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A young girl around the age of 17 was returning to her house in St. Louis. Her jet black hair with blonde highlights carressing her near flawless face. She knew that she and her fiancee were in trouble. They had received warning from an old acquaintance that a young man was looking to kill them for revenge. As much as she didn't want to believe it. This man hadn't steered her wrong in her memory. She had just dropped off her daughter at her mothers and thought back to the conversation she had had with her.


"Mother, I need your help desperately." The girl opened the door her young girl in tow. "I've told you what Riku has sent me. That letter about my apparent doom. Well, he sent another this one telling why. This man overheard Jamie and Riku talking about how much they missed me and that they needed to get in touch to find out how I was coping with what has happened. The man wants to kill me and Justin to get to them."

"Raven, I know, he sent me the same thing." The girls mother replied somberly.

"Well mom, I need you to take River. When we die. Send this message to Riku. Just take it upstairs tie it to the owl that is up there. It's leg preferably. But tell it go and it will. It'll go to England and drop the message off with Riku. From there expect him to show up. Give River to him, there's a reason I named him River's godfather. Because he's always been there for me. He was the one that stood by me when it happened." The supposed Raven said giving her daughter a solemn look. "He's the one that brought Justin to me after he and Anna had their falling out. He's the only one I can trust to do this. Mom, I want you to do two things for me. First, make River a photo album of my life, any pictures you have have copies made. And second mom, I want you to know. I love you." With that Raven set off into the night a tearfilled mother and 2 year old daughter behind.


She turned the corner of Clark and Nimbrose (I have no clue if those are real streets) and entered the first house on the left where she and her fiancee Justin made love for the first time.

Nearby, Ron Weasley walked down the street his cloak covering his head full of red hair. He had matured since the last time anyone had officially seen him. He was broader, his face now consumed by a beard, he had magicked his eyes to be fully black. He had received a few owls from his parents begging him to come back. He grinned at the thought of his return owl always telling them to fuck off. What he was doing was his business.

He turned the corner of Clark and Nimbrose and blasted down the door of the first house on the left. He grinned to himself as he heard the pleasurful moans coming from the second door of the second floor hallway. He merely knocked on that door he heard everything stop as he opened the door. The lights turned on and with a mere glance around the room he immediately killed the male. The female was now hiding under the bed. Although he knew exactly where she was at he wanted to toy with her a bit. He walked around the room a couple times muttering incoherently although the girl could distinctivly hear the words Riku, My Sister, and fucking bastard.

He closed the door behind him and apparated onto the bed silently. The girl crawled out and was immediatly grabbed. Her screams were muffled as he silently bound her to the wall before he exerted the cruciatus curse on her 3 times. She was obviously in pain and Rond didn't stop there. He conjured a bludger and beaters bat nailing the ball to her a few times each time catching her in the stomach. He finally ended her misery with the avada kedavra.

Across the ocean, a man and a woman were standing in the office of a castle. One with unmanageable black hair and piercing green eyes. The woman with a mass of brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. The man was undoubtedly silent as he listened to his wife of 3 months sing their daughter to sleep.

"Hermione," The unmistakable voice of Harry Potter began, "I can't help but think that we've missed something important along the way."

"What do you mean Harry" Hermione replied setting the now asleep child in her crib.

"Well, Ron hasn't killed anyone for 2 or 3 months now. I'm scared for the safety of Riku and Ginny. They are high priorities of his."

"Harry, didn't you hear Riku earlier. He knew what Ron was up to. He knew why there weren't any killings."

"That's the thing, hun. There's more to this man than meets the eye. He knows more than he needs to."

With that the 2 of them laid down and fell asleep in each others arms. Both of them peaceful sleeps that hadn't happened for a month.

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