A/N: Because this is fun. And my muse is bored. And sometimes it's fun to just ponder 'what if?' Three (maybe more) looks at what happens after Ultimatum ends. Vosen, then Paz, and then Nicky. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Property of Universal Studios. I'm just a frightening fan-girl.

Noah Vosen has been a sore loser ever since he was five years old and had his butt kicked by his four-year-old sister at Tic-Tac-Toe.

He may not realize it now, seated uncomfortably in a cheap plastic chair while a Congressman glowers at him over jowly cheeks, but it's true.

His little sister told him he was mean when he was six after he pushed her in the sandbox (she pointed out that his castle was collapsing).

His mother told him he needed to stop bullying other boys when he was ten.

His girlfriend told him he needed to pick his fights better when he was sixteen (her boy friend waved in the hallways. Noah beat the shit out of him).

And his ex-wife told he was an immature, low-lying bastard when he was thirty-one.

Noah remembers Landy's look disbelief when (frustrated with being duped, being played by an SOB who should've been dead) he issues the kill order, and remembers his own feeling of violation when Bourne calls him from his cell to inform him that he's been played.

He remembers when Landy, chin high and eyes defiant, tells him he better find himself a damn good lawyer.

And then suddenly Noah Vosen is back in the present, and from across the floor the Congressman looks down over the bridge of his glasses at Noah and asks him, almost rhetorically: "You don't take losing very well, do you?"

No, sir, he doesn't.