Pre-fanfic notes:

-Hikari Kari, season 02

-Takeru TK, season 02

-Kari Kari, season 01

-TK TK, season 01

-All other season 01 characters are in their English names

-All other season 02 characters are in their Japanese names, but that may vary considering the fics themselves often use the English names.

A large monitor is seen in the center of a large room. The large window, next to the large monitor, in the large room shows a rather large view of what is outside. The large view in the large window, which is next to the large monitor in the large room, shows a large nothingness outside. There is nothing but black┘and stars. (Ah-ha! We must be in space!) A mysterious figure turns on the large monitor next to the large window in th≈aw, you get the picture. The figure then disappears from sight. As the screen comes on, we see eight figures walking around in what seems to be some sort of forest┘.

Somewhere in the Digiworld, year: 1999

Tai: Come ON Izzy! Hurry it up! If I didn▓t know any better, I▓d think you were chatting on-line with that laptop!

Izzy: Be patient, Tai. This is important; I▓m collecting all the info which we▓ve gathered from our previous encounters with the enemy, organizing the megabytes of data into my computer with the new program Gennai gave me┘it▓s really rather interesting, but I▓ll explain it later┘and processing the information to hypothesize a valid estimate on our enemy▓s next plan of attack!

All but Izzy: Huh?

Izzy: I▓m figuring out what we should do next.

All but Izzy: ┘.oh

Tai: Why didn▓t you just say that in the first place?

Matt: I▓ve said it before, and I▓ll say it again: Geniuses just aren▓t satisfied with solving the mysteries of the world┘they gotta go through all the trouble of explaining HOW they▓re gonna do it

Mimi: (peeking over Izzy▓s shoulder) hmm┘some genius. It looks to me like he can▓t even count past 1┘ ⌠110100010111010100101010101101┘■ Don▓t look much like genius to me!

All but Mimi: (sweatdropps)

Izzy: It▓s like this, Mimi-

┘but before Izzy could explain to the F.B.O.A. member (Future ▒Blondes▓ of America┘of which I▓m currently a member of , his laptop screen began glowing.

Izzy: What the--?

TK/Kari: cool┘what▓s that, Izzy?

Again, before poor Izzy gets a chance to speak, a blinding flash of light surrounds the entire group. As the light fades, we find they are not there anymore┘.

Back in the large room, the large monitor fades out to black for a moment, before fading back in again to another scene┘.

Odaiba Elementary School, Comp. Room, Japan, 2002

Daisuke: (impatiently shifting his weight from one foot to the other) All right, Miyako┘what is it THIS time?

Miyako: Just wait a sec, u guys┘someone▓s missing.

Daisuke: (quickly glancing around the room) I don▓t see anyone important absent┘there▓s me, Hikari, Ken, you, and Iori┘. Nope, everyone▓s here!

Hikari: Nuh-uh. TK▓s not here.

Daisuke grits his teeth≈he had been hoping that she had forgotten about Takeru, but no such luck. Adding insult to injury, who should walk in just then┘but Takeru himself? Hikari▓s face widens into a smile as she walks over to greet her best friend.

Daisuke: (still impatient, and rather annoyed) Okay, okay! Everyone▓s here NOW. What is it, Miyako?■

The raven-haired girl waited for everyone to take a seat before unveiling her latest project.

Miyako: (pointing to the computer screen) It▓s a new computer program I▓m designing. If this works, we should be able to travel to, literally, anywhere in the digiworld┘even it there▓s no TV in the area.

Iori: That sounds great, Miyako. Having this convenience available should really help when we need to get somewhere in the digiworld fast. You did a great job!■

Everyone nods in agreement

Miyako: (blushing a little) Well┘first of all┘there▓s no saying it will actually work; it▓s in the experimental phase right now. And second┘Ken sorta helped me out a bit, so he should get some of the credit as well

Ken: But it was your idea. I only helped with the actual programming, so it▓s YOU who should get most of the credit. .

Daisuke: (still impatient, and occasionally glaring at Takeru) So what do you need US for??

Miyako: (rolls her eyes): We hafta TEST it, don▓t we goggle-head┘ (catches herself), Whoops┘sorry Hikari. I meant that in no reference to Taichi whatso--

Hikari: (interrupts Miyako mid-sentence) None taken. Now, let▓s try this new portal of yours. Ready everyone?

