I look at you,

You sat there.

O how we would make,

Make a great pair.

You were daydreaming too,

I wonder what about.

I dream about you,

Day in and day out.

In the distance,

I hear a shout.

It gets louder;

"Everyone get out!"

I see smoke,

It curls under the door.

The sprinkles go but,

The water I ignore.

You reach out for me,

Grab me and run,

So does everyone else,

They go one-by-one.

Out of the door,

Out the window,

All are rushing,

To the ground below.

But not you,

We go a different route.

The flames follow us,

As if in pursuit.

We run,

Run far way,

Push the door closed and hope it keeps,

Keeps the flames at bay.

Your golden blonde hair,

It flies over your shoulders,

As the ceiling falls,

Falls in chunks large as boulders.

One falls on my head,

Everything goes black.

The darkness,

I can't hold it back.

Sorry this update sucks. But hey I tried. It's kinda hard writing it when you don't know who is saying it lol.

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The Forbidden Love Child of Roger