So here it is...mine and Katie's new fic. This fic is actually old and just being posted here now, so as long as I don't get lazy updates will come pretty regularily once a day. At least they should.

Premise of the's entirely AU and takes place in college, Dartmouth to be exact. Meredith is a freshman and enjoying the college life. Derek is a senior who's serious about school and getting into a good med school. Meredith is nearly failing, and a teacher suggests a tutor and well, I guess we see where it goes from there.


Btw...we sadly still don't own the show.

Derek Shepherd was boring. Well not boring, driven, at least that's how he described himself. He was driven. He had to be driven. He had dreams, big dreams. And that stuff that would make him not boring, he didn't have time for that. "Mark, I said I couldn't go tonight," he groaned.

"Man, you never go out," Mark Sloan groaned as he walked past him, pulling on a t-shirt. "It's our last year, Shep. And you've never had a one night stand. It's pathetic. You're pathetic."

"Not sleeping with some girl who's name I don't even know makes me pathetic?" Derek asked him, disbelief in his voice.

"It's a rite of passage," Mark winked. "And so far, you're not a man yet. This party, Derek, the girls that will be there. You will thank me later."

"Mark, I need to study. A little more important than something like a rite of passage," Derek groaned, wondering exactly why he was friends with Mark in the first place. It had something to do with growing up together, but sometimes he wondered if that was enough.

"You've been studying all day!" Mark reached over and closed a book. "Man, you're going to go out in the real world and no one will want to do you. Ever."

"The real world isn't about doing people," Derek rolled his eyes. "This test is important."

"It's not until Wednesday, Shep," Mark eyed him. "You're coming to this party. You're getting trashed. And you're going to fuck a girl's brains out. Got it?"

"No I'm not," Derek shook his head.

"Why the hell not?" Mark asked as he went to the fridge and got out a beer. "Give me three really good reasons."

"One...I don't want to get drunk. Two...I don't want to fuck some girl's brains out. Three...I don't want to go," Derek sighed.

"Loser," Mark growled as he handed Derek a beer. "You are a loser. How the hell am I supposed to watch out for you like Mom said if you just sit around and do nothing but study all day?"

"You don't have to watch out for me if I sit around and do nothing but study all day," Derek pointed out.

"You need to get laid, man! Who was the last chick you screwed?"

"Emily, before we broke up last year," Derek shrugged.

Mark stared at him, disgust and horror on his face. "A year. A year, man? Oh God. This is worse than I thought. Get up. Get dressed. You need a freshman girl to corrupt."

"Mark, you know not everyone in this world is trying to get in each other's pants," Derek laughed.

"Freshman. Girls. Freshman girls, Derek. Young, first time away from Mommy and Daddy. Rich. Dirty little drunken sluts."

"Grow up Mark," Derek sighed. "I'd rather use my own hand than fuck some dirty little drunken slut."

"The hand is getting tired though, Shep," Mark said wisely. "And how can you say no to freshman girls? We're the cream of the crop. Seniors. Future doctors. We'll throw medical words in their directions and talk about saving the fucking world and they'll fall down on their knees and blow us right there. How can you say no to that?"

"," Derek said as he opened his book again.

"You're a sad pathetic excuse for a man," Mark sighed. "Fine. You stay home with your books. I'm going to go try to get into Meredith's pants. She's close, man. She is so close to saying yes. After last night..."

"So you do know one of their names," Derek laughed sofly.

"Not by choice, man," Mark shook his head. "I'm going. If you had half a brain, you'd come too. Freshman girls."

"I'll pass," Derek answer, disgust in his voice.

"How the hell are we friends?" Mark asked as he pulled on his leather jacket.

"I have no idea," Derek shook his head. "Probably something to do with Mom thinking you shit roses."

"Mom loves me," he grinned. "I'm the good son."

"If Mom only knew," Derek whispered, smiling back.

"Don't wait up," Mark smirked. "I probably won't be back tonight."

"Take it easy on Mary or whatever her name was," Derek said.

Mark laughed as he shut the door behind him, leaving Derek with his books, a beer, and music playing softly from his computer.


The tequilla burned her throat and made her head swim. She still wasn't completely used to it but she loved the freedom it gave her. Her mom wasn't there, no one was there. Except for the new friend she had made, the Asian with the dark curls. "This...this is the life," Meredith smiled, throwing an arm around her friend.

"You are so drunk right now," Cristina Yang rolled her eyes.