Everyone nods again.

Miyako: (holds up her digivice to the computer) Digiport Open!

The two teenagers, three pre-teens, and one 9-year-old disappear in a blinding flash of light┘. (::whoah! Deja-vu, huh?:: )

Back in the large room┘

Just as the large monitor fades to black once again, two bright flashes suddenly appear from both sides of the room. Coming in from the right side are Tai, Matt, Izzy, Joe, TK, Kari, Mimi, and Sora┘. From the left comes Daisuke, Miyako, Iori, Ken, Takeru (a.k.a. TK), and Hikari (a.k.a. Kari). Both groups appear somewhat confused at their sudden new surroundings. Neither notice the other just yet, though.

Daisuke: (voice breaking the silence) I knew it! I knew it! I knew you would screw this up, Miyako! This sure don▓t look like the digiworld to me!

Miyako: (resisting the urge not to kill Daisuke) Well, ex-cuse me, but I told you that it was in the experimental phase!

Daisuke: Well, did ya hafta drag ME along into this? Couldn▓t you just have tested it out yourself?

Miyako: There▓s no telling, even if it had worked for me, whether or not it would have worked for everyone, so I NEEDED everyone to test it out.

As the two continue bickering, they draw the attention of the others at the other side of the room.

Tai: (to rest of 01): Did he just say ▒digiworld▓?

Sora: But how do THEY know about the digiworld? I mean, I thought we were the only ones who have ever traveled to it.

Matt: (closely examining two of the 02 kids, then beginning to pale a little bit) Tai┘g-get a good look at those two┘right there, and tell me if you recognize anything┘(points to Hikari and Takeru, who are standing next to each other, whispering back and forth about something.)

Tai: (squints closely, than gasps) B-but┘it can▓t be! (looks back over briefly to Kari and TK, who are oblivious to their surroundings as they sit up against the wall, talking and giggling, and back to the two kids Matt had mentioned)

The 01 kids walk over to the other group. Finally noticing their presence, Miyako and Daisuke end their argument mid-sentence. The two groups just stared at each other for a moment, before Daisuke speaks up, taking up his ⌠position as leader.■ (:: sry┘I realize he▓s known as the unofficial leader┘but I personally just don▓t see it!::)

Daisuke: Hey. My name▓s Daisuke (points to the others) and this is Ken, Iori, Miyako, Hikari, and (says the name a little quieter and in a ⌠so-so■ attitude) Takeru.

Matt and Tai gasp at the sound of the last two names. They just glance back and forth between Hikari and Takeru.

Matt: TK?!?

Tai: KARI?!?

TK/Kari: What?

Matt/Tai: Not you!

TK/Kari: Then who?

Matt/Tai: (points to Hikari and Takeru) Them!

Hikari: uh┘do we know you?

Takeru: (whispers to Hikari) ya know┘they do look kinda familiar.

Daisuke: (growing red in the face) Hey, TP┘whatever it is you▓re saying to Kari, you can say to all of us!!

Hikari: Don▓t call me ⌠Kari■, Daisuke, and for the last time┘

Hikari/Takeru/Tai/Matt: THAT▓S TK!!!

Hikari/Takeru: (looking surprised, and facing Matt and Tai): How▓d you know?

As if in response to Hikari and Takeru▓s question, the large screen in front of them turns on again. On the screen is a young girl about 15 years old. A black, plastic headband is holding dark-blonde, elbow-length hair back. She is wearing a green spaghetti-strapped tank top, dark-colored denim jeans with a silver belt, and a necklace, which says ⌠AUTHOR■ in silver letters. Her height is difficult to tell, for she is seen sitting at a rather short, wooden desk and in a black, beanbag chair. (what can I say? Those things are SO much more comfortable than those boring office desk chairs! )

:: ⌠Good question you two; Allow me to explain. The eight of you┘■::points to 01 kids:: ⌠are from the year 1999┘. The season 01 digidestined, whereas the six of you┘■::points to 02 kids:: ⌠are from the year 2002┘. The season 02 digidestined.■ ::

Tai: You mean┘

Matt: That those two (points again to Hikari and Takeru)┘

Tai/Matt: ┘are TK and Kari?!?!?

