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Chapter Twelve: Spirited Away

Kagome sat atop the stairs that lead to the main hall. The dull sheen and bloodstains of her blades had begun to bother her. They were overdue for a good cleaning.

She was still fuming from her encounter with Eowyn and Legolas. He had followed her but she just didn't have the patience to deal with him at the moment. So, she had run till he had given up on finding her. Yet, here she was again.

Kagome dragged a dirty rag across the hilt meticulously as she attempted to clean the dried stains. Dark nuzzled against her legs as he attempted to calm her nerves.

She felt heavy footsteps come up beside her until they came to a halt.

Aragorn sat beside her after a few moments. For a while they both said nothing until Aragorn decided to speak up.

"A penny for your thoughts?" he said, smiling.

"Bugger off Ara. I'm not in the mood right now" groaned Kagome. Her face shifted into a frown unknowingly as she stopped her ministrations on her blade.

"Oh? And what has gotten little Kagome's knickers in a twist?" he grinned at her as she punched him the arm.

"Nothing" she huffed.

"Oh really? I doubt that" he said, his grin growing even larger if that was even possible.

"Doubt all you like, it doesn't matter to me" she argued stubbornly.

Aragorn poked her in the side as she shrunk away from him.

"Don't do that" she whined. "I'm really ticklish"

"Oh really?" he grinned.

"Shouldn't have said that" she concluded as he continued to poke her in the stomach as her body shook with laughter.

"Stop!" she exclaimed, gasping for breath.

His fingers continued to ghost over her skin as she shook visibly.

He finally stopped his assault as she broke away from him with tears in her eyes. She wiped them quickly as her face broke out in a grin.

"We must keep our wits about us Kagome" said Aragorn.

"These people are leaving their homes. They need us now more than ever. We are the ones that must have a strong facade. We must be strong for these people" said Aragorn.

Kagome nodded in understanding. As much as Eowyn bothered her she would never show it to anyone.

Aragorn patted her thigh gently as he stood and proceeded down the steps. Kagome sighed deeply and pulled on her happy face. There was no time for feeling sorry for yourself.

"That is true" murmured Dark in her mind. "But you have to get over these feelings of jealousy you have. It may cause more trouble than it's worth"

"I know Dark... I know... It's just hard for me" she whispered in her mind reflecting back to the numerous times she had been compared to Kikyo. She couldn't count the times Inuyasha had told her she was nothing in comparison to Kikyo. The feeling of inferiority consumed her.

She stood and stepped towards the door that led to the main hall. Two armored men stood guard at its entrance. Reaching towards the door handle she pulled it softly as it creaked open in response.

Murmured voices filtered through the hall as she listened through the small gap in the door.

"I fear neither death nor pain" came a feminine voice.

"What do you fear then, my lady?"

"A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them. All chance of valor would be beyond recall or desire" murmured the woman again.

Peaking out from behind the door, she swung it open.

"You are the daughter of kings... A sheildmaiden of Rohan. I do not think that will be your fate"

She looked up to the owner of the voice. Only to see a blonde head full of hair turned away from her.

Kagome felt her heart tighten as she noticed the deserted nature of the hall. It was just Eowyn and Legolas. Alone. In a room. Together. Her breath caught in her room.

Eowyn stared at Legolas and then switched her gaze to Kagome. Then back to Legolas.

Legolas turned slowly noticing there was another presence in the room. His eyes widened slightly when he noticed it was Kagome.

"Kagome" he breathed.

Kagome released the breath that she had not known she was holding. Eowyn silently slipped out of the room, carrying a sword with her.

"Legolas" she murmured as she watched him step closer. His arms slipped around her waist as he pulled her into a hug.

She pressed her lips softly to his. A chaste kiss that caused the butterflies in her stomach to flutter wildly.

Legolas smiled in response as she went to deepen it.

Her tongue met his in a dance as she fused their mouths together. Lips, tongue and teeth clashing. Everything she was feeling was let out. All her insecurities. All her fears. Everything.

She tugged on his lower lip with her teeth as he let out a low groan pulling her tighter against him. She felt something in her stomach tighten. The urge to wrap herself in him was overwhelming.

They drew apart. His soft breaths caressing her swollen lips. She sighed in contentment drawing her lips to his ear.

"Kagome" he whispered, attempting to draw her attention.

Her tongue traced the shell of his ear before her teeth bit down on the fleshy lobe.

He gasped softy, "We need to go, Kagome. The others are all leaving. We can't afford distractions"

"But what if I want to be distracted?" she whispered in his ear breathing across the soft bite marks to cool them.

He stuttered, words attempting to form but dying on his lips.

