Meredith sighed as she walked towards the apartment. Today had been hellishly long. Having random strangers come up and ask you about your boyfriend would do that to you. And apparently talk of Derek's cheesiness had spread, girls everywhere were telling her how lucky she was. Lucky wasn't the word she would use to describe it, but at least she was getting a Patrick Dempsey marathon out of the deal.

Mark's car was gone, which she wasn't sure if that was a good thing. Usually, she loved a night alone with Derek without Mark hanging around. And maybe it would be okay. It was dinner and a Paddy marathon. It couldn't be cheesy. There was no way he could make it cheesy.

Derek would be back to being normal Derek, he'd have dinner waiting for her and would let her kick up her feet and watch her movies, she might even be able to get a massage out of him. Tonight would definitely not be cheesy.

She unlocked the door to the apartment and stopped in her tracks. Oh. my. Dempsey. There were rose petals on the floor, and candles. Candles everywhere. He was going to burn the apartment down. "Derek?" she called out, refusing to walk any further than the door way.

"In the kitchen," he yelled back.

"What the hell is going on?" she called, staring at the apartment that had once been messy and strewn with leather jackets and dirty clothes. Mark and Derek were messy. And Mark wasn't here. For the first time ever, she needed Mark to be around.

"It's called Valentine's Day, Mer," Derek smiled as he entered the candlelit room.

"You said no more cheesy," she sighed, staring at him in his black dress pants and red shirt.

"I said no more over the top public displays of affection," Derek argued.

"This is," she frowned. "Derek, pjs. Pjs and pizza and Paddy. The three perfect P's. Why can't we do that?"

"We do that every night," Derek shrugged.

She still stood in the door, disgust on her face. "This is...I can't...Derek. This isn't us. Or me. Or whatever. This is too much. It's completely crazy. Are you trying to get me to dump you?'

"No," Derek sighed walking towards her and grabbing her hands. "You've never had a Valentine's Day."

"Which is fine," she sighed. "Seriously, Derek. I hated this shit when I was in high school. The girls who got the flowers and the stuffed animals. That's...Derek...that's not love."

"I know it's not," Derek smiled. "And I know this is the kind of stuff you hate. But every girl deserves to have some cheesiness on Valentine's Day. It's's how it works. And you never got it."

"There are rose petals," she pointed out. "And candles. Mark is going to die."

"Mark is out for the night and it will be cleaned before he gets back," Derek explained.

She sighed. "Pjs? Can I at least be in my pajamas?"

"The sexy ones?" Derek asked with a raised eyebrow.

She giggled. "The black or the red?"

"Red," Derek nodded.

She nodded. "All right. Red pajamas...maybe with no panties." She leaned forward to kiss him, her hands reaching down to squeeze his ass.

"Hmm," he moaned softly. "Definitely no panties."

She pulled away as she felt his erection against her thigh and smiled, moving finally into the apartment, shutting the door behind her. "I think we should put your flowers somewhere," she suggested as she took off her top and then started to take off her jeans.

"Cheesy makes you horny?" he laughed.

"No," she shook her head, standing in a matching set of see through lacy bra and panties. "You make me horny."

"So I'm not getting dumped tonight?" Derek said, kissing her hard.

"Hmmm," she giggled. "That's still up in the air."

"Oh really? Anything I could to persuade you to give me another shot?" he asked, gently kissing her neck.

"Dinner," she breathed. "Strawberry ice cream. And Paddy. Oh, and if you're really good, maybe some sex, she reached down between them to lightly stroke his erection through his pants.

"Oh there will be sex," Derek growled. "I always get sex after you get Paddy."

She giggled as she pulled away. "We could always eat naked you know," she suggested, her hands moving behind her to unclasp her bra.

Derek laughed. "And how much eating would get done?"

"That's true," her hands dropped from her back. "I'll get into my pajamas."

"Don't worry," Derek kissed her quickly. "You'll be out of them before long."

"You're so porny," she giggled. "What are we having for dinner? And if any of it shaped like hearts..."

