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Chapter 1: The Creation of the Vampiric Demon

(Rayne's Point of View)

I finally had done it. I killed the bastards that help my vampire siblings turn the world into hell. But I had lost everything along the way.

The Brimstone society turned their backs on me and attempt to have me killed for reasons I cannot explain. They failed in killing me but they managed to kill Severin, my first lover. I went into a blood rage and sliced the ones that did it to shreds.

They were finally destroyed by the other Vampire lords that made my father, Kagen, look like a garden variety vampire. Even then the Brimstone managed to fight back and take out most of them, making my job easier. I decapitated two of them soon as they exited the building. The final one was too quick for me and got away before I could kill him.

During the time I was searching for him, I finally found my twin sister, Kahna. She had fallen in love with a human man and had taken it upon herself to protect them and their two children. She unlike my other sisters she wanted nothing more but to live in a peaceful world. I vowed to take down the final Vampire Lord to bring the world back to normal, so she could live happily.

It took ten years to find him. I learned my sister came by not more than a week ago. She had sent me a letter saying if she didn't send another letter to watch over her human family if she didn't make it back. Instead, I dispatched his guards with ease as I continued on my path towards him.

Once I reached him, I learned that he was the first vampire to ever exist and that anything with vampiric blood was a child of his. I went into a rage when I found out he had ripped her into pieces and kept her head as a trophy. I showed no mercy for that and returned the favor to him ten times over.

Now it has been three hundred years after the end of the vampires reign over humanity, I watched over my sister's family. It seemed humanity had forgotten the way off the past and started out anew. They no longer made weapons of mass destruction but developed the ability use chakra. After a bit of investigating, I learned it was an attempt to copy how demon could use their youki, but instead of being able to use it at will they had to use hand seals.

I was sadden greatly when the last member of Kanha's family died by sealing a demon into a newborn child. It took me five years to make it back to the village as I was taking care of other business. Even if the last of my sister's family was no longer amongst the living, the least I could do is make sure the child that he had gave the burden of being the cage of Kyuubi was alright. But something puzzled me and was the reason why I left.

Why would Kyuubi attack the village? It made no sense for him to do so. He was lord of the land of fire and protected the people that lived on it from greater threats. I knew him even if it was nothing more than acquaintances. I knew he respected the village hidden in the leaves for there undying loyalty to each other and was the strongest of the shinobi villages despite it being one of the smallest.

So why? Could it be that he was tricked or did someone managed to gain leverage over him and force him to attack. If so I was more than willing to help find and slaughter the ones responsible.

It was the middle of night since the shroud ended two hundred and eighty years ago, so I couldn't go into the daylight once more. I wasn't worried about them finding me. Even if they could no one in this village could stop me. If they struggled to defeat Kyuubi, there was no way couldn't stop me. I silently made my way to the Hokage's tower to find out were the vessel lived.

As I was about halfway there, I noticed a crowd of people surrounding something. Suddenly for the first team within centuries, Beliar's eye activated once again. It hadn't done so since I stopped him before he could return to full power.

With the zoomed vision it gave me, I saw what it was they were surrounding. My blood began to boil as rage consumed my form. They were beating a small five year old boy with sunshine blonde hair that had turned to a sickenly brown color due to the amount of blood and dirt in it. His eyes open during the beating, showing the pain in his vibrant, electric blue eyes. Eyes like Minato's.

As I was reminiscing over what that could mean, one of the men in the crowd pulled out a kunai and stabbed the young boy in his heart. Unable to contain my rage any longer, I exploded toward the scene with my blood lust rolling of me in waves that would make Kyuubi green with envy.

They all froze in fear as I my angels sprang into place. I grabbed the man who put the kunai in the child heart and sliced him in half, making two perfectly even pieces. The other members of the mob were terrified as some screamed and tried to take off only to find me already blocking their path.

No, these humans would not get away without due punishment. I could not allow it.

I pull out my carpetheral dragons and began to fire blood bullets into the mob, mowing them down. Once I ran out of blood, I put them up deciding to fill them up later.