Kagome pulled away and looked into his glazed over eyes. She was angry with herself. There wasn't time for distractions on this mission. Falling in love with Inuyasha had taught her that. Here she was again... with the cycle doomed to repeat itself.

"You seemed pretty okay with the distraction Eowyn had caused" she shot, furrowing her brows.

His eyes widened as she turned and went to pull away from him. His arms held steadfast around her waist from where he had locked them earlier.

She frowned at his hands interlocked on her hips. Her fingers gently rested over top his own.

"K-Kagome" he breathed into her ear, unsure.

The air around them was tense and thick. She felt like she was suffocating. She couldn't breathe.

She peeled his arms off of her and shrugged him off. Something should have been said there. Kagome didn't know what.

Opening the heavy doors to the hall she slipped out into the fresh air. Her knees felt weak from the kiss but her head was hot and fuzzy for another reason.

Kagome felt like she made things a whole lot more complicated than they should have been. She made a big deal out of nothing. Maybe she should go back and apologize?


She had to let him know how she felt. Lying to him was not good. Lying to herself was even worse.

She felt Dark's muscles tense below her with each step he took forward. Kagome laid a kiss to the crescent moon on his fuzzy head as he purred in contentment.

They were on their way to Helm's Deep. The villagers trudged along beside them. Some of them stumbled along from the strenuousjourney.

"It's true you don't see many dwarf women" stated Gimli amidst the silence. "And in fact, they are so alike in voice and appearance. They are often mistaken for dwarf men!"

Kagome giggled softly to herself at this and Gimli gave her an impish grin. She watched as Eowyn kept sneaking looks at Legolas.

Her brows furrowed in annoyance.

"It's the beards" commented Aragorn.

She met his eyes and he smiled encouragingly at her. Kagome met his smile with one of her own. It slipped from her features as soon as he turned his back.

"This in turn has given rise to the belief that there are no dwarven women. That dwarves just spring out of holes in the ground!"

Kagome smiled at Gimli once more while Eowyn laughed softly.

"Which is of course ridiculous!" he stated laughing heartily. He let out a slight yelp as he slipped off his horse and hit the ground hard landing on his bottom.

Kagome covered her mouth with her hand to stifle her laughter.

"It's all right!" called Gimli to those around him that seemed startled by his sudden fall. "It's all right! Nobody panic. That was deliberate!" he tried to assure those around him.

"Oh Gimli!" smiled Kagome. "You're hopeless!"

She grabbed the dwarf by his tunic and hoisted him onto Dark's back. Dark let out a slight yelp at the added weight.

"What did he just say to me?" questioned Gimli with a slight frown.

Kagome raised her eyebrow at Gimli as he peered over her shoulder at Dark.

"He says that he's never carried an unruly dwarf before. But he'll make an exception just because you make me laugh" she laughed.

"Indeed" purred Dark as the sound vibrated throughout his body.

"Oh... Very well then!" chirped Gimli.

They had stopped to take rest. The villagers seemed tired and Kagome wished there was something she could give them to ease their tired feet. But she had been rather distracted and flustered before the departure so she didn't pick up anything but her own belongings.

Her eyes darted up to see Eowyn walking amongst the people with a pot of stew. She approached their makeshift group that consisted of Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn and herself.

"Why does she have to be so perfect all the time? She's beautiful and kind-hearted and here I am sitting and sulking. I feel like a cold-hearted bitch" thought Kagome, frowning.

Her eyes fell upon Legolas' form stretched out on the grass. Aragorn ruffled her hair softly as he took a seat beside her.


Kagome's eyes darted to the scruffy dwarf who stood a little bit away from the group. Eowyn was offering some of her stew.

"No. I couldn't. Really" he stated, waving her away with a smile.

She went to approach Legolas next, much to Kagome's obvious dislike. Aragorn elbowed her softly as their eyes met. His were full of unanswered questions.

Legolas sat up as she crouched next to him.

"I made some stew, Legolas. It isn't much... But it's hot" she said, smiling gently at him. She handed him a spoon and a bowl.

Legolas smiled at her and accepted the offering graciously. Kagome frowned further. She tried to remind herself that it was just in his nature to be his kind and mannered self.

"Thank you"

She turned towards Kagome and Aragorn. Kagome couldn't help but shoot daggers at her.


"No" she spoke out softly. She sighed to herself. It wasn't her fault right? It wouldn't make sense to make enemies. Especially enemies with King Théoden's niece.

Eowyn's mouth tilted into a frown of confusion as she then turned to Aragorn. Kagome stepped a little ways away from the two as they began to converse. She wrapped her arms around herself in an attempt to hold herself together. Tears filled her eyes but she shut her eyes tightly. She refused to let her pain show. She had to be strong.

