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"Do you Herigh hereby solemnly swear to abide by the rules set before you by the unseelie and King Roiben?"

"I do," was the quiet but strong response from the boy kneeling before the thrown, his dark black hair growing in moments from short and wild to long and straight. Suddenly he collapsed onto the floor before him, two large wings bursting out from his back. The wings now expanded covered the majority of his back, outlined in black the main color was emerald green and had some sort of pattern across them in a silvery sort of black. Straightening his posture once more, he opened his eyes; the color of his iris matching his new wings seemed to take over the entirety of his eye before returning back to normal.

"You have now come into your rightful inheritance Herigh." The regal blonde upon the throne stated. "However you must return to ironside. You have a job to complete. As you are only a maternal half fae you should not be as affected in there world as if you were of pure fae blood. However you must be careful of your glamour. Keep it on at all times. No one must know of your true heritage, it will be the only thing that will allow you to defeat the Dark Lord." Looking up at the king, Herigh nodded once and looked back down. "I will send you back now Herigh; remember you are no longer alone. We are always watching over you, all you need do is call and we will be there. Now wake-up young fae, your uncle is calling for you."

"BOY!" Vernon screamed up the stairs. Harry jumped up starting at his usual wake up call. Vaguely recalling the dream he just woke from. It had seemed so real, yet he knew it couldn't be, for he was still here. He was still just Harry Potter, the boy-who-just-couldn't-die. Sighing he trudged down the stairs and into the kitchen to prepare his "family" some breakfast.

Just as he was finishing the toast; the rest of breakfast already sitting on the table; his overly large cousin waddled through the door. Looking up at Harry, Dudley screamed "Dad the freaks gone and done something freaky again," His uncles' thunderous footsteps stomping down the stairs and into the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen Vernon stopped dead in his tracks, his wife who had been following him ran into him falling onto the kitchen floor. She screamed as she looked up and saw Harry. "W...w…what have you done now," She spat "What are you talking about," Harry asked. "Those things, what are those hideous things growing from you back, boy?" His uncle asked finally getting his voice back. "What things?" Harry asked, looking at his reflection in the toaster he notice the two wings that had grown out of his back in his dream. The fluttered spastically hitting his hair which he noticed was now a bout two inches past his shoulders. "Merlin's beard, it wasn't a dream." He now looked at the rest of his changes; his once permanently tan skin was now a milky white, his body now filled out of his malnutrition, and he looked even more feminine than ever before. He was torn from his observations when he heard his uncle screaming at him. "You unnatural little freak," Vernon spat, "How dare you bring more of your freakishness into my house. Get out, now, before I kick you out. You are no longer welcome here. If you're not gone in half an hour I'll make you regret ever coming here in the first place." His face now a disgusting shade of purple, Harry just sneered at him and hissed, "Like I'd ever choose to stay here." He calmly walked out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and into his bedroom where he promptly plopped face first on his bed in tears. 'Why does everything always have to happen to me?' He thought, curling up on his side trying not to disturb his new wings that were still fluttering from time to time. Quietly he threw up a silencing and locking charm, and quickly fell into a restless sleep.

Two deep black orbs were all he saw, they followed him wherever he went. What were they doing here, what did they mean? 'They almost look like eyes,' he pondered. All of a sudden there was a large face. A face around those deep orbs. Not just any face, his face; the face that had been haunting his dreams, lurking in the shadows, following him tormenting him with that deep gaze, and those fathomless eyes, so full of emotion that never dared to show itself on his hardened face. That face so smooth and pale, almost always emotionless, except for here. Here his face was flooded with all the emotion his eyes carried. Here he begged and pleaded me to take the pain away, to keep him safe. I tried to talk to him, how was I supposed to keep him safe if I couldn't even protect myself? His only response was the emotion in his eyes doubling, pleading with me. His face started to fade away now. Just as always, he was almost gone now. When just his eyes and mouth remained he whispered, "Please, please master, save me."

Gasping Harry awoke from his dream, his eyes glowing. 'He spoke,' Harry thought. 'He's never spoken before.' Harry had been having those dreams most of last term. At first they scared him. What was it suppose to mean, dreaming such ways, and of his professor. Not just any professor though, no he dreamt of the most hated professor in Hogwarts. The nastiest, greasy, potions master, the one everyone feared and hated. Everyone that is except Harry, no Harry had never hated Snape, in fact just the opposite. Harry admired his professor and held a deep respect for him. When the dreams had started it was just the two orbs, then months later his face, and now he spoke. "Master," Harry whispered. It seemed almost right when he heard Snape say that word. Severus Snape, or rather a dream Severus Snape, had declared Harry his master. "My Severus," Harry whispered, "My Severus," he tried a little bit louder. It seemed so right, Severus was his. And Harry would let everyone know. He would make the real Severus realize that Harry owned him, and to do that he had to go to Hogwarts. "Well to Hogwarts it is then," he said as he hoisted himself off of his bed, collected his stuff and released Hedwig from her cage. "Go to Hogwarts, girl I'll meet you there." He glanced over at his clock and figured everyone should be asleep. He snuck down the stairs and out the door. He was just about to mount his broom when he remembered his wings. Deciding to use them he began to concentrate on them. He thought about them moving faster and faster, he concentrated on that feeling of being airborne. When he opened his eyes he saw that he was hovering about ten feet from the ground. Smiling he concentrated on moving further up in to the night sky. He casted a disillusionment spell on himself and took off in to the night sky. When was hovering high above the houses he cast the compass charm to point him in the general direction of the forbidden forest, knowing that Hogwarts' protective charms made her unplottable.

After flying for what seemed like hours, Harry was exhausted. "Maybe I should have just flown my broom, my wings are killing me," just as he spoke he sighted the forbidden forest. Taking in account where he was he flew in the direction he figured Hogwarts would be.

"Yes" Harry exclaimed. After about twenty more minutes of flying he had found Hogwarts. Now completely exhausted he flew down and quietly entered the building. Remembering what King Roiben had said about glamour, he concentrated on how he looked just yesterday. Feeling his magic react to his thoughts, he knew he would be safe enough to travel through Hogwarts without drawing to much suspicion. Knowing the Gryffindor tower was probably locked for the summer, he made his way down to the infirmary, knowing Madam Pomfrey would always let him borrow a cot if he needed. As he opened the large doors he heard Madam Pomfrey voice, "Yes, who's there?" Entering he responded, "It's me Poppy. I need a place to sleep for the night." Gasping Madam Pomfrey rushed forward. "Harry, what are you doing here," Concern Flashed in her eyes. Harry let down his glamour, "I came into my inheritance last night," he said quietly, "and this morning they threw me out." Tears formed in her eyes, Madam Pomfrey lead Harry over to one of the privet rooms. "Thank you Poppy. Oh, and please do not tell Dumbledore I am here. I would like to surprise him myself." Smiling Madam Pomfrey agreed and left Harry to get some sleep. Glancing at the wall, Harry gasped as he saw the clock read only one am. What had seemed like hours had only been two. Laying down he quickly fell asleep to dream once more of those never ending black eyes and that roughly whispered "Master."