he pushed the thoughts out of his mind like he would have liked to have shoved himself. He... damn, he's made so many mistakes and this has been the worse of yet; he broke a promise and he broke trusts and he broke the bonds of friendship and, dammit, why isn't he there, why hasn't he gone back, where is he, why did he leave?

Whenever Harry's face forced its way past the barriers he had built up, his arm would contract, twitch, no matter what he was doing, moving his hand up toward his face to cover his eyes, a pseudo-cover of his moment (day, week, month) of disgrace.

He didn't know how to start at getting over this shame, this betrayal; he supposed the first thing to do would be to go back, but he was scared of facing them, just like back in fourth year because he was such an idiot. He just left them out in the cold and how could he do that and God oh God he missed them and he needed them, it couldn't be only Harry and Hermione, he broke the circle and he broke everything and how could they ever forgive him, how would he forgive himself...?

Ron didn't sleep anymore; he would pace his room in Shell Cottage and wear away the night.