I really liked the story Real Smile and the other stories where Allen is secretly a girl, so I decided to write one of my own. Inspired by Real Smile.

Allen fights to hide her real identity from her friends while still having fun as a girl. But when Kanda starts looking for a girl he met a few months ago who and what will he find?

Note: Technically 'Lavi' is spelt 'Rabi' but since its said Lavi that's how I spell it. But for the record, in Japanese R is said as L, and B is said as a V.

I don't actually own D. Grey-Man

Allen Walker, the exorcist with a never ending smile. The one that didn't have a favourite partner, or finder. The one who was sweet, innocent (until you asked to play poker), kind and easy to read. That's what the members of the Black Order saw.

What they didn't see was Allen waking up early so that Timcampy could bind her chest down. After four rotations Allen would secure the band aids with a safety pin. Since this didn't hold her growing chest down properly, she would put a tight t-shirt on to finish it off (and sometimes that was damn near impossible if Tim wasn't tight enough with the band aids) After all that Allen looked as flat as… well a man.

Some of her other morning traditions were gluing eyebrows overtop her beautifully arched ones, pulling her long white hair up into a short white wig, and using 'flesh patches' (small patches of fabric that looked and felt like flesh) she finished her man persona.

After putting on her white tuxedo shirt, grey vest, black pants, and putting her traditional red ribbon around her neck, she went down to breakfast. As she climbed down the stairs she bumped into Linalee, who was carrying a plastic bag.

"Allen, good thing I caught you before you hit the cafeteria. Come with me to your room."

Allen followed, relieved. Linalee was the only person to find out her secret. Mostly because during a certain time of month, Allen had run out of her feminine hygiene products and had gone looking for some in the other teen's room. Sadly Allen was caught and had to explain the situation to Linalee, who now bought Allen some pads every month. Now Allen had no reason to snoop again.

"Here you go Allen, I got you the ones with wings," Linalee said handing the plastic bag over to Allen.

"Thank you so much Linalee! I'd invite you to sleep over in my room so we could have a girl's night, but it would just seem way too awkward," Allen said hugging the girl.

"That's okay. Next time we have a mission together though, me and 'Alice' are going out to paint the town red!"

Alice is what Linalee called Allen when she took her wig and make-up off, hid her scar, and got rid of her "man shell".

"OK," Allen said smiling.

Both girls went down to breakfast. After Linalee finished her cereal, and Allen finished her seven course meal, they started talking about little things, and telling stories of past missions. They had to stop though when Kanda came up to their table.

"Bean sprout, Linalee, Komui wants to see us in his office now!" he said before stalking off, leaving the girls with sweat drops above their heads. Then they looked at each other, apparently they'd be hitting the town sooner than they expected.

The mission, destroy the small town that was made almost of akuma. The bright side, they were the last time so they would only be one a week. The downside, Allen would have to become 'sick' and stay in before Alice could come out and party with Linalee without Kanda and Lavi noticing anything. In short, Kanda, Allen, Linalee, and Lavi were going to Spain.

"Hey Linalee," Allen said when the guys weren't around. "Can you please pack my red strapless dress and matching red gloves? Please? Pretty please?"

"Ahh, going to be sexy in Spain are we?" she asked.

"Well, it is a country where I won't get shunned for showing off a little skin."

"In that case, I'm bringing my matching green strapless dress, but with my wrist gloves," Linalee said. "And do I need to pack you MU, or is Tim going to hold it for you?" No matter how alone they were, they never said 'make-up' out loud. It would just raise suspicion.

"Tim can hold it," Allen said before disappearing to her room.

She laid down on her bed, draped an arm over her eyes, and sighed. Secretly she wanted Kanda to see her in her prime. She was a girl, but everyone saw her as a guy. Therefore her love life only existed in her dreams. There, she would enter the room in a beautiful blue ball gown, and Kanda (in a black tuxedo) took her hand and they danced in each others arms till the end of time.

Sadly, Allen knew the chances of Kanda even liking her were practically non-existent. And if Kanda ever wore a suit, he would be wearing it to the new pet store that the Earl opened. Meaning that it would never happen.

Allen thought back to one time when it was just her and Kanda on a mission.

- Flash Back -

Since they had separate rooms, Allen had shed her disguise. It was the middle of the night and she had a stomach ache. So she wandered downstairs in her nightgown hoping the Inn Keeper had something that would settle it. After taking some medication she sat in front of the fire and fell into a light sleep until she was woken up by the sound of an angry voice.

"Have you seen a white haired kid around here?" Kanda asked the Inn Keeper.

"Yeah, over there. By the fire," the man stuttered under Kanda's enraged glare.

Allen quickly pulled out 2 flesh patches and a mirror to cover up her scar.

"Hey you!" Kanda yelled as Allen put the mirror away. She turned her head, and in her normal voice (she usually lowered it a little to sound more like a man) said "Yes?"

Kanda immediately realized his mistake. This person couldn't be Allen. But she did look a lot like him.

But there was something. Something about the girl in front of him entranced him. He couldn't tell if it was the long white hair, or the clear blue eyes. Allen noticed that Kanda was stunned and used this as an opportunity to leave while saying a quiet 'good-bye'. When she reached the safety of her room she threw her hair up into her wig and gently pulled the flesh patches off her eyes and put them in their proper places.

As she finished gluing her last eyebrow on, she heard Kanda at her door.

"Where were you? I looked like a fool yelling at some girl while I was looking for you!" 'A very attractive girl' he thought.

-- End Flash Back --

Allen sighed. She thought for sure there wasn't a chance that Kanda actually liked her.

If only she knew that Kanda thought about that girl he had met almost every night before he went to sleep every night. If only she knew.

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