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It was a typical day for Takahisa Kajimoto, the buchou of the Jyosei Shonan tennis team.

"Buchou! The girly twins are trying to kill me!" cried Wakato.

"I can see why." said Kajimoto. "You called them girls again didn't you?"

"Yeah, but…"

"You know they hate being called girls! I saved your ass last time this happened and I'm not doing it again!"

"Come on, be a good friend…"

"No. You need to learn a lesson from this." Kajimoto said sternly.

"But they've gone evil!"

"Go tell someone else!"


"I don't know! Shinjou, maybe?"

"Like he gives a fuck!"

"That's only because you called him a Hanamura sensei fucker last time."

"Then who am I going to tell?"

"Go tell Hanamura sensei. I'm sick of dealing with this kind of crap."

Suddenly, the Tanaka twins came chasing after Wakato at full speed.

"Oh shit!" said Wakato quickly running away from the murderous duo.

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