"Fettuccini Alfredo, with chicken," Derek responded.

"Sounds good," she called from the bedroom. "Which Paddy movie should we watch first? I know you've seen them all millions of times...but well...we could go in order of his career..."

"Whatever you want, Mer," Derek sighed.

"You know you love Paddy," she giggled as she came into the room, wearing a red silky pajama top, that she had conveniently left unbuttoned. She had apparently forgotten the bottoms, and she stood in front of Derek, a smile on her face. "Paddy gets you sex."

"Considering the amount of clothing I have on and the amount of clothing you have on, I'd have to assume I'm not the one in this room that wants sex," he smiled.

"I could go put more on," she shrugged.

"I wasn't complaining," he said, pulling her close and kissing her hard.

She smiled against his kiss. "And I have to say," she murmured, pulling back slightly. "I think you're the one who wants sex." Her fingers again stroked his erection as she pulled away, going towards the couch, where a very large teddy bear was sitting. Actually, very large was an understatement. It had to be about the same size as her. "Derek..."

"Yes?" he asked, trying to fake innocence.

"What...who...what is this?" she asked, a frown on her face.

"That's a teddy bear," Derek nodded.

"It's a little big, don't you think?" she stared at him.

"That's kind of the point," he laughed.


"We've been over this Mer," Derek sighed. "Valentine's Day, cheesy, trying to make up for the lack of non-cheesiness in your life before me."

"He's bigger than me, Derek," Meredith sighed, not turning to look at the bear. "It. It's bigger than me."

"Well you're tiny," he shrugged.

She sighed and sat down next to the teddy bear, staring at it. "Derek, you've spent too much. I don't need all this."

"I didn't spend too much," Derek argued. "Besides your real gift is under the bear."

"My real gift?" she stared at him. "Derek...what are you talking about?"

"Your real gift," Derek answered. "The thing I got you for Valentine's Day that you'll actually love."

She rolled her eyes and lifted the bear up, squealing and jumping up as she held the DVD in her hands. "Derek!" she giggled as she clutched it to her chest. "It''s Paddy porn!"

"It's what?"

"Life in the Fast Lane," she giggled. "Paddy wears leather and he...he licks scissors. And screws a girl in a church. It's Paddy porn!"

Derek groaned, but still he smiled at her. "So you like it?"

"You're the best boyfriend ever!" she giggled as she kissed him, hard.

"I know," Derek laughed holding her close. "Though I didn't mean to get you Paddy porn. What kind of guy screws a girl in a church?"

"A hot devil," she giggled. "And it's on my list, you know."

"What list?"

"Of places to have sex before I die," she answered as she stared at the DVD.

"We're not having sex in a church."

"Why not?" she giggled.

"I grew up in a good Catholic family, it's against...everything. We'd go straight to hell," Derek argued.

"Hmm, I think we're already on the express train, Derek," she rolled her eyes.

"Express train?" he asked.

"The express train to hell," she replied and then giggled. "Paddy movie reference."

"Of course," Derek rolled his eyes.

"I'm putting it on right now," she giggled as she went over to the DVD player. "Get dinner."

"We're not eating dinner in front of Paddy porn," he groaned.

"You said dinner while watching a Paddy marathon," she pouted.

"I did," Derek nodded. "But couldn't it be something cool like Scream 3?"

She rolled her eyes. "Scream 3, seriously? We watched that last night. And you can't expect me to skip out on Paddy porn."

"I don't want to watch that man in leather when I'm trying to eat," he pouted

"But Derek," she pouted a little more, coming over to him and pushing her nearly naked body against his fully clothed one. "Please...please...please."

"You are an evil and cruel woman," Derek sighed.

"And because of you I'm failing Jackson's class," she reminded him. "You owe me."

"I told you I'd do the homework," Derek pointed out.

"Derek, mortal embarrassment," she sighed. "Girls want to date you now. They really do. I actually gave out your number, I think."

"What?' Derek asked confused.

