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May 3rd

I stared at him, straight into his bottomless, pitch black eyes. I struggled to keep my face straight; I felt the corners of my mouth tugging upwards. I inhaled deeply before making my features look resigned, defeated.

"You win. I'll give you my soul." This was really hard. I could hear Kagome screaming in protest behind me, and Sango's gasp. The fact that Kagome had lost her memories and still cared about me much more than I deserved did not help my cause at all.

Surprise was evident all over his face- I could tell that he really expected me to decline his offer. In all the times I'd faced Naraku, I had never actually seen him startled. He always knew what was coming, what I was going to do.

And then, seeing the obvious shock on his face, thinking that he had finally won, I couldn't hold it in any longer. It was just too much.

"Are you serious?" he asked me, doubtful. It was priceless.

Despite the seriousness of the situation at hand, despite all that I was risking, I laughed. I laughed so hard that tears were streaming down the sides of my face. I clutched my side, almost to the point where I was on the ground laughing. Did Naraku honestly think that I was that stupid? Wait, maybe I didn't want to hear the answer to that... I saw Naraku's eyes narrow.

"Hell…," I paused, clearing my throat from my laughter that was just now dying out. "Hell no! How could you ever think that I would give my soul to a dim-witted bastard like you?" The concept of me ever surrendering to him just seemed so funny that I burst out into another round of hysteric laughter.

He stood there, ever staring. I stiffened; his facial expression made me silent. I turned my head slightly, just enough so I could see the reactions of my friends, who were still tied up behind me. They watched me carefully, and I could see that I was the only one who had thought my little joke was funny. I cleared my throat again. As I was about to face fully back to Naraku, when a something brown shot out in front of my half twisted face.

I dodged it, leaping back a couple feet.

And so, the fight to the death began.

I sure as hell wasn't going with his little trade (as my earlier joke had illustrated), and I didn't want to run away like a coward, either. If I wanted to win this time, be the one to get up and walk away, then I needed help.

Successfully avoiding the tentacles trying to impale me, I made my way back to Miroku, whose hands I effectively untied before yet another limb could stab me. He could undo the rag binding his legs together himself.

Naraku was laughing his creepily eerie laugh at me. Apparently, it was his time to joke now. By this time, Miroku had freed both Sango and Kagome. They were both at my side at once with their respective weapons in fighting position, while Kagome stood a couple feet behind us, staring with eyes that didn't know as much as they should. This bothered me, and only made me want Naraku dead even more than I already did. I didn't think that was possible…

Sango flung the gigantic boomerang at one of the many tentacles flying out around Naraku's body. It made contact with a slithering one, cut clear through, but it immediately grew back. Miroku tried his wind tunnel, but as always, the poisonous insects made the infamous appearance. Unsheathing my sword, I charged at him, a fierce growl building in my throat. I hacked away at everything that dared to attempt touching me. It was no use- we weren't going to win this way.

Shippo and Kilala seemed to be conscious now: the stupid little kitsune was bouncing up and down with his tiny fists pumping in the air, cheering us on. I rolled my eyes. He and Kilala, stood dutifully by Kagome's side, who still had the look of a lost child about to cry. I turned to face my enemy, the reason I was here. The reason all of us were so messed up- he had done something to each one of us, except Kagome. She was only here because she had something she needed to fix, that was all. Still, every one of us wanted revenge. I had to focus, or else the fight would get nowhere.

Then, the idea struck me out of nowhere. Maybe it was because I could smell a certain mangy wolf running towards us with unnecessary eagerness. We could handle this ourselves. But still…the help couldn't hurt. Teamwork was what always won; we had to work together, at the same time, to take him down.

A gust of revolving wind appeared in front of me, literally out of thin air itself. Behind him lagged his two slow companions, whose names I did not know or remember.

