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I really don't know what to write in here. Kagome gave me this thing she calls a 'book' and some contraption with ink in it that I'm supposed to write stuff down with. She said that its called a journal, and that people in her time write down things that happen to them, their thoughts, and all that other crap. I think its a complete waste of time, but whatever makes Kagome happy...

Today is Souta's birthday, Kagome told me. He's 12.

I was in a pretty decent mood today, so I let Kagome go home to see Souta. Of course, she had to drag me along with her because I'm supposedly the kid's 'idol'. Feh. Like I wanna go see that annoying brat. But I went with her anyways, because she was gonna sit me all the way to hell if I didn't. And lemme tell ya, I don't like the idea of being sat all the way to hell. I mean, who would kill Naraku then?

Okay, I'm getting off track here. As I was saying, it's Souta's birthday. In Kagome's time, they have this tradition that when a it's a child's birthday, you celebrate by having a 'party'. When we arrived at Kagome's house, there was these different colored snakes hanging all over the house, and balls that floated somehow. Naturally, I thought that they were demons and we were all in danger.

So, I pulled out my Tetsusaiga and was just about to kill all the snakes and the possessed floating things, when Kagome tackled me. Boy, was she pissed. I try to save her from a demon, and what do I get? I get sat until my head splits into two.

After I got up from the now huge crater in the ground, I explained to a really mad Kagome that I was only trying to protect her from the snake demons.

Kagome just laughed at me.

"Inuyasha, those (she points at the snake demons) are just streamers. They're decorations, you baka. And the 'floating demons' are just balloons. They're decorations also. Now if you try to kill anything else, I'll send you back to Kaede's and I won't come back for half a year, got it?"

You should've seen the look she had on her face...Damn, that wench can be scary.

People started coming a little while after. By that time, Kagome made me change into some weird clothes from her time, along with a baseball cap to hide my ears. And Kami, those 'jeans', as Kagome calls them, are not comfortable. So anyways, I stood by Kagome most of the time. I didn't know any of these people except for Kagome and her family. That is, until I smelled that Hobo creep arrive. Why the hell was he here anyways? Probably just to flirt with my Kagome. Uh...I mean...Uh...

I was right, as always. All the baka did was sit near Kagome, stand by Kagome, talk to Kagome, smile at Kagome, and the list goes on...

And I could to was sit there and look mad, 'cause Kagome already made it clear not to kill anything or anyone.

I think I scared him off after an hour or two. It must've been all the growling...or maybe it was the fangs.

"Uh, Kagome? I really must be getting home, my mom'll be worried about me. So, I'll see you at school?"

"Okay Hojo, bye!" She waved and smiled to that disgusting little-

"Inuyasha, why'd you have to go and scare him off?!" This isn't really my day...

I'll skip all the sits and pain, and go straight to the delicious cake.

Another birthday tradition in Kagome's time is to have a huge pastry thing covered in 'frosting'. Its sorta like a big piece of bread, but a lot sweeter. I didn't wanna try it at first, but Kagome sort of made me. She said I'd like it, so I took a little pieceā€¦.and boy was I glad I did. That cake had to have been the best thing I've ever tasted in my whole life. Even better than ramen! It was like tasting heaven...and I ate about half of it too.

After that was pretty boring. Souta opened the gifts he received from other people. Then everyone pretty much left, and it was just me, Kagome, Souta, Mrs. Higurashi, and Kagome's grandpa.

Me and Kagome got ready to leave and Kagome said goodbye to her family.

Oh, and I wished Souta a happy birthday. It went something like this-

"Happy birthday, kid." And I ruffled his hair.

So, we went back to the Feudal Era. Kagome made us some ramen for dinner and they all went to sleep around the camp fire.

And right now I'm sitting in a tree, writing in this stupid book. It's getting pretty late. I guess I should at least rest for a little while.