This is post –Florida, great episode I kind of thought they could have done a little more with, but I have an interesting idea… I want to see if I can play it out. I hope you'll enjoy. It's in its early stages. P.S. Don't own Law & Order: SVU or any of its characters.

"Thank you…" Olivia directed.

"For what?" Elliot questioned.

"Trusting me." Oliva replied.

Elliot was frozen at her words in that moment. The events of the past days flashed in his mind; they had taken their toll on Olivia. He'd been scared for her, maybe all these years of being around him and his nasty temper had rubbed off on her. If anything had happened to her, and in some way he was to blame for it. He'd never forgive himself. She was pushed beyond her breaking point, but she pulled through. That's what he admired most about her; she always made it through somehow.

Out of everything though, he remembered meeting Special Agent Porter for the first time, in the squad room,
when Olivia hadn't been around.

They had made their introductions first, while shaking hands.

"I'm Special Agent Dean Porter. I was Detective Benson's Handler while she was undercover."

"I'm Detective Elliot Stabler, nice to meet you Porter." Porter had stopped shaking his hand then, and gave him the once- over.
This made Elliot a little uneasy.

Porter took his hand away and pointed, shaking a finger at Elliot "So you're him?"

"I'm him who?"

"The one and only him, Olivia's partner." Porter stated.

"Yeah, that'd be me." Elliot replied with a slight confused rub of his neck.

"I see."

"So, you've uh… heard of me then?" Elliot asked.

"The partner Olivia's so in sync with, yeah… might say I heard of you."

"All good I hope?"

"Nothing but good." Porter replied seemingly slightly disappointed.

Elliot was silent then, processing some of this new information. Becoming more curious by the second about Olivia's time spent undercover with the Feds.

Breaking the silence Porter started again, "I can't tell you much about Olivia's work with us undercover, but I will tell you that she did a great job for us, you didn't make that any easier though."

"Oh, how's that?"

"Olivia couldn't wait to get back to New York. She smiled thinking about it. She missed working with a partner who got her;
she didn't like going it alone." Porter mused.

Elliot could only think to respond, "I had no idea."

"Well, she sure was home sick. It happens when you're deep undercover." Porter replied.

"Sounds like she went through a lot. She's an amazing woman." Elliot commented.

"Humm… yeah, I guess I think so too. She's beautiful. I might even have even asked her out on a date sometime.
If only I thought I stood a chance…"
Porter said with a shake of his head and a wistful smile as he moved past Elliot going towards the squad room doors.

"I have to go chase down some leads. Good to meet you, Stabler."
Porter threw back over his shoulder before he was completely through the doors.