TK/Kari: (taking an interest in the conversation, and walk over to their older selves) You mean┘you are us in the future?

Takeru/Hikari: I guess so

TK/Kari: (think about it for a minute)┘cool!

All the while this is going on, the rest of the 01 gang is beginning a conversation with the rest of the 02, save for Izzy and Daisuke. Izzy is trying to look up the situation on his laptop, while Daisuke is staring at Hikari and Takeru conversing with their younger selves, feeling jealous at how they seemingly not only get along great NOW, but how close they seemed THEN┘.

:: ⌠AHEM!■ ::get everyone▓s attention back:: ⌠┘I brought all of you here to the year A.C. 195, on the Battleship Libra┘■::

Hikari: (interrupts) Wait a sec! Isn▓t the Battleship Libra from ⌠Gundam Wing?■

:: nods::

Hikari: But if this is A.C. 195┘don▓t they need it?


Soldier: (rushing up to a tall man with long, blonde hair) We▓ve looked everywhere, commander Miliardo, but the Libra is nowhere to be found!

Miliardo: Blast it! We▓ll just hafta keep looking. Until then, the attack on earth is hereby delayed┘.

Soldier: (saluting) Yes, sir! (runs off to continue search)

Miliardo: (to himself) How the hell can a giant ship like that just vanish? It makes no sense┘.

Back on Libra┘

:: ⌠Don▓t worry┘they, er, gave me permission to ▒borrow▓ it. It was the only thing big enough I could think of to hold all of you! Anyways┘as I was saying┘I have brought all of you here for a very important reason┘I am going to send u all fanfictions, and you▓re going to read and MST them.■ ::

Everyone: WHAT?!?

Tai: B-but┘that▓s TORTURE! (to others) I▓ve heard about it from other anime characters. They were forced to MST fics as well┘.the cheap, bad fics they had to read nearly drove them insane

Joe: I think I▓m allergic to cheap, bad fanfics.

:: ⌠Oh, for crying out loud, Joe┘you▓re allergic to everything!■ ::rolls eyes:: ⌠Let me put it this way┘the longer you protest about this, the longer you▓re staying here.■::

Everyone: (immediately shuts up)

:: ⌠Good anime characters. Now then┘I am going to send you fanfics one at a time, and you are going to MST them┘got it?■ ::

Everyone: (nods in unison)

:: ⌠Very well then. Gather round everyone.■ ::

As everyone gathers around the giant screen, beanbag chairs, sofas, mattresses, and pillows appear all around.

TK, Kari, Takeru, and Hikari all grab the beanbag chairs. Tai, Sora, Miyako, Ken, Matt, and Iori squeeze together on the giant sofa. Daisuke, Izzy, Joe, and Mimi each claim a mattress and a pillow.

Everyone: Ready!

Digimon does not belong to me, but

Tai (narrator): ┘I chose to write a story about it anyways; to heck with the copyright laws!

this story does.
Ooh, this story was to be AGAINST Davis, and that was my plot for the first half of the story,

Joe (narrator): The other half, however, has no plot, so I▓ll just improvise.

and then I found myself liking Davis and talking his sides

Daisuke: (beaming)

Kari: ⌠sides■? Ya mean he▓s got more than one?

TK: Like Doctor Jeckyl and Mr Hyde!

Kari: (looking over at Daisuke nervously): creepy┘

...I mean, I pity him and all, and he's soooo sad.

All 02 but Daisuke: Yes┘VERY sad.

So Davis deserves an award towards the end.
This was based on Davis beoming evil, then dying,

Izzy: ⌠beoming■? Is that even a word?

but I found I couldn't kill Davis off,

Hikari: (under her breath) damn!

so I made him be controlled, and he did get ingured.

Takeru (a la ⌠Ishbu■, from All That): Oh, well┘close enough!

Izzy: ⌠Ingured■ is spelled wrong, too.

Tai: (a la announcer-voice-dude) Ladies and Gentlemen┘may I introduce, here on the Battleship Libra, tonight▓s spelling/grammar nazi┘IZZY IZUMI!

