Davis clenched his fists and started to run. Veemon called after him, but it was no use.
"I think Davis has seriously cracked."

Tai: Let▓s make an omlette!

Kari: I want mine with Ketchup and pepper!

TK: Me, too!

T.K. said, back at primary village. "Look at him run. He doesn't even work this hard at soccer practice"
"Do you think we were maybe too hard on him?" Kari asked, looking worried. T.K shook his head and wrapped his arm around Kari.

Tai: (glaring at Takeru)

Takeru: (inching behind Hikari in fear) W-we▓re just friends, I swear!

Ken: (starting to act like Miyako) riiiiiiiiight┘.

"Don't worry." T.K. said. "Davis knows how to take a joke. He'll be back, and besides, he was the one complaining." They both looked back at the door.
"You know, it does clash awfully with the color."

Mimi: well, I could have told you that, but do you listen to me?

Tai: I▓m sorry, Mimi, were you saying something?

Kari said, giggling. "C'mon, let's repaint it!" Kari grabbed a brush and dipped it in paint. T.K. joined her.
Meanwhile, Yolei and Cody weren't aware that anything had happened until Veemon came back to work with them.
"Where's Davis?" Yolei asked. She was hammering a nail into a wooden post. Cody was holding it up.

Daisuke: I don▓t think he▓s tall enough for that!

Hikari: Daisuke, don▓t make fun of Iori▓s height!

Iori: (whimpering)

Daisuke: I▓m not! I▓m just saying that he▓s really short!

Takeru: You shouldn▓t make fun of short people either!

TK/Kari/Iori: yeah┘

Daisuke: why not?

Takeru: well, for one thing, the Authoress is short┘and dangerous┘

Daisuke: (thinks for a minute, then chooses not to say any more)

TK: Hey! (gets an idea, grins, and whispers something to Kari)

Kari: (listens for a minute, then grins and nods) wanna come sit with us, Io-Ior-

Iori: Iori

Kari: Iori?

Iori: Okay┘

TK: (grinning) come here┘.

Iori: (goes and sits with TK and Kari on the beanbag chair)

All three: (giggle, and start whispering)

Joe: I▓ll bet they▓re planning something┘.

Veemon shrugged. Yolei stopped hammering and looked at Veemon.
"He's disappeared." Veemon said.

Hikari: (cheering) YAY!!!

Takeru: He will be coming back, ya know.

Hikari: --┘┘..

Matt: (shaking his head) you▓ve got a lot to learn about girls, TK!

"He went back into the forest after he got mad at T.K., but he'll be back. He always comes back."

Kari: Like the cat!

All but Kari, TK, and Iori: huh?

Kari: (grinning) you know┘

TK: (starts singing on stage that suddenly appears): Old Mister Johnson had troubles of his own

Kari: (picks up where TK left off): He had a yellow cat, which wouldn▓t leave its home;

Iori: (joining in, picking up where Kari left off) He tried and he tried to give the cat away; he gave it to a man goin▓ far, far away┘.

Iori/TK/Kari: But the cat came back

TK: The very next day

Iori/TK/Kari: The cat came back

Iori: We thought he was a goner

Iori/TK/Kari: But the cat came back

Kari: It just couldn▓t stay away┘Away, away, yea, yea, yea┘.

All others: (cheer, clap)

"I don't know." Yolei said, and went back to hammering. "It seems to me that this whole 'getting mad' business is Davis's excuse for not working."

Miyako: yeah! That lazy, S.O.B.!

Kari: What▓s ⌠S.O.B.■, Tai?

Tai/Matt: (very quickly) nothing! (glares at Miyako)

"Yolei." Hawkmon said.
"Well, it just seems that way." Yolei got up from where she was sitting and Cody held up another piece of wood for her. They started to construct the fence. Veemon sighed, and turned to look at the others. Kari and T.K. were painting the door another color.

Izzy: Another color? Wasn▓t ONE new color enough?

Patamon was drying the door with his wings, and Gatomon was drawing little baby Digimon on the door. He sighed again, and watched Digmon and Hawkmon. Digmon was drilling holes, while Hawkmon blew away the dust. Veemon felt very neglected,

Hikari: aww┘poor Veemon┘(gets angry and whacks Daisuke on the head)

Daisuke: OW! What was that for?

