Dear Friends/Readers/Reviewers 12/21/08 3pm,

My X and are will probably never get back together, and though it saddens me I'm okay with it, i think we're still friends...who knows though. There were many issues that we both have and let get in the way. I look at this situation in a positive light, we weren't married, had no kids, and all we share are a few bills, and i got the dog. I'm moving home next year once my apartment lease is up, and i plan to start saving to go into classes to be a nurse. hard i know but i want a career not just a job. if your younger then 18 and arent thinking college, think about nursing it pays well!

I refuse to go back to him, b/c i was not the one that wanted this, and i refuse to beg or ask anything of him. I wont burn bridges but i wont look back either. Its as much his fault as it is mine, and i think we're both suffering yet are okay for it. He needs to grow up and i need to learn to cut back and not obsess. Either way if its meant to be he knows where i'm going to be. that said, No more wishes for us to be okay my dear fans! we're fine, and 2 months apart have made it so. Yes i still get sad but its for the best.

I'm glad this happened now when it was easily fixable. it may sound mean but yanno, I'm in my mid twenties and i have to think about whats best for me. Fanfiction may have cost me something great, but really? fanfiction shouldnt be able to break something that great, which leads me to think that if it wasnt this, it would have been something else later. and i'm okay with that too. There are more fish in the sea, more stars in the sky, and as fanfiction as my witness this r0o will go on! [ i love the movie 'Gone with the Wind' long as all get out but a fantastic story! ]

On another note you may have noticed that i have started writing again! its true. I'm made a promise that i'll be starting up on 'Dance' first--which i have already started writing on, my welcome back chapter will have alemon in it just because i know you guys love it--, then 'Betrothal', and so on and so forth. A few of my stories i've realized [thanks to the break here] are very close to an end, and i can only imagine how crazy this must have made you all. For that i'm truly sorry. Life tends to make Fanfiction hard some times. I've desided to take some time for me, so i wont have a bf upset b/c i like my computer. thus allowing me to finish out some if not a lot of my fics.

I hope you guys will hang with me, i know that I dont want to keep this chapter posted but at the same time i know that it wont sent out another update for it again, so when i update next it'll just be the next chapter after this note, but i will have removed the note and i dunno put something there in its stead, plus if i didnt you wouldnt be able to review and tell me if it sucks or not, i hate when chapters dont work the way i want them to. any ole h0ot thanks for reading this, and i promise i'll be updating ASAP!


r0o, Linds, hyper on....and so forth....

Original note:

Dear Friends/Readers/Reviewers,

Fanfiction has officially ruined this r0o's life. I have as of 7pm 10/24/08, tonight been told by my bf that he no longer wishes to be with me, b/c of my love of the computer. A two and a half year relationship may be crumbling, I have already called my mother and balled my eyes out. I cannot blame him for this, b/c I have been obsessed with this box for either reading or writing for a little over a year now. It has cost me my sleeping schedule, my job/career, and now my love.

I cannot in good faith tell you when/if I will begin to update again, I'm sure I'll come back to you all in time, but I just don't know when. My bf's not even coming home tonight he's at a hotel, and everything on my face is puffy and red, I'm going to bed after update ding this message on a few fics so you know not to worry about updates. I truly am sorry, I'm going to see if I can salvage my relationship, if I can, then FanFiction will become a near thing of the past, and updates will be few and far between.

I can't afford to lose him b/c I love him so much. I've written stuff like this, but never before did I truly know the feelings until now. Review if you will, there are of a few of you that will surly get answers the rest will be read, thanks in advance to everything I'm sure to get soon as a result of this. Truly I hope to someday return to you, I just don't have the heart at all to do it anymore, not now, not when this was the cause.



Aka Lindsey

Ps. I'm not such and open person with everyone, but I felt I owned you guys a reason for my soon to be lacking person.