"Kouga!" One of them shouted, panting hard. You would figure he would be faster, considering the whole wolf thing…

"Yeah, Kouga, wait up, would ya?" said the other, equally slow and out of breath. Kouga ignored them and stared me down. I was surprised, he didn't seem to even notice Naraku, who wasn't that far away from us. I wondered idly why he wasn't attacking us. Maybe we were just amusement for the time being…

"You better have a very good excuse as to why my Kagome is standing there, unprotected, only ten feet from NARAKU!" He shouted in my face. I wrinkled my nose. Okay, so maybe he did notice Naraku, but he had a excellent way of hiding it.

"None of your business, wolf." I retorted. I reached my fist out to punch him, but the cheater used to jewel shards to run away before I could make contact with the smirk on his face. My clenched fist went through the empty air.

"Ha! Nice try, you mangy mutt!" Kouga called over his shoulder on his way to Kagome's side. Oh no. This was not going to be good…

"Hey, Kagome," he said to her casually, smiling. "I'll beat Naraku's ass for you, then you can come hang out with me, okay? You have got to be tired of being around the reeking dog."

She stared at him blankly, then flickered her eyes from me to Kouga, back and forth. She didn't know what to do. A confused look came on his face after she didn't answer him.

"What's wron-" he started.

"Would you mind telling me who you are, please, and how I know you?" Kagome asked him. I busted out laughing- that oughta show him.

"What?" He stuttered out. Then his eyes were on me, completely suspicious.

"What the hell did you do to her, you-" He let out a long stream of curses that I feel not appropriate to write down, in case someone as childish as Shippo ever got his hands on this here journal. (Which will NEVER happen, but…just in case).

After he was finally finished, he rambled on some more. I missed half of it because I was staring down Naraku. "-You bastard! If she's hurt in anyway, I swear to Kami, I'll kick your ass so hard, you won't even know what hit you! She should know who I am, she should-"

"Are you done yet? Because I have some business to take care of." I interrupted him. He didn't answer, and I took that as a yes. When I slowly averted my eyes from Naraku's, I saw that Kouga had his arms wrapped around Kagome's shoulders, pulling him close to her. She looked stiff and her eyes were wide, looking desperately towards me for help. I pointed towards the direction of which Sango and Miroku were standing, still tense. I didn't see Shippo until I looked more closely- he was cowering in a nearby bush. Typical.

I looked back to Naraku, and I had almost no time to react to the tentacle that attempted to smash through me. But I made it- I hopped to my left just barely in time to get away with only a gash on my upper right arm. I clung to it with my good arm only to stop the bleeding; it didn't hurt. I could hear Kagome draw in a deep, unsteady breath.

In that fast instant, Miroku and Kouga were on either side of me. Sango stayed back by Kagome for protection. I vaguely noticed that Kouga's lackeys weren't anywhere to been seen.

"I don't need your help" I growled lowly to the wolf, even though I knew we did. Stupid pride…I was kind of pissed now that Naraku had tried the whole 'sneak attack' bit on me.

"You need me and you know it," Kouga's grin was smug. "And besides, I want to be here when Naraku goes down. We have a score to settle."

I sighed, but gave up. I really didn't feel like arguing with Kouga now…I mean, any other time I would be perfectly happy to, but now wasn't the time.

Without warning, Kouga all but disappeared with speed. I saw a flash of color circling Naraku, waiting to strike. He stopped suddenly behind him and slashed his claws into the spider scar on his back. Naraku moved fast, but not fast enough. His claws had done a little bit of damage; blood oozed from the wound that would slow him down just enough for us to catch him.

Naraku's face was enraged and his demonic eyes were a sickly color red. His teeth were bared, but that didn't scare me at all. Not a bit.

For the first time ever, he lost his control. It seemed to me that now that Kouga had coaxed some blood out of him, he couldn't keep his cool any longer. Naraku slashed and at hacked at us. It looked as if his anger was now clouding his always sound judgment and strategy. He was now…vulnerable. I had to hand it to the wolf, he was good, even if he hadn't meant to be.

"What's wrong, Naraku?" I teased him, trying to make him angrier. He didn't seem to hear me, so I cupped my hands around my mouth like a microphone, "Chill out!"