My angels sprang back into place as I drove one of them threw a pink haired women's chest and used the other to cut of her arms. I decided to allow her to live, but was unsure why I did. I quickly slaughtered what was left of the mob, only leaving a few left. The ones left I used to quench my thirst and refill my dragons.

That's when four of the village elite shinobi with masks jumped down and decided to kill me for murdering these villagers.

"Murder." I laughed at that. "Isn't that the same thing they did to that child?"

The one in a dog masked gave me an answer that made my blood rage return. "That is no child. That is demon that nearly destroyed our vil…"

His response ended when I drove my blade into his neck and sliced his head in half. As I turned to the other three to eliminate them, the two in front were suddenly vaporized by a pitch black flame that came from their own comrade. He oddly enough was wearing a weasel mask which made the situation quite ironic really.

He removed his to show that he was not but a teen around thirteen years old. I instantly recognized the red eyes from anywhere, since I killed the first one of their clan know as Madara.

The boy was part of the Uchiha clan, but why were his eyes different. Instead of the regular three tomoes they had spinning around a pupil; his eyes looked more like a three bladed shuriken.

He went to the boy and checked his pulse. "H-he's still alive. They must have barely missed the heart. He won't survive long thou since the medics at the hospital refuse to treat him without a direct order from the Sandaime. I don't know many medical jutsu so I can't do much other than ease the pain."

I was shocked hearing this and before I knew it, I ran over to him and took in the boy's condition myself. I sighed knowing that there was only one way to save him now. Shaking my head, I turned to the Uchiha. "Remove the kunai when I given the word."

The teen looked shock for a moment and nodded before gripping the kunai as he waited for my command. I bit my wrist, which surprised the teen immensely, and put it at the barely conscious child's mouth.


(Naruto point of view)

Why? Why does it have to be this way? I never did anything wrong. Did I? I mean a few harmless pranks couldn't make them hate me this much. Could it? Why won't they stop? Haven't they hurt me enough? Can't they just leave me alone? All I want is to stop feeling this pain.

I hear a voice in my head telling me it going to be alright in a few moments. I want to believe it, but then something sharp goes through my chest, nicking my heart. I could only scream in pain as I my vision began to fade.

This is the end huh? Seems kind of nice, but the pain won't go away. Why is it that my pain never seems to fade, but grow?

I heard the villagers scream in terror, but I don't know why. I hear noises that sound like a miniature explosions then quickly followed by the sound of metal ripping through flesh and bone. I wish I didn't know what that sound like, but I know it all to well from personal experience. It just wasn't fair. Why only me? There had to be others. So why did they choose to harm me?

I hear some man talking about arresting someone for the murder of these people. So that's what was happening. Someone tried to help me but arrived too late. As I was thinking this, I heard a women's voice laugh at that and say wasn't it murder for killing me. The man said something about me being a demon then suddenly stopped when I hear the sickening sound of I hear before. Then I hear two screams as I felt extreme heat, but I didn't know what was causing it.

I felt someone press there hand on my neck and speak out loud.

"H-he's still alive."

I hear foot steps before I hear the young male's voice saying that he could do nothing except ease the pain. I smiled on the inside thinking that at least I'll die not feeling as much pain as I was. I hear the women's voice again. "Remove the kunai when I give the word."

I felt something grip the kunai in my chest as something was placed in my mouth and had coppery tasting liquid coming out of it. I hear the women's voice once more.


I don't know why, but I did so thinking it could spare me this pain I was in. So I started sucking on the substance that she was putting in my mouth. It tasted weird but at the same time soothing.

Suddenly my body felt like it was on fire but it didn't burn like it normally would. It actually felt kind of nice. I keep drinking as I hear the women voice again. "Now!"

I felt the kunai bring pulled out of my chest. I gasped in pain as it was ripped out but I felt something growing in place of it. It was too much for me to handle and all I saw was black.

From within Naruto's mind, Kyuubi smirked as he felt the change in the boy's body and noticed the cage beginning to fall apart. Looking around a bit, Kyuubi decided to look through the boy's eyes and he saw Rayne's face.