"The news of your cheesiness spread," Meredith explained, pulling away and sitting on the couch. "Girls think you're the best boyfriend ever. Frankly, I think they're all on drugs."

"Really? Minutes ago you were shouting the same thing," Derek laughed.

"Because who else buys their girlfriends Paddy porn?" she giggled. "But you're still in trouble for the singing and the flowers. And the singing. Seriously, Der?"

Derek laughed again. "It was supposed to be cheesy."

"It was...bad," she shook her head. "So bad. We're watching Paddy porn and you're bringing dinner and strawberry ice cream. Or I'll go sleep at my dorm."

"Fine, Paddy porn it is," Derek sighed.

She clapped her hands excitedly and curled up next to the huge teddy bear, resting her head on it's soft shoulder and reached for the remote, pressing play the minute Derek came in with their food. "You are the best," she sighed as she took her first bite of food, keeping her eyes glued to the screen.

"Apparently," Derek groaned. "Spending my night with my girlfriend and the love of her life."

"You love Paddy," she rolled her eyes. "He gets you lots of sex."

"I like the sex, I don't like the man," Derek argued.

"How could you not like him?" Meredith asked. "He looks exactly like you!"

"He looks nothing like me," Derek pouted.

"You're such a baby," she said, hitting his arm with her elbow. "Now shut up. It's Paddy porn time."

Derek rolled his eyes. "It's sad that you need another man to turn you on. Dr. Phil would have a field day with us."

"Dr. Phil's an ass," she sighed and then turned to kiss him. "And you turn me on just fine.”

"Than why do you need Paddy porn? I look like him and I'm great for porn," he argued.

"Jealous?" she murmured as she put her plate down and ran her fingers through his curls, trailing kisses down his jawline.

"I don't get jealous."

"It's hot," she breathed in his ear and put his plate down before straddling him

"Am I getting sex?" he asked.

She took off the pajama top and undid the clasp to her bra before reaching down to unbutton his shirt. "I don't know, Mr. Shepherd," she breathed. "It's up to you."

"Oh definitely sex," Derek groaned, pushing her bra to the side and gently playing with her nipples. "But no calling me by the wrong name."

"I've never done that!" she half laughed, half moaned.

"But yet I always worry you will," Derek replied, pulling her down to him, as he began to gently suck at one nipple.

"Der," she breathed at the sensation, her hands tangling themselves in his hair as she moaned.

"God," he moaned as she gently rode her hips against him, and he took her nipped further into his mouth.

"Oh," she sighed as she quickly took her hands away from his hair and moved back a little, undoing his pants quickly.

"I need you," he growled as she pulled his pants down her legs. "Now."

She nodded as she pushed her panties aside, not bothering to take them off as his fingers delved into her, feeling her wetness. She moaned as she leaned down to kiss him once more and then his fingers fell away as she guided herself onto his erection, moving passionately against him, moans escaping from her mouth. "Der..."

"Meredith," he groaned, as she rocked against him, her pace picking up slighty on every thrust. "Meredith.."

He gripped her hips as she moved faster, the orgasm building in him as she bit her bottom lip. "Derek. God. Oh god. Derek."

"Mer...fuck, Mer," he grunted as her body shuddered and tightened around him. The tightening pushed him over the edge, his orgasm following soon after her.

She pulled herself off of him and fell down next to him, her breathing quick and shallow. "Der," she giggled as she kissed.

"Yes?" he whispered.

"I think I like Valentine's Day," she giggled.

Derek laughed holding her close. "I thought you would."

She nodded as she rested her head against his chest. "Paddy porn now?" she said after a moment.

"Fine, Paddy porn," he sighed. "But more Meredith and Derek porn later."

"Definitely," she nodded and then kissed him. "Happy Valentine's Day."

"You too," he whispered. "I love you."

"Love you too," she murmured as she held him tightly, her eyes on the screen as he sighed and pressed play.

I've been waiting such a long time
For a love that's real to come my way
Gonna take some getting used to
Now that love is here to stay