Theme #12: In A Good Mood

Rating: General

Spoilers: Through Twilight

Chapter 12- Harmless Fun

"Bella, just come out of there." Bella was perfectly aware that Edward could break down the bathroom door in a millisecond if he cared to- but then, she also knew that he wouldn't dare come in without her permission.

"I'm not going to come out. I'm mad at you."

Edward smothered a chuckle, but sighed as he leaned against the door. "Please, Bella. I didn't do anything."

She frowned, crossing her arms and turning away before she remembered he couldn't see her. "Yeah, maybe you didn't do anything, but Emmett did. And you didn't exactly stop it, either." He was silent for a moment before trying the doorknob once more, pleading softly.

"Please, Bella, at least let me see you while we're talking." She considered this for a moment before consenting, swinging open the door and eyeing the vampire in front of her warily. He didn't push his luck, simply smiling gently and leaning against the door jamb. "Newton deserved it, you know."

"Hmph." She snorted, not paying attention as he moved to stand next to her, capturing her hand and tugging her towards him with a whisper of kisses along her palm. "You didn't have to be mean, though- the poor kid is just trying to keep up with you guys."

Edward shrugged, his smile cocky. "Well, maybe now he knows his lesson." Bella rolled her eyes, but gave up on arguing, allowing herself to be led outside.