Disclaimer, I do not own any marvel characters, ect.

Ok folks I scrapped my last story for lack of meaning.

Now as it is, X-3 has launched a wonderful garden of new X stories, some darker, some lighter. This one is a combination of both. An X tale for the ages, for the fans and above all, for myself. This story take heroes and form them into legends…


The X-Mansion is a school of sorts. It's a place of refuge, of hope and heroes and above all it is a home unlike any other. Headed over this stone place of beauty, who by many was considered one of the most noble minds of all time Professor Charles Xavier. He's deceased now, for some time. No longer that familiar gentle voice echoing in the mansion halls. The nifty wheel chair no longer patrols its corridors; instead it sits unused in its old friend's abandoned office, waiting patiently for the day o which he might return.

After the passing of the kind hearted Charles Xavier rumors started to running, whispers around every corner, hallways, nooks and crannies that what many considered their home, might abandon them. Rumors that the school for gifted youngsters would close forever.

Perhaps it was an odd twist of fate that Warren Worthington II ousted by his father just happened to show up in the mansion on that faithful day. Ororo Munroe, along with Dr. Hank McCoy and Logan, who's last name has escaped the records, were considering the possibility of closing the X-mansion forever. Until in walked a rather shy, boy whom as much as he tried to hide had to magnificent wings tucked behind his back came in. He was seeking shelter; he had been told that it was a safe place for mutants.

It was at that moment Ororo Munroe took the mantle as Headmistress of the school. Her first announcement, the school would remain open forever, a home to all those special cases in need.

And so it has been, the X-men live on, some study as students, others study as heroes. And though the world can be a dark and sinister place at times, here, here is fortress to test the sands of time and preserve the light. The mansion's vow to never let it shimmer out.

Hope, faith, love, that is the true structure of the X-mansion and X-men

May it last the test of time.

Because ever so quietly, way off in the distance a mysterious rumble echoes down and suddenly stops….