It was also supposed to be T.K.'s and Kari's date┘

Tai/Matt: WHAT?!? (both turn to Hikari and Takeru) YOU TWO ARE DATING?!?!?

Hikari/Takeru: (blushing like mad) No! We▓re just friends!

Miyako: suuuuure you are┘

oh well, I'll do that next time

To Lisa (or Liz) and Dobokoyuramon

Davis's Revenge

Daisuke: Muahahahaha!

Hikari: (sing-songy) oh, Dai

Daisuke: (face beaming) Yes, Kari?

Hikari: Shut up.

Davis dribbled the ball with ease.

Tai: (starts to open his mouth)

Sora: (immediately clamps her hand over his mouth, muffling out whatever he was about to say) Oh, no you don▓t, Taichi Kamiya┘not while there are eight-year-olds present!

This could be his chance to win a prize worth far more than a million dollars.

TK: Cheese!

Mimi: That▓s so overdone, don▓t ya think?

TK: (face beaming) Nope!

Kari: (giggles)

He raised his hand,

Takeru (Daisuke): Coach? Can I go to the bathroom? I forgot to go before I left the locker room.

and shot the ball at the hoop. It bounced off the rim. Davis hit himself in the head.

Miyako: after all, somebody▓s gotta

T.K. picked up the ball and started to run to the other end. Davis ran after him.

Kari/TK: (giggling) Run, Davis, Run!!!

Matt/Tai: That▓s the last time I let you watch ⌠Forest Gump■, kiddo

Joe: What▓d I do?

T.K. spun around, confusing Davis, who tripped over his own feet and fell.

All but Daisuke: (burst out laughing)

All the girls on the bleachers began to giggle, and Davis turned red, and redder

Izzy: (screaming) ahhh! Bad Grammer! (covers his eyes with his hands)

Daisuke: Is he always like this?

Season 01/Takeru/Hikari: Yes.

when he saw that Kari Kamiya was there too. T.K. ran towards the basket.
"Go T.K.!" Kari called from the sidelines.

TK: (fakes a sniffle) okay┘fine! (gets up to leave)

Kari: (yanks him back down on the beanbag they were sharing) Oh, no you don▓t! You▓re not going anywhere, mister!

Miyako: wow┘they were like this even when they were younger?

Tai/Matt: yup

She was one of the cheerleaders. T.K. made the basket, and Davis crawled off the floor. He had never been so humiliated before, especially in front of Kari.

Miyako: Except for the time when┘

Daisuke: Shut up!

Ken: Or the time when┘

Daisuke: I said┘SHUT UP!

Iori: How about the time when┘

Daisuke: OK! OK! We get the picture!

The coach called all of them off the court.
"So, how was your game?" Kari asked T.K. as they started to head up the steps toward the computer room.

Tai (TK): oh, you know; Davis made a fool of himself ┘the usual

Davis quickly followed.

All: (start humming theme from Mission Impossible II)

"Good." T.K. said. "Did Yolei say she was meeting us in the computer room?"

Hikari (Kari): No, she said she was meeting us at Ken▓s house┘but I thought we should leave them to-

Ken/Miyako: (blushing) SHUT UP!

Takeru: (shaking his head) You can be so evil sometimes, Kari┘(grins) I like it!

"Yeah." Kari and T.K. took no notice of Davis what so ever.

Iori: But then again, what else is new?

"She says there has been some disturbance on File Island."

All Digidestined: (whining) AGAIN?

"At least that's what Izzy told her."

Tai: Which can only mean one thing┘

Sora: It must be true?

Matt: Think a minute┘this is IZZY we▓re talking about here┘

Sora:┘oh. Never mind, then.

Kari pushed open the door, and looked inside. Yolei was on the computer, as usual,

Tai/Matt: (nudging Izzy, and whispering) A girl after your own heart, eh, Izumi?

Izzy: (looks over for a moment at Miyako, as if interested, then back at Tai and Matt) Very funny, you two.

and Cody was playing a game with Upamon.

Joe: Unfortunately, he wasn▓t doing very good at Twister. Ya know, the whole ⌠I▓m just a head with wings■ thing. Gets ▒em every time

"We're here." Davis said through clenched teeth.
"Oh good!"

Miyako: Oh, God!

