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Slowly waking up the next morning, Severus turned over to see Harry still fast asleep. 'How did this happen so fast?' He thought. 'How could I have let this happen so fast? It's so unlike me.' Harry turned over in his sleep, now facing Severus. 'Why was I so willing to give everything I have to him, all my freedom, my loyalty, my body, why would I have done this so quickly, it's so unlike me.' He looked at the beautiful sleeping boy in front of him. 'Boy… that's all he is. A young boy at that, far too young for such an old man as I, why would he choose to be with me? Why would he risk his life for mine? It wouldn't be worth it. My life has had no other meaning than this war. It has controlled my life as far as I can remember. And when the war ends, so ends my usefulness in this world. Then what is to become of me, should I possibly survive, would he still want me? Am I only a convenience of war? Would he use me as Dumbledore, or the Dark Lord? How does this master/servant thing work between us, am I to become his personal slave? Come at his every beck and call, have food prepared before he knows he wants it, warm his bed every night? How far will this boy take this connection? And what type of connection is this, how could he ever learn to love me.' Worry filled his now unfocused, unseeing eyes. The normally astute man never noticed the emerald jewels appear before him.

"What is wrong sashin?" Harry asked quietly.

Shock took over in Severus' eyes, only to be hidden a moment later. "Nothing is wrong master, why would anything be wrong?"

"Do not lie to me Severus. I saw your eyes. What were you worrying about?" Harry sat up, his eyes now cold and angry. Severus saw the change in the usually sparkling gems, and realized how serious Harry was.

Sighing Severus thought how best to word his worries, "I think I'm worried about everything. You know, how this all happened so fast, what will happen when everything is over. It surprises me that I can fall so fast for someone who I once disliked. It seems like over night my entire life has changed, and I don't think I'm as nervous as I think I should be." He paused for a moment to gather his thoughts some more. "I don't understand why you chose me. Did I seem like the best ally to have in this fight, because I knew both sides?" He looked at Harry worry filling his eyes.

"You think I chose you because of the war? Of course not, yes seeing your conviction towards stopping the war did stop and make me think about you, but that was years ago and only resulted in my growing respect for you. No Severus, I chose you because over the past year and a half my feelings from you grew even further, from respect to admiration, and then once I went through my inheritance it turned to love. But I told you before Severus, you are the one with the final decision. You get to choose whether or not you want to keep me." Harry gently touched Severus' face, his eyes back to there sparkling selves. "Is that all that's bothering you Sashin?" He asked already knowing there was something else.

"No. Well I guess it was already covered but I guess I'm still worried about the outcome of this war. Will you still need me if I stay with you? Would you abandon me once my usefulness was up?" He whispered quietly as he turned his head away from Harry's touch.

"My staying with you has absolutely nothing to do with this war Sashin. I love you for who you are not any usefulness you may or may not have. And should you choose to stay with me after the year is up, then you should know even if I wanted to leave you, which I don't, I wouldn't be able to. You hold all the cards in that part of the relationship. But you only have a certain time to figure it out. Perhaps I should give you a day or so to think things through. I would be harder if I were here all the time persuading your submissive side to me. I shall go visit my king for a while. I need to talk to him either way." Harry kissed the top of Severus' head, got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom.

Severus though about what Harry had said and his idea while Harry was in the bathroom. 'I guess I could use the time to figure out what is best. And I do feel more compelled to be with him if he's close by. But what if something goes wrong, what if I need to get in contact with him right away. What if, what if I can't control my submissive side when he's not around?' Severus thought back on how he was behaving those months he was having those dreams, before Harry came to him. He was more volatile than ever, snapping at everyone with in a miles distance to him. 'What if my anger gets even more out of control now that I know who my mate is? Now I know who it is that calms me down better than Dumbledore's precious lemon drops, what if I get to far out of control.'

"Go to sleep." Harry said stepping out of the bathroom.

Severus looked at him funnily, "Why, I'm not tired. I just woke up."

Laughing Harry crossed the room and opened his wardrobe. "No, silly sashin, I meant go to sleep when you feel your emotions running amuck. We are connected now, no matter where I go. When you sleep your dreams are connected with me. Plus I'm not really going anywhere. It's far easier to reach the unseelie court through meditation than actually going there. If you need me desperately, go see Madam Pomfrey, she know how to wake me from my meditation. Only use it for emergencies though. If you need me otherwise, to calm you just take a nap."

