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Tears were free falling down Riku's face as Harry and Hermione approached him the following day. Behind them were the two people Riku wanted to see. He immediately latched himself to his blond haired sister. The red head standing next to her was as confused as the other three. Riku beckoned the three into the kitchen where he got out soda's for all of them.

"Alright. I've got something I want to read you. Jamie," He said glancing at his sister. "It's best if you sit next to me. For comfort of what I'm about to read." She frowned at this but sat on his other side.

"Riku what's all this about." Ginny asked.

"Well, you know how I said I knew why there weren't any killings." He replied, they all nodded. "That's because he's in the USA. St. Louis to be exact. He heard us Jame. Her mom sent me this letter." He read aloud.

Dear Riku,

I know me and you have never gotten along. I am writing you on behalf of Raven. She told me to tell you it's happened. That she's gone. She wanted me to thank you and Jamie for the best years of her life. And for bringing her Justin. She told me to tell you that at the earliest convenience come and pick up your God-Daughter.

sincerely for my daughter,

Miranda DeAmber.

Jamie followed what her brother did moments after they had entered and latched herself onto her sibling. Ginny was awestruck at what she had just heard and Harry and Hermione looked angry at Ron.

"It's time for us to explain some things that nobody other than my family have ever heard." Riku said solemnly. "Firstly, the first love of my life was named Raven. She brought this other world to Jamie," he jerked his head towards his goth sister. "She brought me different music. We liked each other secretly for about 2 years before she was raped and impregnanted. Me and Jamie were the only one's to stand by her. Her parents didn't believe her and thought she and I had gone off and fucked each other. I dunno what proved it but something did. I killed the bastard who raped her. When I left for here, I introduced her to my friend Justin. They hit it off and when I last officially talked to them they were engaged. Well, Ron overheard me and Jamie talking bout her and went after her. This is the result.

"We're heading to St. Louis tomorrow Jamie. Get your stuff together. Ginny, I'm sorry I held this from you, I didn't know how you'd react. I didn't think this would happen and if I had I would've told you the moment we first started dating. I regret not telling you. But I'm over her now. Okay. You're my only love other than music and hockey of course."

"Riku, look you should've just told me. I understand everything though I think. You only did what was right for the girl of your dreams. Since then because you and her have distanced are merely best friends with no actual love feelings." Riku nodded his head at Ginny's assumption.

She went to go help Jamie pack leaving Harry, Hermione and Riku in the room.

"How'd you know?" Harry asked suddenly breaking an obviously uneasy silence.

"Well, I saw Ron the other day. Applying for a international apparation license. Meaning he could apparate to another country. I greeted him like an old friend. I was in the ministry after all I couldn't cause a scene. He only smiled and said 'Thanks for the idea. America here I come.' Well I guess he had to scout for a few days giving me just enough time to owl Raven and warn her." His answer came quickly. He was staring at the floor shaking uncontrollably. It was obvious he was deeply affected by this. "And I swear on her grave, That mother fucking cock sucking son of a bitch will die." A glass shattered due to uncontrollable magic. "I'm gonna go write. Tell Jamie to come get me when she comes down."

Harry stood up and looked at Hermione. "I can't believe this. All of this has happened to her and she dies at one of her happiest moments in life." Hermione was shaken just from the story Riku had told Harry comforted her.

"They never made love. She and Justin." Jamie's voice came from behind them. She too was sobbing nearly as much as Riku. "He tried to talk her into a couple times but she was too affected by her rape. She didn't tell anyone for two months after it happened. She distanced herself from every male, including Riku. Then Riku cornered her in a classroom after everyone had left and calmly asked what was up. He put a comforting hand on her and she flinched but ended up telling him everything about her life. Her childhood was similar to Harry's. None in her family liked her. She wasn't supposed to be born. She was an accident.

"She never recovered from the incident. She died a nonvirgin because it was stolen from her, not because of willingness. Riku has vowed to kill any rapist he sees from now on. Well, that's the worst crime ever in his opinion."

A thud was heard in the distance. Followed by a loud dammit. Hermione got up from her chair to investigate when Jamie pushed her back down. "It's okay, he's just frustrated. Knowing him he wrote a song that wasn't up to his expectations. She's the one who taught him the art of writing a tremendous song. And if i'm correct in my assumption that this is a tribute to her. He wants it to be perfect."

A couple more hours passed and Harry and Hermione left for the Burrow to pick up Amanda. The August night air was bitterly warm. The three of them stopped at the Three Broomsticks for a drink before heading to the castle. As they entered the castle their path was intercepted by Snape. "Mr. Potter the headmaster would like to see you." He said before adding with a sneer "Alone. He also told me to tell you Riku's closer."

Harry got the hint. He told Hermione and Amanda that he would meet them in their rooms. He went to the stone gargoyle and said See You at the Show. With that the gargoyle leaped aside and Harry stepped in.

Harry and Dumbledore had his desired private conversation that took a while before they both turned in for the night.

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