My head tells me no,

I can't do this,

The world tells me no

Never can I have that kiss.

I may want it,

Want it more than anything,

But I can't,

The microwave goes ding.

I get out the popcorn,

The popcorn we'll share,

Why can't I do this?

Why can't I tell you I care?

I sit next to you,

Offer you the bowl,

Still the words don't come,

I love you with all my soul.

You don't look at me,

You only take.

I want to ask you why,

Why that twit who can bake?

He doesn't deserve,

Deserve what I crave.

He won't love you,

Love you till the grave.

I shiver,

I can't take you being so close,

I get up,

And mutter something about toast.

I leave,

Moving as fast as I can.

Not fast enough,

Because me you overran.

You saw through the toast,

Saw through my soul.

You took me over,

You took control.

But I feel only fear,

How can this be?

This is not you,

You don't like me.

At least not like this,

We are only friends,

I open my eyes,

To see desks and pens.

I turn to my left,

To see you staring politely,

O how I wish,

That you were holding me tightly...

Alright so do you guys think this is worth continuing or is it a waste of space that needs deleting?

And if I should continue who do you think should be saying this poem? Troy? Ryan? Chad? Even Gabriella or Kelsi? Or maybe, just maybe, Taylor? I want to know who you think should be saying this.