Kagome felt a pair of eyes on her. She had a good guess as to who it was but she refused to answer his gaze.

"My Uncle told me a strange thing. He said that you rode to war with Thengel, my grandfather. But he must be mistaken..." said Eowyn softly.

Aragorn coughed from his spoonful of soup. "King Théoden has a good memory. He was only a small child at the time.

"Then you must be at least sixty... Seventy even! But you cannot be eighty!" she sputtered in disbelief.

"Eighty-seven actually..." mumbled Aragorn.

"You must be one of the Dunedaine. A descendant of Numenor... blessed with a long life. It was said that your race had passed into legend!" she continued, eyes sparkling with intrigue.

"There are a few of us left" said Aragorn as he stared into her eyes. The Northern Kingdom was destroyed long ago"

"I'm sorry!" She shot out. "Please eat!" she urged.

Aragorn nodded.

They had begun their journey once again after a day of rest. Kagome walked along with the others giving Dark his rest. He had spent all night awake in case of intruders. He didn't trust Théoden's men with the job.

She smiled down at Dark who was curled up like a small child in her arms.

Kagome felt a presence near her. She turned to see Legolas at the mention of her name


She looked down at her feet. Before he could say another word she couldn't help herself.

"I'm sorry" she blurted out then blushed at her hasty nature.

Dark shifted in her arms and opened his glazed over eyes. Noticing their current situation, he yawned widely and hopped out of her arms. Seemingly skipping out on the sap fest. He hopped over to Gimli who complained about having to house a chubby cat.

There was silence for a moment before Legolas spoke up.

"You don't have to apologize... I should have realized" mumbled Legolas as he looked into her eyes. He was searching for forgiveness. It made her heart break.

"No, Legolas. I really am sorry. I should trust you" she whispered, stopping in her tracks. "You've been so good to me... So good"

She caressed his smooth cheek with her hand as he stopped beside her. His eyes closed at the feel of her hand on his skin.

"I just... I've always been compared to others. Constantly feeling like I'm not good enough. Like I'll never be good enough"

"But Kagome-"

"No!" she said somewhat loudly. "Let me finish"

He nodded for her to continue, his fingers tangling with hers for support.

"I feel like for the first time in my life... I've found something I can hold onto. Something I can call mine" she blushed at that.

"I'm just so happy to be with you... You can't imagine how happy you make me. But, I'm so scared to lose you. That you'll find something better..." she whispers. Her knees were shaking. Legolas seemed to notice and pulled her to him. He let out a sigh of satisfaction at the feeling of having her near him again.

They're noses touched. She nuzzled him softly, giving him an Eskimo kiss.

"What I'm trying to say is that I think I may be falling-"

"What is it, Hama?" shouted Gamling.

Horses whinnied in the distance and it reminded Kagome about where she was. She pulled away reluctantly from Legolas. She heard him curse under his breath as he stared unimpressed at the two guards. She smiled and rubbed circles across the back of his hand.

"I'm not sure" stated Hama as he glanced around.

"Watch out!" shouted Aragorn as a mass of fur came charging from atop a mound of rock. It landed on top of Hama and fiercely bit into the man's face tearing it apart.

The man's screams seemed to pierce the confusion that was all around them.

Legolas swiftly lifted an arrow to his bow and let it fly right into the wargs side. It keeled over in pain.

"A scout!" called Legolas.

"Wargs!" screamed Aragorn. "We are under attack!"

Panic ensued as the villagers seemed to scatter. Many looked to their king for an answer.

"All riders! To the head of the column!" shouted Théoden.

"Dark!" screamed Kagome as the little ball of fur weaved through the stampeding villagers. He transformed in a blur of fire and ice. She grasped his fur and hoisted herself atop his back dragging Legolas along with her.

"Kagome! A pack heads this way!" shouted Legolas from behind her.

"Got it" confirmed Dark as he rerouted to face the pack head on.

"Make for the lower ground. Stick together!" shouted Eowyn as she attempted to usher the villagers together.

"Forward! March Forward!" huffed Gimli as his horse seemed distraught.

"Legolas!" she shouted.

He looked at her in affirmation. The other riders seemed to follow up behind the trio.

"This may be crazy... But I need you to trust me" she shouted above the commotion. "Cover me!"

She launched herself off of Darks back just as Dark rounded the enemy, leaving Legolas screaming her name.

Her heart pumped in her ears as she landed amidst the snarling orcs. She whipped out her katana and axe, swinging them both around her in an arc slicing open wounds on the wargs legs.

The wargs fell to the ground, crippled. The orcs seemed to roar at her in fury as they tumbled to the ground as well. She grinned devilishly as many flew past her towards the humans. She felt the ground rumble as the humans and the warg riders clashed together behind her.

