Okay so after much thought I've decided to add WIP 3, Betrothal of the Warrior Hime. First unlike most of my stories, there are usually a 'set' length that I like to go with, in this story I just go with the feel, so some chapters may be longer then others. I hope you enjoy, mostly this is still a Kagome/Sesshomaru pairing. If you can't tell I hate seeing a victimized crying Kagome, so I rarely write about one. If you have ant questions please send me a message I'm always glad to answer questions. Also like all my stories, fair warning: I LOVE run-on sentences, bad grammar, and worst of all is my spelling, BUT I have imagination to back it up. So without out much more, I give you, Betrothal of the Warrior Hime. By r0o

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AN: edit 01/08/08---- I really don't go back and correct anything, but I kinda feel a bit jilted on this chapter. Its more of a prologue then a real chapter and I honestly feel that many people see its shot length and pass judgment on the rest of the story. I'm sorry if that how anyone see it, but I think if your reading this for the first time, please just give the first few chapters a read. This story has become my baby. I'm already writing chapter 17. Please just give it a chance. The author - r0o

Betrothal of the Warrior Hime

1. History - Prologue

One would need to understand the history of the Western lands to be able to phantom the story told to you now. There once was a inu prince, he was strong and held valor and honor along with loyalty to be some of the highest truths one could live by. In his youth he was trained as a warrior king, able to strike down the wicked and unworthy with ease. He would be come a great general, Taishou was his name. But what was a great general without his brigadier, nothing, his second in command was Shinosamu. Taishou was day, where Shin was night, and like the heavenly battle set brothers of light and dark, one could not be seen without the other being close behind. They were the driving force that allowed the Western lands to grow to the ultimate power that they eventually would become. One might think that the pair only remained close to make sure the other never grew too powerful, in some respects that might be the case. But Shin knew his place, and would humbly die at his only hand if asked to do so by his general. And so they lived long, mated, and prospered when many did not and could not, other lands grew jealous in their wake. Some found peace with the West, and while others let the seed of hatred grow to deeper depths.

His second took a mate first. Shin and his mate Sayuri had strong healthy pups, having two sons born before Taishou would take his own mate, and give the Western lands an heir. Taishou's mate, Hatsumomo, had been young for mating much like Shin's, when the general realized his mate was with pup he joyfully announced it to the world, and to his great surprise was advised that his second, Shin, was expecting shortly after his own mate. There heir would be born first, with Sesshoumaru's birth the lands were at rest, set so that the kingdom would be safe with a new general, he was followed shortly by Shins last son, Souta. Like fathers and sons, Sesshomaru would be his fathers light, to Souta's resounding darkness. Again the heirs of light and dark were like day and night, like their fathers before them. Where one went the other was surely not far off. They too would be trained as a warrior, Sesshomaru as king, and Souta as his second.