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Wakato was at Jyosei Shonan practicing for an upcoming city tournament where he would be playing singles 3. But because it had already become a habit, he turned off his cell phone. However, today, he really shouldn't have.

"Darn it! I think I blew my cover! If buchou notices that my phone is off he'll know I ditched him! I'll just have to leave before he gets here and hope that he forgets over the weekend."

Wakato packed up and left the courts. But just as he was about to leave the campus...

"Where do you think you're going?" said a familiar voice.

"Damn it, now I'm dead! Oh hi Kajimoto, I was just-"

"Run 200 laps. Now."

"What for?!" asked Wakato hoping to avoid a deadly punishment from his buchou.

"Oh I don't know, I must have forgotten, nobody's perfect ya know."

"So since you forgot, do I still have to run laps?"

"I know I made it perfectly clear that I said 200 laps."

"Damn it."


Surprisingly, Kintarou made it to the hotel without getting lost.

When he got there, the first person he ran into was (unfortunately for him) Zaizen.

"What's wrong Kintarou?" asked the 8th grader.

"Nothing." said Kintarou as innocently as he could.

"Yeah right, you look like Shiraishi's about to kill you."

"Shut up!"

"Oi everyone, Kintarou did something wrong again!" yelled Zaizen.

"Shut up, big mouth sempai."

Oshitari got there first (just because he's fastest) "What happened?"


"Hey, weren't you supposed to be with Shiraishi?" asked Chitose.

"Uh... he... uh... well..."

"Busted!" yelled out Zaizen.

"You're so immature, and I mean you, Zaizen, not Kintarou." said Oshitari.

"Did you ditch Shiraishi?" asked Chitose.

"Hey, you're not supposed to use the Pinnacle of Wisdom to predict everything!" yelled Kintarou.

"Actually I didn't. I just guessed."

"Then you guessed right Chitose."


"Kintarou, you have clean up duty for the whole week starting Monday when we get back to Shintenhouji."

"What?! Isn't it supposed to be laps?"

"Sometimes, it doesn't make perfect sense to give out laps."

"Ha ha, Kintarou has to clean the locker room." laughed Zaizen.

"Don't laugh Zaizen, because you have clean up duty next week as well."

"….What?! ME?! But it's Chitose turn next week!"

"It was, until you thought you could get away with sticking gum into the keyholes. Now you'll be sitting in the locker room after practice with a can of rust remover spray and a wet rag. I want all the lockers rust free by the end of next week."

"So do I still have to do clean up duty?" asked Chitose.

"Yes, because it's your turn next week. Zaizen made that perfectly clear."


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