She noticed Gimli in the distance fall off his horse.

"Gimli! Behind you!" she shouted as she noticed a warg come up behind the dwarf.

"Bring your pretty face to meet my axe!" he shouted to the growling warg.

An arrow tore clean through the wargs side as Legolas raced by on Dark. They seemed to be a blur of color as they raced around.

"That one counts as mine!" growled Gimli as he shook his axe at Legolas. The dead warg shrugged forwards and landed ontop of Gimli. He attempted to shove the dead carcass off him to no avail.

Legolas' laughter rung out behind him.

Gimli shouted in fury as a rider appeared behind the dead warg. Kagome sprinted forwards and threw her axe right at the orc's head. It connected and the orc fell over with a cry.

A warg appeared to her right as Kagome's grip on her katana tightened. A spear drove through the side of the wargs face as it yipped from the pain.

She heard a harsh hiss from her side as she felt blood splatter across her clothing.

Kagome gasped as she took Dark's quivering form beside her. A warg was attached to his side and refused to relinquish its grip on Dark.

"Dark!" she shouted. A gust of wind indicated that Dark had taken to the skies. An arrow whizzed past her face. She turned to see an orc wielding an axe keel over. She turned and met the worried gaze of Legolas whom she nodded to and continued on.

Kagome was inept at these sort of wars. She would have to be extra careful or she might end up maimed. Or worse, dead.

"If he won't let go... I'll MAKE him!" screamed Dark in her mind.

The warg whimpered as its feet left the ground. Dark was struggling with the weight. The warg seemed to latch on even tighter digging his teeth deeper into Darks side.

His lungs seemed to lose their air as Dark howled in pain and plummeted back to the ground. A few unsuspecting orcs were below and were met with the weight of a warg and a giant neko.

The wargs grip on Darks leg slackened as Dark immediately turned in fury. He turned in fury only to feel an axe bite into his hind leg.

Kagome swore she heard Dark screaming in her mind as she turned to look at him.

An orc had dared lay its hands on him. She let out a harsh scream as she felt pure anger surge through her as she sprinted towards him. Before she could do anything, Dark's mouth clamped onto the orcs head and ripped it clean off. The black blood of the orc dripped from Darks fangs as he spat out the head.

His eyes were wild when he turned to her. He seemed to be in a sort of bloodlust. His eyes widened suddenly as his pupils dilated.

"Behind you!"

A force threw Kagome off her feet as she landed on her back. Pain seemed to travel up her spine as she cried out.

She stood up shakily as she realized her enemy was waiting for her to stand up. Dark seemed to be preoccupied with the remaining wargs so she couldn't call out to him for help.

She was on her own this time.

Her eyes blurred as she took in the form in front of her.

A man clad in a baboon pelt.

Kagome's breath left her as she cried out.

"It can't be!" she screamed as the ruckus around her seemed to dull into a background noise. "I killed you! I swear I killed you!"

"Think again young Kagome" came a deep voice that caused her bones to weaken. The fight in her seemed to drain as she paled visibly.

Memories seemed to flood her mind as he rushed towards her. His body connected with hers and sent her flying. She felt no ground below her. The wind rushed past her face as the man held onto her.

His pelt flew off as his dark hair streamlined behind him. Those red eyes focused on her face as his sinister grin froze her entire body.

"Where is my Shikon no Tama, Kagome?"

Legolas searched for Kagome as the fighting slowly came to a stop. Eventually, Gimli joined him in his search.

He tried to call her name but no response was heard. His heart seemed to pick up its pace as he slowly began to panic. What if she had been killed?

The laughter of an orc broke his thoughts. Dark seemed to have his large paw on the orcs chest, cutting off his breathing. The cat growled fiercely at the orc even though he seemed to be in obvious pain. He looked to Legolas in desperation.

"Tell me what happened and I will ease your passing!" shouted Gimli into the orcs face, his axe inches from his neck.

"She's-" wheezed the orc as Dark put more pressure on his chest. "Dead" he coughed out. "She tumbled off the cliff" he laughed lowly until he was interrupted by a harsh coughing fit.

Legolas felt his heart go numb with pain. He felt cold. No. This couldn't be happening. She had only just come into his life. There hadn't been enough time!

Legolas gripped the orcs tunic and pulled him closer. "You lie!" he screamed, blue eyes ablaze with fury. The orcs eyes closed slowly as his laughter died down.

Legolas looked down into the orcs hands as tears spilled from his eyes. He ripped it from the orcs cold hands and stared on in confusion. A clue? But this made no sense!

It was a bloody, tattered baboon mask.

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