Hikari: for neglecting Veemon!

and settled down on the grass to wait for Davis. The sun shone on his belly, and he fell asleep.
"Well, I think that was all the damage." Yolei said, brushing off dust from her pants. "We should be getting back now, it's pretty late"
"Yeah." Kari brushed away a strand of hair. "Where are Veemon and Davis?" Everyone started looking around. Armadillomon sniffed the air.

Kari/TK/Iori (Armadillomon): I smell chicken!

Tai: are you three gonna be doing this the whole time?

Kari/TK/Iori: (grinning) yes!

"I don't smell them anywhere." He stepped on something soft, something that jumped. "Oh, look, it's Veemon. He's fallen asleep." And indeed he had. Veemon rubbed his eyes, and sat up in the grass. Armadillomon tilted his head and looked at Veemon.
"Have you seen Davis?" Veemon asked.
"No." Armadillomon said. "We were looking for him too. He just disappeared."


Takeru: you know that-

Hikari: (glares at Takeru)

Takeru: yipe! Never mind┘ ⌠He just disappeared!■


"Listen." Yolei said. "Why don't the three of you head home, and Hawkmon and I will look for them."

Daisuke/Miyako: (worridly) This isn▓t Daiyako, is it?


Daisuke/Miyako: IS IT?!?!

"That's not a good idea." T.K. said.

Miyako: I▓ll say it▓s not

"What if you are in need of our aid? No, let's all go look, Yolei. Digi Armor Energize!" Patamon armor digivolved to Pagususmon. T.K. hopped on his back.
"Do you want ride, Kari?" He asked.

Tai (Kari): No, but thanks for asking. I▓ll just walk.

Sora: (sighs, whispers to Tai) give it up, Tai┘I TOLD you this would happen one day!

Tai: (sulking)

Kari and Gatomon climbed on to.

Izzy: GRAMMAR!!!!

Others: (sigh)

Izzy: hey, I▓ve been good up till this point┘gotta give me some credit!

Mimi: Why?

Hawkmon became Halsemon, and Yolei, Cody, Armadillomon, and Veemon rode on Halsemon.

Izzy: You know-

Mimi: (angrily) No. Grammer. Corrections┘.Sit. Read. Shut up. (glares at him)

Izzy: uh┘I have no comment!

Sora: (snickers quietly) you sure don▓t wanna mess with Mimi when she gets like that┘.

They headed towards the forest.
After the sun went down, they were still searching. Armadillomon and Gatomon had fallen asleep. Kari stroked Gatomon's ears worriedly.
"What if he's hurt?" She asked T.K. "I should've never said that"
"Don't worry." T.K. gave Kari a smiled and tightened his hold around Pagususmon mane. "We'll find him, I mean, it can't be that hard."

Takeru: Yeah, after all, it▓s only taken us till sundown to figure out where he isn▓t┘.

"I'm getting tired." Pagususmon said.

Tai: (looking over at Daisuke) He▓s not the only one┘.

Daisuke: (has given up long ago on the fanfic, and is now asleep, snoring slightly)

"We've been flying for nearly two hours, and haven't spotted a thing. Besides, I can't see very well in the dark"
"Davis knows the way to home." Yolei said.

Sora (Yolie): All he has to do is follow the trail of breadcrumbs we left for him.

"Let's go now. He might be in the real world waiting for us, who knows?"

Kari/TK/Iori: (mysteriously) The Shadow knows┘

They descended to safety, and headed home.

Ken: Okay, that makes no sense; why don▓t they just fly to the TV before landing, rather than waste all that time walking?

Meanwhile, Davis was wandering through the thick brush, trying to get away from what he had just seen.

Mimi: A digimon with bad fashion sense?

Sora: his reflection in the lake?

Tai: (beaming)

Miyako: (snickering) TK and Kari maki-

Tai/Matt: NO!!!!!!!!

Takeru/Hikari: (blushing slightly, but giggling)

A Digimon the size of a squirrel had talked to him,

Mimi: so now he▓s talking to squirrels?

and had almost hypnotized him. He remembered Izzy talking about those creatures once.
'They take over your body and mind, and make you their slaves' Davis had an image of Izzy, that day they met at Tai's house, sitting on a bunk bed with his laptop in his lap.