"And there is nothing wrong with that," Meredith said, pointing at her with a tequilla bottle.

"True," Cristina nodded. "I need to be drunk right now. That asshole from last night is headed over here."

"Mark?" Meredith groaned. Not again. He was a man whore, he was a complete man whore and she might like picking up random men but not Mark. He used. He was an ass. He was arrogant and nothing about him was what she wanted.

"Did I hear you call me, babe?" he sauntered up to her, that shit eating grin on his face.

"Don't call me babe," Meredith answered rolling her eyes.

"I can call you whatever you want," he leaned forward to whisper in her ear, smelling like whiskey.

"You're such an ass, Mark," Meredith said pushing him off of her.

"I do have a hot ass," he laughed. He never listened. Ever. Everything she said he turned it into something sexual. He was an ass.

"Do you ever take no for an answer?" Meredith groaned.

"Not unless it's to the question, do you want me to stop?" he winked at her.

"Seriously?" Meredith asked eyeing him strangely. "Seriously? You're...there's something wrong with you."

"Wanna play doctor?" he asked. Lame. Lame line. God, he was lame. And a manwhore. And lame.

"No Mark, I don't want to play doctor. I don't want to play anything with you, unless it involves pretending we never met," Meredith said.

"Let me get you another bottle of tequila," he said, "and then I think you'll want to play with me all night long."

"No!" Meredith shouted. "The only way you'll ever get with me is if I pass out. And that would be rape. Ass."

"Soon, Mary," he said slightly drunkenly. "Soon you'll realize you can't resist Mark Sloan and his pickle."

"Did you just call your penis a pickle?" Meredith looked at him like he had grown another head. "Does anyone even like you? Do you have friends?"

"Many friends," he nodded. "And everyone likes me."

"Somehow I think you're lying," Meredith rolled her eyes. "And now if you excuse me I'm going to find a guy who I'm actually interested in."

"The guys here are pussies," he frowned. "Children."

"I don't know, Mark. I have a feeling they don't call their penises pickles," Meredith giggled slightly.

"No pickle for you then," he shrugged and then grinned. "Tonight anyway."

"You're an idiot," Meredith groaned moving away from him.

"You know you want me, Mary."

"And what is with that Mary thing?" Meredith said, turning around quickly.

"That's your name, isn't it?" he chuckled. "Or are you into sex games and I don't know your name?"

"Meredith. My name is Meredith. And now feel free to forget it," Meredith sighed.

"Let's go, Mer," Cristina rolled her eyes as she finally grabbed her friend's arm and started to drag her away. "He's such a jackass."

"He really is," Meredith sighed following her friend.

"Hey," Cristina said as she poured herself her first drink of the night, "you're taken Physiological Behavior with Dr. Stanton, aren't you?"

"Yeah," Meredith groaned. "Why?"

"Test on Monday," Cristina grinned. "You take it at ten, I take it at two. Are you ready to kick ass so I can know what's on it?"

"I guess," Meredith shrugged. She hadn't actually been to that class in weeks.

"Warning," Cristina muttered, "McFuckface is headed your way. Again."

"What the hell is wrong with him?" Meredith groaned, hitting her head against the table.

"He wants to get in your pants, Mer," Cristina laughed. "I'd say kick him in the balls. That should stop him."

"I might," Meredith nodded.

"In the meantime," Cristina grinned, "Dr. Phelps' TA is here. And he grades my papers. I'll see you back at the dorm, Mer."

"Seriously? Seriously?" Meredith shouted at the retreating back of her friend. Or former friend.

"Hey," a voice from behind her says softly, a hand on her shoulder.

"Mark, I told you to get lost," Meredith said bitterly, not turning around.

"Mark?" the voice laughs. "Definitely not Mark. Steve. You need a drink?'

"Oh," Meredith turned around and smiled at the slightly attractive guy standing behind her. He was okay, not a Patrick Dempsey, but he'd do for tonight's company. He would definitely do. "I definitely need a drink."

The man smiled and pulled another bottle of tequila from the hundreds of bottles sitting on the table and gave her a grin. She thanked him with a nod and drained it before kissing him, hard, on the lips.

"Take me home," Meredith smiled, pulling slightly away from him.

"Definitely," Steve nodded, his hand reaching down to grab her ass as he led her away from the party.

You're an accident waiting to happen, you're a piece of glass left behind on the beach...