"How did you know what I was thinking?" Severus said, shocked at the answer to his unvoiced question.

"You were mumbling while you thought." Harry laughed. "I guess you never noticed."

Harry pulled on a pair of loose black yoga pants and slid on his emerald green cloak forgetting to clasp it on purpose. He turned around to face Severus and noticed his look as his eyes swept over Harry's body. "You have to think things through with out my distraction sashin," Harry said walking towards the bed Severus still sat on. "Sashin? Are you paying attention?" Harry reached the bed and pulled Severus' face up to meet his eyes. "For Merlin's sake sashin, it's like you've never seen my body before." Severus blushed fiercely, embarrassed he let his hormones and emotions get the better of him.

"Sorry master," he whispered hanging his head down so his eyes where set upon his lap, "I promise never to stare again." His submissive side shining brightly though.

"Now, now I never said that. I like when you look at me. Makes me think you might actually choose to stay with me." Harry said kneeling down in front of Severus. He lifted Severus' head once more to look him in the eyes. "Feel free to look at me as much as you want my dear sashin. Merlin knows how much I watch you. Just try and pay attention to what I'm saying too." Seeing Severus come out of his submissive pose, Harry let go of his head.

"I'm sorry for not listening, but I don't know how you expect me to pay any attention to what your saying if your dressed like that." Severus said once again raking his eyes across Harry's chest.

Laughing deeply Harry stood and looked at the reflection of himself in the mirror. "I suppose it is sort of reveling. But I need to be as comfortable as I can if I'm going into a meditative state for two days, don't you thing." Severus nodded, barely listening to what Harry said. "Though if I knew you would have appreciated this style as much as you seem to, I would have started dressing myself in far less quite a while ago." Harry glanced over towards Severus taking in his almost agape expression. Thinking quickly, Harry slowly started to pull the cloak down off his shoulders, watching Severus gulp in anticipation. 'Now isn't that an interesting discovery' Harry thought, slowly letting the silken fabric drop farther down his arm and chest. Harry liked the feelings he felt radiating off of his mate. "Sssassshin," Harry hissed almost reverting to Parseltounge. Severus snapped out of his daze when he hear Harry's snake like call. He slowly raised his head to meet Harry's eyes, gulping audibly when he realized the expression in Harry's almost glowing eyes. Confused by the sudden amount of lust in Harry's eyes Severus went to say something, but was stopped by Harry's mouth that had suddenly attached itself to Severus'. Deepening the kiss when he heard Severus' moan, Harry managed to maneuver them both onto the bed. Breaking the kiss Harry, now astride Severus, began trailing kisses across the side of his face, down his neck till he reached the crook of his neck where he had previously marked. Biting hard he could feel the blood just below the surface of Severus' skin, confused as to where it was suppose to go. Rush upwards towards the suckling mouth, or downwards toward the ever growing erection the bite was producing. Hearing the never ending moans coming from his mates mouth, Harry released the skin making the decision for the blood, which quickly rushed southward, and continued his own trail south down the smooth semi marked skin. "Did I ever tell you just how beautiful I thought you were sashin?" Harry muttered between kissing, licking and nipping at all the glorious skin before him. "N…No" Severus managed to stutter between the groaning moans. Harry stopped for a moment and started into the onyx eyes before him. Ignoring Severus' whimpers at the loss of Harry's mouth, Harry sat up and said, "No matter what happens between us, no matter what you decide, always know that I love you, and that I think you are the most beautiful person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. And that's not just the attraction of two mates; I have been attracted to you long before I knew of my heritage. Remember that while your thinking," Harry then slid back down Severus' body and resumed his exploration of his mates body.

An hour and two more showers later, Harry said good bye to Severus and left for the infirmary. Walking into the sterilized room he instantly spotted Madam Pomfrey's office door open. Knowing she only left that door open when she was inside; he quickly walked over to her office and peeked in his head. "Do you mind a moment's interruption Poppy?" He asked already walking through the door frame.

"Well as long as I seem to have a bit of a choice," she chuckled, "Your always welcome here Harry." She pointed towards a chair, but Harry chose to stand,

"I wont be in your way for long Poppy, I only request the use of my room for two days time." He asked cordially knowing Poppy would only ask what she thought was appropriate with his current tone of voice.