Season 01, minus TK and Kari: But of course!

Davis heard a sound behind him, and whirled around. There it was.

Tai: Barney!

Matt: Run for your lives!

Sora: Please, you two! We have young, innocent minds here┘don▓t traumatize them!

Tai/Matt: sorry┘.

Three inches in height, brown, with a big furry tail. Davis started to scream, but

Joe: He fainted instead.

Tai: (to Joe) You should talk!

the monster lunged at him, and knocked him over.

Izzy: A three inch tall squirrel knocked him over? Does that even make sense?

Takeru/Hikari: given that this is Daisuke┘yes.

It bit him in the next,

Izzy: (trying to figure the sentence out) ▒It bit him in the next▓?

and suddenly, the whole world was black.

Hikari: (shudders) like that dark ocean┘

Tai: What dark ocean?

Takeru: (puts arm around Hikari to comfort her) we▓ll tell you later┘

Davis had fainted.

Joe: I told ya!

Tai: (rolling his eyes) we▓ll give you a medal, later

Kari Kamiya had been sleeping peacefully, until she was suddenly jerked awake.

Miyako: (grinning that evil grin) by none other than the person next to her, T-

Tai/Matt: THAT DOES IT! (goes after Miyako)

Miyako: Eep! (starts running around the room, then hides behind Ken)

Sora: (dragging both Matt and Tai by the ears back over to the cough) Now, SIT! (throws them on the couch, where they stay, fear stricken at Sora▓s surprising strength)

Her movements awakened Gatomon.
"What is it?" Gatomon asked, as Kari picked up the phone next to her bed and started to dial Yolei's number.
"I'm not sure." Kari said. "I just got a very strong feeling that Davis needs us right now."

Hikari (Kari): So I▓m going to call her up, talk for a little while, and go back to sleep.

"It must be real strong, if it woke you up." Gatomon yawned, and watched Kari (who was in a pink pajamas)

Izzy: (is about to say something about the grammer)

Mimi: (glares at him)

Izzy: (shut up immediately)

wait for someone to pick up the phone.
"Hello?" Yolei's voice came over the phone. It sounded mumbled.

Hikari: she was mad about me interrupting her and Ke-

Miyako: HEY! (both her and Ken blush like mad)

Hikari: (chuckling) payback is sooooooooo sweet!

"Sorry, Yolei, but I just got this feeling that Davis needs us." Kari said. "It woke me up"
"No kidding." Yolei yawned, rubbed her eyes, and then clutched the cellular phone with both hands. "Cody came in a minute ago for the same reason."

Joe: I don▓t get it┘does Cody┘er┘Iori live at your house, Miyako.

Miyako: no.

Joe: (still puzzled) then┘?

Miyako: plot holes.

Joe: oh! That explains it.

"I'm going to call T.K." Kari said. "Get Cody and decide what to do, okay, Yolei? Davis needs our help."

Tai: (looking around, noticing that three certain kids are missing) where▓s TK, Kari, and Iori?

Others: (look around, only to find an empty beanbag chair where the three were sitting in)

"All right." Yolei hung up, and put on her slippers.

Matt: Hmm┘beats me. Maybe they went to go find a bathroom.

Tai: But Iori and TK are boys┘and Kari▓s a girl!

Matt: Well, maybe they went off to find the other three versions of ⌠The Cat Came Back■

Heading towards Cody's apartment, she looked at the clock.

Tai: (shocked) There▓s more than one version?

Matt: yeah┘four, as far as I know.

Sora: uh┘as interesting as this sounds, shouldn▓t we be paying attention to the fic?

Matt/Tai: huh? Oh, yeah┘.

"It's only 1:15AM." Yolei groaned and knocked on Cody's door. There was a pause, and then the door creaked open. Cody walked out.
"What is it?" He asked Yolei.

Tai (Yolie): Well, I was playing ⌠ding-dong ditcher■, but I forgot what to do after I ran the bell

Upamon was asleep in his arms.
"I think you may be right." Yolei said.

Ken: (to Miyako) You think he▓s right?

Miyako: I don▓t think┘I know!

Ken: (grinning) I don▓t think you know, either!

Miyako: (grinning back) I know you don▓t think!

