SUMMERY: When a young girl comes into the ICU it affects all the Sacred Heart staff. But not nearly as bad as it did JD.

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"Patricia!" He yelled causing JD to jump. "How useless can someone be? The only thing I see you doing is converting oxygen to carbon dioxide."

"I was just…" He started getting a glare and a growl from Dr. Cox telling him to shut up.

"Now, make yourself useful and why don't you try to go help the patient in 3210. Now, I know this might be hard for you, Lucy, but don't kill the man." He looked at JD once more before rolling his eyes and walking away.

JD sighed and turned around. He put his elbows on the nurses' station leaning forward on them.

"Carla?" He said in a whiny voice. "Do you have a pen I can use?"

"Sure thing, Bambi," She smiled at him holding him a pen from the cup.

"I'll be taking that," Dr. Kelso said as he walked by. JD looked at him funny. "What? There are no god damn clicky top pens in this hospital."

"Sir?" JD said in an uncertain voice.

"I must have the clicky tops. Do you have a problem with that?" He said glaring at him.

"No, sir." JD said quickly. Dr. Kelso chuckled giving JD his smile.

"Great, have a great day, Sport." He walked away. JD sighed and looked at Carla.

"Sorry, Bambi. He's the Chief of Medicine." She held out a regular pen.

"Damn," He sighed. "Thanks, Carla."

"No problem, Bambi." He walked off holding the chart Dr. Cox had given him close to his chest.

"Good Morning, Mr. Willow. I'm Dr. Dorian." He said looking up at the patient. He was young. Too young.

"So, Doc, am I going to be getting out of here anytime soon?" Mr. Willows asked flashing a smile.

"No, I'm sorry. We got your results back. It confirms that you have Parkinson's disease. We would like to start you on Dopamine Agonists to try and get an early start on getting something like Dopamine to the brain."

There was a long silence.

"What will my life be like?" He asked. JD gulped.

"Usually we see that the longer the disease progress the less mobility a patient has. For now, meds that we put on will limit the amount of effect it has on your daily life."

"But when it gets worse?"

"If I were you, I would get a family member to help you."

There was a long silence.

"Is there a cure?"

"No, I'm sorry, there isn't."

Mr. Willows nodded looking down at his hands. JD looked at him once more before walking out.

It's always hard when you tell a patient that their life is going to change because of a disease. But the longer you work in a hospital the more you know that there is no time to stop. You have to get back on your feet and work on the next patient hoping that their outcome will be better.

"Bambi?" Carla said hurrying the other way. "They're sending another one up."

He nodded and hurried after her.

There's always another patient. There's always another life in your hands.

The ER nurses hurried off the elevator wheeling a stretcher along side them.

"Okay let's get her to room 3716." Carla instructed. JD looked at the patient.

"How old is she?" He asked looking back up at the other nurses.