"And may I inquire as to why you feel the need to request your own rooms?" She answered in her own fashion, looks asking far more than the words she spoke.

"I wish to visit my king. As you know of my fairy ways, I shall enter a state of meditation in which I cannot be torn away from easily. I simply thought it would be polite of me to inform you, rather than you stumble upon my body."

His tone worried the old nurse enough that she broke out of her civilized speech pattern into her motherly tone. "Harry dear, you know you can tell me what's wrong. And don't you dare lie to me mister. I know your tones of voice, and you only use such a proper tone when your upset. Now dish." She folded her arms across her chest and waited for Harry to start talking.

"I'm not upset. Not yet at least, though I am worried. It's Severus; he's not taking it as well as I thought he was. He seems worried that I chose him only because he would be a worthy asset to the war, and once it was over that I'd throw him off to the side. I don't think he quite understands just how many cards he holds in his hands." Harry sighed looking off to the side.

"Well then my dear, teach him how to play the game. I'm sure the distance will help put things in prospective for the both of you. He will see the pain you go through being apart from him. Why is it you chose two days Harry?" Madam Pomfrey asked, "You know very well that your king will grant your wish right away."

Harry turned his attention back to Madam Pomfrey, "Because he needs to make this decision without the guilt of the bond on him. By the time I come back he will only begin to feel the strain of the separation. His mind will be clear enough to decide if he wants me or not."

"And what of your own sanity Harry, you know by the second day you will be worse for wear. Even if your body is only meters away, the fact that your spirit will be much farther will only numb the effects so much." Madam Pomfrey said looking very serious.

"I know, but I also know that if he accepts me, it wont take long for me to regain the entirety of my sanity. But if he chooses to forgo the bond, then I'd rather not face that completely sane." Sighing once again Harry looked down to the carpeted floor. Following the odd swirling pattern, he didn't look back up when Madam Pomfrey gave her permission to use his room. He swiftly stood up and strode out of her office and into his room.

Watching him leave so quickly brought forth another worried sigh from Madam Pomfrey, "Merlin please let Severus choose what is right. Do not let his stubborn headedness get in the way." She sighed once again and looked back down to the forms she had been filling out previously.

Sighing and turning back to his bedroom, Severus pondered over what he would do with the days ahead of him. 'What should I do? I think I know somewhere in my heart that he's telling me the truth. But how can I be so certain. It wouldn't be the first time someone used my emotions against me. That's why I stopped following them in the first place.' He started pacing back and forth through out his living room. 'Perhaps if I knew more about fays, if I knew the facts of how mating is suppose to go, but how do I research this topic without alerting Dumbledore?' Flopping gracefully onto the couch, he stared thoughtfully into the empty fireplace. Just then a light bulb popped on in his head, or perhaps we should say a fire popped into the fireplace. And out walk the ever graceful Draco Malfoy. "Draco! What are you doing here?" Severus exclaimed jumping up from the couch.

"Why hello to you to Professor Snape," Draco said, his usual silken voice hoarse almost beyond recognition.

"Draco, drop the act. I know you're in pain, now how did you get away?" Severus said, guiding Draco over to the couch to lie down.

"There's a meeting today. It started early this morning, I don't know how long there going to be away." Draco winced as Severus started checking him over for serious injuries.

"Okay, usually if there not home by now we've got the whole day to make our next plan. Good news is your father wanted you alive and healthy. He seems to have healed all the serious injuries already. There are just a few sprains and bruises left. Nothing a couple of potions won't take care of," Severus finished off the scan and sat back.

"My father left me for dead. I healed the broken bones myself. I didn't bother with the sprains and bruises. I needed me energy to get here." Draco sneered.

Sighing Severus stood up and started towards his potions lab to grab what he needed.

"So what exciting happening at Hogwarts have I missed?" Draco said when Severus came back wit a few potions.

"Not much, Harry Potter came back a few days ago." Severus said cautiously watching his godson's reaction to his old enemy. He handed Draco one potion at a time making sure he swallowed all of the contents.

"So little Potty got back before I did eh?" Draco sneered obviously feeling better. "Guess he just couldn't stay away from his precious Dumbledore."

Severus could feel his anger rising as Draco mocked his mate. "You would be frightened at how alike your thoughts of Headmaster Dumbledore are." He growled out.

Curious to his potion masters change in voice Draco asked, "What has you protecting Gryffindor golden boy? When I left you hated him just as much as I did."

