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Sasuke awoke with a smile, curled in his arms was Naruto, he was moaning in his sleep; probably dreaming about what had happened last night. He brushed a hand down the blonde's side, he wrapped his slim fingers around his limp member and squeezed it gently; Naruto woke up and clutched Sasuke's shoulders.

"Teme. I can't take any-AHHH!" The raven began to pump his dick. Naruto moaned and arched against him. "Stop, no more!" Sasuke grinned as he moved down his body and took him into his mouth. Naruto panted and moaned as Sasuke continued to move his mouth over the heated flesh.

"You lasted much longer than last night, dobe, you're getting better." He purred against his thigh.

"S-stop doing th-that," Naruto hissed when the raven attempted to take him again. "Any more and I won't be able to move at all, teme."

"That may be my goal now," He whispered in a husky voice. The blond shoved him playfully in the ribs. "Let's get dressed," He reached for the light and it turned on. Both teens found their clothes and dressed, though Naruto had to find his extra shirt since Sasuke had ripped the other up.

The Uchiha helped the Kitsune child hobble into the front room, he'd been a bit too rough with him. They sat in silence but jumped when the front door swung open.

"Oh, there you two are. You guys okay?" Both teens glared at their sensei. "Pack up and let's get back to the village," Kakashi chuckled when the two teens darted into the bedroom for their stuff. Sasuke supported Naruto on their way back, occasionally offering to carry him on his back. Once they returned they gave a sigh but something didn't seem right…..

"Lady Tsunade wants to speak with you two before the Medical Nin give you the all clear." Kakashi said as they walked into the village.

"Let's go see what ba-chan wants," Naruto mumbled.

Hokage's office

Tsunade smirked as the three men entered her office, Naruto and Sasuke looked tired but otherwise okay.

"It's been a week, how do you two feel?"

"HOW DO YOU THINK WE FEEL?!" They shouted in unison.

"Okay, settle down. How did you two end up trapped in the mountains?"

"Not sure really, the door kind of locked itself," Sasuke explained.

"You can thank Kakashi for that," Tsunade's smirk widened as the teens glared at their sensei.

"YOU LOCKED US IN THERE?!" They shouted.

"Yes, but only on Lady Tsunade's order," Naruto turned to the Hokage.

"Is it true?"

"Yeah, I gave him the order to lock you two in the cabin but only because half the village could tell that you were sexually frusterated….. Sasuke," The raven blushed and looked away. "Bring them to the Medical core before they kill someone."

2 hours later

A medic Nin approached the boys with two clipboards, he was smiling which meant good news.

"Well, you both check out just fine, aside from a few bruises and scratchs anyway." Both boys gave a sigh of relief. "Oh, and Naruto's pregnant," The blond went pale and fainted against Sasuke who was too shocked to even speak.

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