A month later…

He walked into her room.

"Hey." He smiled at her.

"Hey." She smiled back. She was looking better. Some of her hair was growing back. She was gaining wait. And more importantly, she was leukemia free.

"So you're being discharged today." He sat down on the edge of the bed. She nodded.

"Thank you, JD."

"You're welcome, Hannah. You're a good kid."

She smiled. "You're a good doctor."

"Hannah?" A voice came from the door as her mother knocker.

"Hi mom."

"Good Morning Dr. Dorian."

"Good Morning Mrs. Davis."

"Ready Hannah."

Hannah smiled. "Definitely." She got out of the bed and into the wheelchair that JD brought for her. "You'll come visit me, right?" She looked up at JD.

"Of Course." He smiled at her as he wheeled her down the hall. They got to the entrance.

"And JD?"


"Go visit her." She said hugging him. "Thank you."

"I'll see you around, Hannah."

She smiled and waved as she walked out of the hospital for the first time in two months.


Later that day…

"Hey." He said as he walked up to the nurses' station.

"Hey Vanilla Bear." Turk said.

"Did Hannah go?" Carla asked. JD nodded.

"She beat the odds." He sighed. "She's a good kid."

"Yeah she is." Carla nodded.

"You off?" Turk asked and JD nodded. "What to go get some drinks?"

"Nah, I got to do something."


He looked at the gravestone. Overgrown weeds grew up it. He knelt down and pulled the weeds back as tears filled his eyes. He took the scissors and cut them down before pouring water over top of the stone. Using paper towels, he wiped the mud off. He stood up and got a big bouquet of flowers from his scooter. He looked down at it.

"I love you, Madi." He set the flowers in the silver cup and back up looking at it.

"Madison Ann Dorian.

July 2, 1993- October 14, 2000"