Ken: that▓s not part of the quote!

Miyako: it is now┘(smirks)

"Kari just called, and she said she had the same feeling.

Miyako (Yolie): ┘for TK that he has for her. (evil smirk)

Takeru/Hikari: (blushes)

She's going to call T.K. now"
"Davis is in trouble."

Takeru: what else is new?

Cody frowned. "Where's Veemon"
"I thought he was in your room!" Yolei said, with panic. She dashed back to her apartment. Cody followed.
"Nope." He panted, trying to keep up, his shirt flying out behind him. "I thought he was with you." They both looked at each other.
"Uh-oh." Yolei said.

Takeru (Yolie): This story▓s starting to turn into a ⌠Miyori■

Hikari: (whacks Takeru on the head)

Miyako: Thanks, Hikari. I was too far away.

"C'mon, let's get dressed.


Tai: (grins, and is about to make a comment)

Sora: OH, NO YOU DON■T! (clasps her hand over his mouth)

Tai: (muffled sound) mmmphmphhhhfmh!

We're heading over to the Kamiya's apartment."

Izzy: Well, technically, they▓re not yet heading over there, but they will be┘

Matt: Whatever.

Five minutes later, Yolei and Cody knocked softly at Kari's door. The door opened a crack, and Kari poked her head out.
"T.K. said he's going to meet us at the park." Kari said.

Miyako: Oh, yeah┘he told us that too seeing as how WE LIVE IN THE SAME APARTMENT!

She stepped out of the house, and put on her light pink anorak. She closed the door softly. "I told Tai where we were going, and he wishes us luck. T.K. phoned Izzy, and that's how we're going to the Digital World."

All: How?

Kari shivered. "It's cold out. Let's go"
When they arrived at the park, T.K. and Izzy were huddled over Izzy's laptop.

Matt: (gasp) Izzy, you▓ve corrupted my little brother!

Izzy was pointing things out to them.

Mimi: who▓s ⌠them■┘I thought it was only TK?

Tai: (mouth open in surprise) have you been hanging around with Izzy lately?

They were seated under a tree, and you could hardly see them.

Ken: If you could hardly see them, how do you know they were seated under a tree, hmm?

"Look here." T.K. said to them as they approached. "See that? Izzy says that new areas have been damaged." Yolei gasped.
"That's impossible." Yolei said. "Let's go find out for ourselves." Izzy opened the Digital Port and all five children went through.

Hikari: wait a sec, there▓s me┘

Takeru: me┘

Miyako: me, Iori, Izzy┘

Hikari: and that▓s five.

Ken: what about me? (pouting)

"Look at the stars." T.K. said. "Don't you think they're pretty, Kari"
"And the sky is so clear." Kari said. "Perfect."

Miyako: coughtakaricough

Ken: well, you have to admit┘this scene IS off the subject of the actual fic┘

"Where could Davis be?" Yolei pondered. "And Veemon?"

Sora: Bali Hai?

Mimi: (singing, sounding so much like Bloody Mary it▓s scary) Bali Haaaaai┘will call you. Any Niiiiiiight┘.Any Daaaaaaay! In your heeaaaaaaart, you▓ll hear it awaaaaaay!

Hikari: (amazed) now THAT▓s creepy!

"Veemon?" Kari turned her head to look at Yolei. "What, is he missing too"
"Yeah." Cody cut in. "He disappeared in the middle of the night"
"You'd think it's very strange."

Hikari: Believe me, we do

Takeru: (hums the theme from The Twilight Zone)

Tai: (suddenly takes center stage as the room is shrowded in darkness, where a spotlight shines on him, wearing a cheap, bad suit, and speaking in a monotonous voice) You are now entering another dimension. A dimension of bad jokes and imitations.

Matt: (joins Tai in the exact same suit and tone of voice) A place where all sanity, as well as the legendary ⌠fourth wall■ seem to vanish. You are now entering┘

Matt/Tai: The fanfic zone.

Gatomon said. "That they both disappear. Let's check out the damage"
When they had arrived at the site, they saw fires burning,

Matt: (still in monotonous voice) a place where fires themselves can actually burn┘

Sora: (turns lights back on) give it up, Matt┘joke▓s over.

and buildings destroyed. Izzy sighed.
"Who would do such a thing?" Kari asked. Gatomon's ears twitched.
"Stand back Kari, I hear something." Gatomon jumped in front of Kari.