"I hated his father not Harry." Severus simply stated "It was time I learned the difference,"

One elegant eyebrow raised, Draco sat up, "I happen to know for a fact, that one month ago, you wouldn't have care whether it was Potter you disliked or not. You still hated him for being the precious golden boy, and you hated his father for stealing his mother from you. Now how did that change in such a small amount of time?"

Sigh Severus realize he had to tell Draco the truth. "Harry went through his inheritance very recently, that's what happened. You remember those dreams I told you about. Well I was wrong. It wasn't Lilly I was thinking of. It was Harry. He showed up a few days ago, he's completely changed Draco. Everything about him has flipped upside down from what we knew. Did you know he hates Dumbledore? Not dislikes no, he hates Dumbledore."

Draco broke off Severus' rant by waving his hand. "What does his inheritance have to do with your dreams?"

Stopping short, Severus didn't know whether or not he should reveal everything to his godson. 'Well perhaps he could be of some assistance in the search for information. I doubt Dumbledore would follow his every move.' Clearing his throat Severus whispered, "He's my mate."

Draco's passive eyes grew in shock, "He's your … your what?"

"He's my mate Draco." Severus stated a bit louder this time his eyes hardening ready for a fight. "His mother it seems belonged to the royal unseelie court, which if you didn't already know is compiled of dark fay."

Draco almost burst out laughing, "I always knew he was a little fairy."

Growling Severus stood up quickly in a defensive pose, "Do not doubt my mate Draco. He is more of a man than you." Snapping out of his protective role, Severus sat back down in the armchair beside Draco. He could feel Draco's eyes boring in the back of his head, but he could not make himself look up.

"You're not lying are you?" Draco said realizing why his godfather just freaked out on him. "Hell, you're not only his mate are you, you're his submissive. Holly shit I never thought I'd see the day. You don't look to happy though, is Potter treating you badly?"

Draco asked concerned for his godfather, and also looking for a reason to pummel Harry.

"No, he's treating me perfectly, too perfectly. That's the problem, I don't know if I deserve that kind of love. Not to mention the urges I get around him." Severus tried to explain, Draco grimaced at the word urges, "No those kind of urges, you immature brat, I feel inclined to do anything I can to make him happy. It's like I can't control myself any more. Like everything I do from now on has to make him happy, and if it doesn't then it hurts me."

Sighing Draco leaned back against the couch, "Severus, how much do you know about your bond with him?" Seeing Severus' expression, Draco figured not much. "Has he tried to explain it to you?" A single nod answered that question. "Look, I don't know much about Fairy bonds and mates, but I know a whole lot about submissive and dominate bonds. And in the end you do end up getting the shorter end of the stick seeing as you have to change to suite his needs, but as much as I dislike Potter I know he wouldn't make you give up yourself entirely. So what exactly has he told you of your particular fairy bond?"

Remembering back to the first conversation he and Harry had had about the topic, Severus sat back in the armchair and began. "He said that the dominant fairy has a choice of choosing his mate, or allowing fate to pick for them. After a year the submissive gets to choose if he/she wants to stay with their dominant or leave them. If the submissive decides to leave then one of two things can happen, if fate brought them together then the dominant has one more chance, if he chose the submissive then he doesn't get another chance." Taking a moment's pause to remember everything else, Draco sat forward with another question.

"So that's it? If you decide you don't like him after a year you both just go separate ways?"

"I guess, though I suppose that happening is kind of rare, for the first year we have to stay very close. That's the other thing he told me, for the first year I won't be able to be away from him for long. We'd have to spend every night together and see each other as often as possible, or I might go insane. Oh and for the first year I will be in heat, and susceptible to being impregnated." Severus paused once again to think everything over to make sure he remembered everything, "Yeah, that's all I remember him telling me."

"He's leaving a lot of important things out I think. As unfair as most dominant submissive bonds go, usually there are worse consequences towards the dominant for leaving his submissive unattended to. I'm sure he mentioned something about you being completely dependent upon him…" He pause waiting for Severus' nod, "Well while being your dependent he takes upon the responsibility to take care of you, and make sure you want for nothing. Basically, while you feel the need to make him happy, he feels the need to make sure your safe. It's a safety clause to make sure it's not an abusive relationship. He's probably hiding all possibilities of his pain so you make an objective choice based on what you want, and not on what would happen to him. I don't know about fairies specifically, but most creatures that mate need there mate to live. I don't think it's quite as simple as you leave him and he just lives with out a mate. And in a case like yours where the dominant is the creature and the submissive is not, you would be fine if you chose to leave him, but I am very sure that he would not last long."