Yolei started pointing to things on the screen. "There is some destruction over there, left by the Digimon Emperor,

Ken: you people just won▓t let me forget that, will you?!?!?

Miyako: (takes his hand and smiles) Don▓t worry; you know we forgive you.

Tai/Matt: (smirking, whispering to Izzy) oh┘looks like you got some competition there, eh, Iz?

Izzy: oh, shut up.

that we missed, but that's about all. Let's go." Yolei opened the Digital Port and they disappeared into the Digital World.
"Look at this place!" Davis exclaimed, checking out the flowers. "This hardly looks like File Island."

TK: That▓s because it▓s not.

Kari: (mimicking a horror film) Dun-dun-dun!

Davis pulled a flower off its stem, and started to sniff it.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you." T.K. said. Davis scowled at him.
"And why not, T.A?" Davis asked.

Mimi (TK): ▒cause there was a bee on that flower and...oops! too late┘

"Well, the colors indicate that there might be poison." T.K. said.
"That's just so scare the bugs away." Davis said, and put the flower to his nose.

Sora: then why is Davis still there?

Tai: (beaming; a la an old Japanese Sensei) You learn well, grasshopper!

Sora: (giggles) I learned from the best!

TK/Kari: (giggling/singing) Tai and Sora sittin▓ in a tree!

Kari: K-I-S-S-

TK: X-Y-Z!

Daisuke: (rolls his eyes) and you people think I need to learn how to spell?

Takeru: oh, we▓re pretty sure you can spell┘as long as the word doesn▓t have a ⌠K■ in it

"T.K. is right." Kari said. (Davis, thinking: That's the 76th time she's said that)

Joe: No, actually she only said it once

"Besides, it's rude to pull off flowers." Davis dropped the flower.
"C'mon you guys!" Yolei called. She was already ahead of them, on top of a hill, with Hawkmon, Cody, and Armadillomon. "What's taking so long?"

Hikari: Davis is killing all the flowers, that▓s what!

"Nothing!" Davis started to run after her.
"So, Kari, are you doing anything for Valentine's Day?" T.K. asked.

Tai (Kari): Yes, I am.

Matt (TK): Oh, okay. Bye now┘

Sora: What▓s wrong? I thought you wanted those two to get together

Tai: To quote one of our favorite characters from ⌠The Little Rascals■┘

Matt: Uh-uh!

Sora: oh, you▓re just mad that if they ever got married, you two would be brother-in-laws

Tai/Matt: (look at each other, then go pale at the thought)

Takeru/Hikari: (blushing slightly, but giggling the whole time)

Davis slowed his pace down quite a bit. Veemon looked at him strangely.

Takeru (Veemon): Davis┘I think I see a bird▓s egg in that nest you call hair!

"No." Kari said. "Sora's coming over, though. Tai invited her." T.K. nodded.

TK/Kari: (giggle) Tai and-

Tai: Once is enough, thank-you-very-much.

"Do you want to come over to my place?" T.K. asked. "Matt's convinced June will come over, and he wants as many people to help him out as possible."

Matt: ▒cause ya never know if July and August are right behind

"Sure." Kari said. Davis slapped his forehead several feet in front of them. Why hadn't HE thought of that?

Hikari: ▒cause he doesn▓t think.

Takeru: and you don▓t wanna be around him when he does.

They trampled up the hill and across the green grass, though the vines and flowers until they finally arrived at Primary Village.

Ken: Getting to Secondary Village, however, was another story.

"That was some workout." Armadillomon said. "Why couldn't we have just flown?" Cody looked puzzled, and Hawkmon plopped down on the grass. Yolei smiled and looked at Armadillomon.
"We would've given away our location." She said, and then looked back towards the forest, waiting for Davis, Kari, T.K, and their Digimon. After what seemed like hours, all three emerged from the forest.
"What took you guys to so long?" Yolei asked.

Hikari: Davis was busy killing all the flowers; remember?

"Ah, Davis, what happened to you?" Davis's hair was covered with leaves and thorns.

Takeru (Davis): They fought back!

"He tripped over a log and ended up in the swamp." T.K. said. "Then we met up with some vicious Digimon, and when we finally got out of the water, we were attacked by Woodmon."