Takeru: Maybe Piedmon▓s come back to life?

Hikari: (cowers at the thought)

Izzy: (Takes on ▒Spoushiro▓ attitude a la ▒Digi-Bloop That!▓ fics, dons a helmet and waves a giant mallet around, while cowering in fear and muttering) I hate clowns, I hate clowns, I hate clowns, I hate Piedmons, I hate clowns, I hate clowns, I hate evil-enemies-who-just-don▓t-know-when-to-die, I clowns, I hate clowns, I hate clowns┘

All but Izzy: --()

Davis and Raidramon jumped out from the shadows.

Hikari: AAAAHHHHHHHH! That▓s WORSE than Piedmon!

Izzy: (screams like a girl, faints┘then wakes up when he realizes it▓s not Piedmon, looks at his mallet, and throws it away, acting like nothing happened, and comes back to the fanfic.)

"Davis!" Yolei started to run towards them, but suddenly stopped. "Davis?" Davis's expression was cloudy.
"Why fight?" Anoramon

All: Who?

said to Davis inside of Davis's body. "You can't control anything now that I'm here"
"Leave Kari alone!" Davis yelled at his controller. Anoramon ignored him and kicked Raidramon. Raidramon fired at Kari and T.K. "Why are you doing this, Anoramon? Leave Raidramon alone!" Anoramon shook his head, and then smiled wickedly.
"Don't you understand, Davis?" Anoramon asked. "It's no use anymore. You are no use to

Hikari: the world?

Takeru: the human race?

Miyako: the Digidestined?


Izzy: (about to say something)

Mimi: (glares at him again)

Izzy: (closes his mouth shut)

Mimi: (smirks, then turns away)

Izzy: (mutters) Grammar error!

Raidramon and yourself will help me concur this world"
"Why is that what everyone wants?" Davis asked.

Hikari: For once, he▓s actually right┘.trying to take over the world has become SO clichИ!

Outside of Davis's mind, Izzy was just figuring out another one of his fantastic theories

Tai: Does this one include just Aliens or is Big Foot involved now?

"What?" Yolei asked. "So the only way to get rid of Anoramon is to kill Davis?"


"Supposedly." Izzy fiddled with his fingers. "Arg,

Joe: What┘so now Izzy▓s a pirate?

there's supposed to be some other way."

Hikari (Izzy): But there▓s not, so let▓s get this over with and be on our way

"Davis is going to try to destroy us." Kari said. "Or, rather, Anoramon is"
"This is not good." T.K. said.

Mimi: Well, Duh! Even I knew that!

"Ready, Patamon?" Patamon armor digivolved.
"Are we really going to fight him?" Cody said. "That's just like fighting Davis, the real Davis."

Takeru: your point?

Ken (Cody): We should leave it up to TK then, seeing as how he▓s got the most experience in that area (then as real self) and I oughtta know! (rubs cheek as if in pain)

"Well, we've got to find a way to destroy him somehow."

Miyako: make him read Takari fics!

But it was too late. Raidramon aimed his ultimate

Izzy: But according to my info, he▓s a Champion!

All: (about to say something, when they realize Izzy▓s smirking)

Tai: (grinning) you made a joke, didn▓t you, Izzy?

attack, and suddenly, Kari jumped in front of them.
"Raidramon, stop!" Raidramon's blue lightning stopped in mid air, and then turned around and went flying at Raidramon and Davis.

Tai: whoah! (to Hikari) remind me never to get on your bad side, kiddo!

Joe: What?

Anoramon popped out of Davis,

Miyako: (singing) POP goes the weasel!

and started to make a beeline for freedom.

Izzy: Unfortunately, the road to freedom was on the expressway.

Tai: Go, Izumi!

Izzy: (grinning)

"Not so fast!" T.K. said. Pagususmon fired his 'star shower' at Anoramon, and destroyed it.
Davis was lying on the grass, unconscious.

Hikari: ┘┘┘┘┘..--┘┘┘┘┘..

Takeru: What▓s wrong?