Shock filled Severus' eyes. "Why wouldn't he tell me something like that?"

"Are you serious? Why wouldn't Potter do something stupid, reckless, and in him mind noble."

"He promised not to lie to me."

"He didn't, it's an omission of the truth, technically not a lie. Seriously Severus, what would you have done if he had told the truth? You would have stayed with him no matter what, that's what you would have done. I swear, sometimes godfather you are more Gryffindor than I'd like to admit."

Severus sneered at that comment, but didn't say anything. Instead he thought about his young godsons words. "How is it you know so much about dominate submissive bonds?"

Seeing the nervous look in Draco's eye, he figured out the answer, but with whom.

"Well, you know about my mothers Vela blood. It's not enough to make me full vela, or even half, but apparently it's enough to give me a mate. I found that out last summer when I came in to my inheritance. I spoke about to it my mother, who had no idea; apparently she was not given a mate. I started having odd dreams, not quite like yours. I never saw his eyes or any part of him, just his whispered voice. It took me until I was back at school to finally place where I heard his voice. Oddly enough my mate just so happened to be my best friend, Blaise. When we got back to our dorms, which we just so happen to share, the first night I knew it was him. I was so nervous, I didn't know if he would feel the bond too, or if he would even accept it. I knew he didn't have any creature blood though. So when I approached him, he caught me off guard by slamming me onto my bed and kissing me." Draco stopped talking for a moment. His eye got a far off look in them remembering that first night. "I promised myself to him that very night."

"So, so you're his submissive?" Severus asked

"Yup, vela's usually are."

"And you knew right away that you would live your life for him without any problems?"

"Yes. I had sometime during the summer to look over some information about these kinds of bonds. I knew that even though I was committing myself to another person for the rest of my life, he would be committing himself to me as well. And I knew that he would love me, Harry choose you Severus that means he loved you before he found out his inheritance. That means whatever you decide, he still loves you." Draco grimaced for a second and grabbed his stomach. "That feeling means it's about time I got out of here. Don't worry Severus I know in the end you'll do the right thing for you." Smiling gently Draco stood, walked over to the fire place and grabbed some floo powder. "I'll be back with Blaise in a day or two perhaps the insight of an already happily bonded couple will help you make your choice." And with that he disappeared into the flames, leaving a slightly less confused Severus.

Walking into the familiar sterile room, Harry moved over to the padded square in the furthest corner. He removed his cloak and settled down on the pad cross legged. Breathing in deep he slowly began to rid his mind of all thoughts. Slowly but surly every thought slipped from his mind and his breathing slowed almost to a stop. Then all of a sudden, instead being surrounded by black nothingness, he was standing on a green hill. All around him were grave markings, however this did nothing to dampen his mood. Smiling he walked up the hill staring at the ground almost looking for something. At a seemingly random spot he stopped and kneeled in front of a rather dead patch of grass. He grabbed the grass on one end and pulled as if opening a door. And indeed like a door the patch of grass easily pulled up. He jumped down quickly, making sure no one saw him then walked down the long corridor in front of him.

At the end of the corridor was a large elegant room, filled with creatures of all kinds. There were fairies, and dwarves, huge cricket looking animals, satyrs, and all sorts of other creatures. They were wandering around the large ballroom. Some were drinking and eating, others were fighting each other, and a few of them seemed to be torturing a human, laughing at her horrid misfortune. Seemingly oblivious to his surroundings, Harry approached the dais where King Roiben and his guards sat. "I wish to have an audience with the king." Harry said approaching one of the many large fierce looking guards.

"What right do you have to talk to our king human?" He snarled, Harry looked down realizing he was still dressed in his glamour. Releasing it, he heard the guard gasp and kneel, "I am terribly Sorry Prince Herigh I was not accustomed to your human guise. Please come this way." He led Harry to the chair in which King Roiben stood, with the smallest green tinted fairy standing behind him.

"Ah, Herigh, to what do I own this unexpected surprise?" King Roiben said, smiling at Harry.

"I've come to ask a favor my lord." Harry stated bowing low before the king.