Miyako: Luckily, they took one look at Daisuke, and ran for cover

"Why would harmless Digimon attack us?" Yolei asked, thoughtfully. She looked up to the sky and scratched her chin. "Hmm"
"We probably invaded their territory." Kari said, looking at Davis, as if it was all his fault.

Daisuke: (sarcastically) of course, it▓s always all my fault!

Miyako: Ah-ha! The boy CAN learn something!

Davis groaned, and sat down on the moist grass. He was already wet, anyways.

TK: (puzzled) He ⌠wet■ himself?

All but Daisuke: (crack up)

Daisuke: grrrr┘(turning red in the face)

"Look here." Yolei said, pointing to Primary Village. "During that last thunderstorm, the school was destroyed.

TK/Kari: Yay!

Let's fix it.

TK/Kari: aww┘.

Ready Hawkmon?" Hawkmon nodded and digivolved then flew off towards Primary Village. Yolei ran after her,

Miyako: uh┘don▓t you mean ⌠him■

Mimi: You mean you have a BOY digimon?

Miyako: yeah.

Mimi: weird┘all the other girls have girl digimon, and the boys have boy digimon┘

Miyako: I know..I don▓t get it either.

waving to the rest of them. "Come on"
The five spent the day fixing up the school, and during that process, Davis was embarrassed more and more.

Takeru: Like the time he┘

Daisuke: I▓ll say it again┘SHUT. UP!

Hikari: ┘or the time he was┘

Daisuke: aww, Hikari┘not you too!

"I hope you're happy T.S."

All but Daisuke: That▓s TK!

Davis said, hammering the last nail into the door. "In this state, this door could last, oh, maybe two days. We had to do it your way, eh?"

Tai (TK): Either that, or the ⌠high-way■ (cracks up at own joke)

Everyone Else: (sweatdropps)

Sora: (head in hands) why me?

Matt: there, there (puts arm around Sora in friendly, comforting manner)

Tai: grrrr┘┘.

T.K. scowled. Kari walked over.
"What's all the commotion about?" She asked. Davis looked at Kari, speechless. She was wearing an apron over what she usually wore, and she had a hammer in one hand. Her cheeks were rosy from doing all that labor work.

Daisuke: OO

Ken: down, boy

"Davis says this door won't last long this way." T.K. said, pointing to the door. Davis was kneeled beside it.

Miyako: oh, no wonder! Get Davis outta there before he ruins the door!!!

"And besides, it looks just like a door on the farm."

Kari: (singing) Old McDonald had a farm┘

TK: (getting the picture; singing) E-I-E-I-O┘.

Kari: And on that farm, he had a door┘

TK: E-I-E-I-O┘.

Kari: with a knock-knock here┘

TK: and a knock---⌠who▓s there?■┘

Kari: TK▓s there┘

TK: Kari▓s there┘

Daisuke: (jumping in┘in tune to song) Oh, my god, it▓s everywhere!

Hikari/Takeru: what?

Daisuke: (mutters, sadly) Takari

Davis said, looking at the red door. He then looked at the rest of the building. "It doesn't match the light blue, violet, and pink decor of Digimon and white clouds."

Mimi: ya know┘I hate to admit it, but he▓s right! Such clashing colors!

"Maybe so, but who's judging?" Kari asked.

Season01: Mimi

Davis moved aside as Kari pushed open the door. "This door works perfectly. Thank you T.K."

Miyako: (grinning, is about to say something)

Hikari: not ONE word, Miya!

Miyako: (looking way too innocent) who, me?

Davis sighed, and threw down the hammer. Veemon blinked

Ken: because having hung around Davis too long, he didn▓t realize that the hammer had just konked him in the head.

and watched Davis get up and start to walk towards the forest again. Veemon ran across the mellow grass

Joe: (singing) they call me ⌠mellow yellow■┘

Izzy: but grass is green, not yellow

Joe: (sweatdropps and facefaults) thanks for ruining my ONE attempt at a joke, Iz!

Izzy: oh, sorry

Tai: it wasn▓t all that good, anyways

to catch up.
"Davis, where are you going?" Veemon asked, walking sideways, trying to keep up with Davis.
"Obviously, I'm not wanted, and I can take the hint."

Hikari: (muttering) took him long enough! Only...let▓s see┘4 years!