Hikari: (sniff) I read ahead (sniff)

Raidramon had de-digivolved back to Demiveemon. Kari, T.K., Cody, Yolei, and Izzy rushed over to their sides.
"What happened?" Kari asked. "Is Davis okay?▓

"He loves you so much he had enough power to stop that attack, and to force Anoramon out."

Hikari: (turns a slight greenish shade, and runs for the bathroom)

Demiveemon said weakly, and then fainted too.
Cody picked up Demiveemon.

(gagging sounds are coming from the bathroom)

"I think we should get heading home now." Cody said. "When we get back to town, we can heal them."

Tai: Is she okay?

Takeru: yeah┘just let her get it out of her system first.

"Good idea." Izzy said. "Poor Davis. First he gets dissed, and then captured, and now he gets shot. Maybe this isn't such a good idea after all."

Joe: (sarcastically) now whatever gave you THAT idea?

"Ooh." Kari looked at Davis, and kissed him lightly on the forehead (too bad Davis was unconscious).

Takeru: ┘┘..(face turns green, and runs for the bathroom)

Sora: well, that▓s two for two.

Miyako: (snickering) boy┘they really DO do everything together

"He managed to save us after all."

Ken/Miyako: There▓s a first time for everything

(Takeru and Hikari return, looking slightly pale)

Takeru/Hikari: Is it over yet?

Others: yes.

Takeru/Hikari: Thank God! (Both sit back down, but in the same beanbag chair)

Tai: Now where on earth did Kari, TK, and Iori go?

Joe: This is gonna be one of those things where they suddenly come back into the room with a whole cheesy, new gag that will probably never end until the series does, isn▓t it?

As if on cue, TK, Kari, and Iori walk back into the room┘just like always, ▒cept this time, they each have a giant ice cream cone. TK and Kari both have chocolate, and Iori has Mint Chocolate Chip.

All: ┘.

TK/Kari/Iori: (innocently) What?

Joe: I stand corrected.

Tai: where▓d you three go, anyways?

TK: well, we were bored┘

Kari: so we went exploring┘

Iori: and we met up with the Authoress▓ two muses, who gave us ice cream.

All but TK/Kari/Iori: muses?

Just then, two little blurs ran into the room, standing right in front of the group, a.k.a. in front of the now-blank fanfic screen. As they stop, the blurs fade away to reveal Chibi-Chibi and Chibi-Quatre, each in their chibi-muse outfits.

Chibi-Chibi: Hiya! I▓m Chibi-Chibi

Chibi-Quatre: and I▓m Chibi-Quatre

Tai: so basically, we▓ve got you two to thank for all this?

Chibi-muses: basically

Chibi-Chibi: but we▓re just here to do the disclaimer, and then we outtie.

Chibi-Quatre: so┘

Chibi-muses: Kara-chan, a.k.a. Takeru Kitty Coconut does not own┘

Chibi-Chibi: Digimon┘

Chibi-Quatre: Gundam Wing▓s Battleship Libra┘

Chibi-Chibi: The Little Rascals┘

Chibi-Quatre: South Pacific, the musical┘

Chibi-Chibi: Doctor Jeckyl and Mr Hyde, the musical┘

Chibi-Quatre: All That, from Nickelodeon┘

Chibi-Chibi: Forest Gump┘

Chibi-Quatre: Twister┘

Chibi-Chibi: Any of the clichИ phrases she kept using┘

Chibi-Quatre: the song ⌠Old MacDonald■┘

Chibi-Chibi: the song ⌠Mellow Yellow■┘

Chibi-Quatre: the song ⌠The Cat Came Back■┘

Chibi-Chibi: The Shadow┘

Chibi-Quatre: Barney ::shudders::┘

Chibi-Chibi: The Twilight Zone┘

(screen behind them temporarily fades in to reveal the Authoress once again)

Authoress: common, you two; hurry up! I got more fics to write

(screen fades out again)

Chibi-muses: Anything else we forgot┘┘..or the fic she MSTed

And with that, the two chibi-muses leave in a blur┘literally┘leaving the 01 and 02 cast of Digimon speechless, and wondering what▓s in store for them next┘

In the background, the three ▒chibi▓ Destined happily munch away on their ice cream cones, and Daisuke snores, lost in the world of dreamland┘the only place he▓s safe from the wrath of an Authoress.