Since he had been in the boy's body he learned that he had a similar blood pattern to that of Rayne's. After finding that out, he went through Naruto's very first memories and found one when he was a just an infant and still didn't have him sealed in him. He watched the Yondaime pick him up and summon Gamabunta as he headed to the battle field.

He said one last thing before he began the Shiki Fujin. "I am sorry for this my son. May you live a good life?"

After witnessing this memory, Kyuubi realized this was Rayne's sister's last descendant and waited for the moment Rayne would arrive. When he sensed her blood entering Naruto's body, he began to flare his youki as the seal weakened to attempt to break free.

Normally he wouldn't care about one human's life, but in this case if he didn't at least try to help the boy he might not be alive for very much longer, making the point of escaping absolutely pointless. He could tell that even with the blood of a vampire flowing within him, Naruto wouldn't survive the wound. So to counter this, he began to change his human side to that of a demon. He knew that it wouldn't take over the vampiric blood being sent into him, he would wait till the boy's body completely changed before he escaped his prison.

Both Rayne and the young Uchiha watched as Naruto's body began to change into that of a dhampir's. His fangs hardened and grew as his hair grew longer while his body began to fill out more, making him look more athletic. As all this was happening, Rayne's eyes widen as she noticed that his wound wasn't healing fast enough and realized he wouldn't survive.

Just as she thought that, crimson youki exploded from Naruto's body and covered him before it started to change physically change him. Naruto's teeth lengthen and hardened even further, his hands slowly elongated into claws as his muscles increased in size. The youki flowing around him slowly dyed itself to his hair giving him red streaks.

As suddenly as it started it had stopped. Then in an instant, a larger amount of crimson youki erupted from his body and separated from Naruto before taking the take shape of a man. Once it was finished, Kyuubi no Kitsune stood there in his human form.

He had reddish-orange hair that looked like Ichigo's from Bleach except a bit longer and shaggier. He wore blood red shinobi pants with an orange belt tied around it and wore a white shirt, like that of Sasuke's in Shuppuden, showing his muscular, but lean build.

His crimson eyes stared at the two before he turned towards Naruto and watched as the wound completely healed within seconds. Kyuubi smirked as both Rayne and the young Uchiha looked shocked, he might not be as powerful as Rayne but he sure as hell had a better regeneration rate.

Shaking that thought off, Kyuubi turned towards Rayne. "You should be happy. At least your sister's blood still lives on within him." As soon as he finished saying that, the Hokage showed up with majority of Konoha's shinobi as they felt Kyuubi's youki pulse.

Sarutobi eye's widened in fear as he saw Kyuubi in his human form, but that wasn't as terrifying as the women with blood red hair that was picking up Naruto's unconscious form. As she lifted him up, Rayne turned toward the old man and glared at him, making him begin to fear for his life.

"I though you told me he was dead." Rayne growled out in rage. If she knew the last of heir of her human family was alive, she wouldn't have left in the first place.

Sarutobi gulped in fear before speaking shakily, hoping she wouldn't kill him for this. "I did it for his protection. Please understand. If people knew who's child he was, there would have been twice the amount of assassination attempts on his life."

Rayne increase her glare at the man as unleashed ungodly amount of killing intent that made everyone in Konoha wish to kill themselves from the terror, and a few of the untrained civilians nearby did just that. Even Kyuubi was hard pressed not to be frightened at the amount she was putting out. "Well, you have seen how well that worked out!"

She took a few deep breathes to calm herself down before looking back up at the frightened Hokage. "I will take him and do not be surprised if you never see him again. And if you do, you'll wish you didn't."

Kyuubi instantly got the hint and grabbed Rayne's shoulder and was about to teleport them away when she spoke. "The Uchiha as well."

He quickly turned to him and nodded as he put his other hand on Itachi's shoulder.

Within a split second, flash of flames covered the four of them before they disappeared leaving everyone there stunned and fearing for their lives.

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