Originally I was gonna end the intro at chapter 3, but I felt that the story wasn't complete. So, I wrote a fourth chapter from Linda's point of view.
This is supposed to be an extra scene after the credits (eg Pirates of the Carribean).

I was woken up by the sound of Jessica screaming. Then it slowly faded away until it was gone. I got up, and looked around
for her. Strangely enough, Jessica's parents were still sleeping. I thought it would be rude to wake them up, so I just went
downstairs. That's where it seemed the screams were coming from. I found the bathroom door closed. It was the only door
downstairs that was closed. I opened it.

"Jessica? Are you in here?"

I opened the door. It was dark. I turned the light on. The room was exactly the way me and Jessica left it, except that
now there was a video camera on top of the toilet. I picked it up. I turned the light off, and closed the door. I went into the
den to play the camera.

I saw Jessica go up to the mirror. She checked her hair. I wondered what she would do. My suspicions were confirmed.

"Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary."

After she said bloody mary the fourth time, the video was noticably darker...

While Linda was watching the video tape, the candles in the bathroom flickered to life.

Jessica said the last bloody mary in the chant. The candles flickered, but didn't go out.

A bloody hand came out from the shadows and slammed against the shower door. It left a handprint.

The hand dissapeared.


Thank you for reading! This is the first story I wrote (and completed) and the first story I submitted onto fanfiction. net. Thanx for the good reviews. :)