A/N: This isn't a chapter, obviously, since the story has been completed. This is a note to say I've started a new Blood Naruto story, a remake or remodel of this if you will. Honestly it is more of an Alternate Universe version of this story but nonetheless it is a remake instead of a sequel that I've decided on.

I have always love this story and was one of my favorites to write until near the very end. At that point I lost my passion as I kind of knew where I was going and in the end it effected how I wanted to end, speed wise. I saw that as a slight on my part and now I have rekindled my spirit and want to write Blood Naruto, this time from a different angle however.

I don't want Naruto to a dual breed between vampire and demon. Thankfully Kishimoto actually helped me in this aspect and gave Kushina a bloodline where she possessed two chakras. In that regard it hit me. The second chakra is the Banpai Ryoku and with Kyuubi he has youki along with his chakra he will be able to use all three.

Anyways I don't need to really explain anymore about it otherwise I might give away elements I don't want to be let known yet. So if you were a supporter of this story and throughly enjoyed it I suggest you take a look at the remake, BloodNaruto Divergence!

You won't be disappointed... Maybe.