Sango and Miroku teamed up, fighting together. And, to my immense dislike, I snuck around to the other side of Naraku with Kouga. Naraku didn't seem to notice us in his blind fury. I jabbed my sword into the center of his back, into his spider shaped scar. Kouga took advantage of this temporary distraction and attacked him too, along with Sango hurling her boomerang and Miroku doing…whatever it is he did. Either way, Naraku let out an inhuman, bloodcurdling screech, like nails on metal.

Then, everything was deadly silent. His eyes, which were very wide and bldod red, glazed over. His limp body fell to the ground with a thud. I felt a light breeze, and his body turned to dust and disappeared with the wind.

It was over. Finally over. A slow smile crept on my face.

It's now been about three weeks after Naraku died. No trouble has come our way yet, although I'm sure with my luck something's bound to come attack us.

You know how Kagome lost her memory and stuff? Well, as soon as Naraku died, her memory came back apparently. She thanked me later for taking care of her while she didn't know who any of us were, and I just shrugged it off. No need to get all teary eyed about it.

I think I've made peace with Kagome now about the whole journal thing. She came back one day with a brand new one. I remember smiling awkwardly at her, not knowing what to say when she apologized, and then scowling at her when I opened it to the first page and I saw the flowers printed on the pink paper. She just laughed at me and skipped away.

So today, I'm writing in this girly journal, my last entry. It kind of makes me sad in a stupid kind of way, because I'll no longer have anything to do when I get bored in the middle of the night. Sure, I could sleep, but where's the fun in that?

I just dropped this journal when Shippo threw something that Kagome calls a "football" at me. I chased him around for a bit until Kagome yelled at me and sat me. When I picked it back up, an envelope fell out into my lap. I wonder…

Dear Inuyasha-

I don't know when you'll find this. It might be tomorrow, or it might be ten years from now.

I have something to tell you, but I don't know how. Well, here it goes…now that Naraku is gone for good, I have to decide two things: whether or not I'm going to stay in this era, and what to do with the sacred jewel. It's been a couple days since that last battle, and I'm surprised that you haven't been bugging me constantly about either of those things.

I'll start with the jewel. It took me awhile to decide what exactly I'm going to do with it, but I'm sure of my choice now.

I want you to have it. We went through all this trouble, all these years to get it back, and I've decided that you need it much more than I do. I have no conditions- you can use it however you want. I know you've suffered a lot, even though you won't ever let me know it, so if you still want to become a full demon with it, go on ahead. I like you the way you are, though. I wish you wouldn't change, because you're fine the way you are. But now it's your turn to decide. I'm okay with whatever you choose.

I've also come to the conclusion that I'm going to stay in the Feudal era. There's nothing left for me back in present- all my friends are here now. I'll stay with you guys, or maybe Miroku and Sango if you decide to leave us. They've told me that they plan to get married and start a family soon.

I haven't told you this in person yet, but my Grandpa is really very sick, and there's little chance that he'll live much longer. So when he…passes away, my mother and brother plan to move to America to start over. I can't just leave like that, so I'm staying here. I hope that's okay. Of course I'll visit them on holidays and stuff, but I just can't live there anymore.

Tell me when you get this, okay? Maybe you'll already know by now the things I've mentioned in this letter. Maybe not. Either way, please tell me.

Thank you.


Oh, one more thing. I love you.

My hands were shaky. She was staying, which was good. She was also giving the jewel to me. Me, of all people. I had no idea what to do with it. I wasn't so keen on going full demon anymore, and I didn't know why. I didn't exactly want to be human either. I hated being weak and useless. I guess I'd figure that out later.

I read the last line over and over again, that line that was written in her curly handwriting and looked like her hand was shaking while she wrote it.

I read it one last time, and walked over to where she was sitting, wrapped up in a sleeping bag and reading some sort of book thing. She looked up at me and her eyes went wide and her face red when she saw her letter in my hand. Kagome looked up sheepishly at me.

I said nothing and held out my hand, staring at her, showing her I was dead serious. Realizing what I meant, she took it. Her tiny, warm hand was lost in mine.

I was satisfied with the knowledge that her hand would always be mine to hold.

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