"Now, now stop all this bowing. What is it you need of me?"

"Well its two things actually. I need to speak to you in the planning of the changeling, and I have come to request sanctuary for two days time."

"Of course, to both requests, I have just the changeling in mind for your plots. Very loyal, and quite cunning as far as changelings go. Now may I ask what is it you are requesting sanctuary from?" King Roiben asked his eyebrow arching elegantly as he leaned slightly forward in his throne.

"It's my mate, milord, I am worried that he is questioning the bond." Harry whispered.

King Roiben stood up, instantly followed by his guards, "Come Herigh, this is no conversation to be had out here." He motioned for his guards to stay and for Harry to follow. He, Harry, and the young girl, who stood behind the throne, followed another corridor behind the dais. This corridor led to a small room, it seems to be the antechamber to the king's rooms, "Now sit my dear boy. Explain the problem with your mate." King Roiben said gesturing to a large comfortable looking chair, and sat in a very similar looking one himself, the young girl simply took her place behind the chair.

"Milord, he's worried that I am going to do something to cause him pain. He's unsure as to whether I am going to keep him, or throw him off to the side once the war is over. He seems to think I chose him for his insight to both sides of the war. That never even came up in my mind. I mean yes, knowing that he risked his life everyday for a cause he believed so truly in did help me reconsider what a git he use to be. Yet that never came up when I was deciding whether to trust my fate or risk everything on the chance that he might learn to love me as I him. And I am concerned about some terms of the bond. One moment he's throwing himself at my feet proclaiming his love for me, and the next he's not even sure he likes me. It's like he can't help but want to love me because of the bond I placed on him, but in reality he still hate me as much or more than he hated James." As he spoke, Harry's eyes filled with tears threatening to over flow. King Roiben glanced up at the young girl and she turned and left the room through yet another door.

"My dear Herigh, the beginning of every bond is difficult. Especially if the mate you choose did not love you prior to your inheritance. But it seems to me from the worries you mate seems to have, hating you does not seem to be one of them. He is worried about rejection my dear. It seems he has a self doubt problem, probably doesn't think he's good enough to deserve someone for his mate. Did you tell him you loved him prior to your inheritance day?"

"I told him that I hadn't hated him for quite sometime, and that in fact I respected him ever since my 4th year. I also told him that I think my respect turn into something else through my 6th year. But prior to my inheritance day, the only feelings he seemed to have for me were utter hatred and disgust. I think maybe, he thinks I have chosen him as revenge for all the mean things he's done. But he's wrong, I love him. I loved him no matter what he said to me. No matter how horrid he was to me. Because I knew it wasn't his fault he was so bitter and full of hatred. He feels so guilty for having joined the Death Eaters as a young adult. He has repented more than any other person I know. And I know plenty that have a lot worse to repent for. How can I make him see I didn't choose him for revenge or convenience?" The tears began to slip out as he finish. One of the doors opened and the young girl walked through and over to Harry.

"Here you go sweetheart," she said, her voice quiet but sweet, and handed Harry a tissue box, "everything happens for a reason. I learned that the hard way here, but don't you worry about that. Your mate, I see you have a deep love for him. He will see that and soon will realize he holds a love for you that cannot be hid much longer." She stood back up and returned to her place behind King Roiben.

He looked up at her, and smiled, "Herigh, I'd like you to meet my mate, Kaye Fierch, she like you was raised in the mortal realm."

"It's nice to meet you Kaye. What part of our realm are you from?" He asked curious of her accent.

"New Jersey. It's on the east coast of the United States. That door you entered from, the dead patch of grass. In our realm, that hill is the cemetery outside of my hometown." She said, a small smile coming to her face as she remembered her old home.

"It's also where we meet all those years ago." King Roiben reminded, his smile turned into one of remembrance as well.

Harry smiled at the sight of them, and hoped one day he and Severus would be so happy.

"Now Herigh, regarding the changeling, how old is the young girl?" Roiben asked returning to the present.

"Same as I, 17 years old," Harry said thinking of his old friend in distain.

"Okay. And how do you plan on our changeling acting?"

"Mostly, it needs to have her knowledge, second it needs to be able to fool Dumbledore, and not be swayed to his side some how. Perhaps plant some knowledge of Occlumence that she could have decided to start studying over the summer. It also needs to be able to fool Ron completely, though I suppose that shouldn't be too hard. And I need it to be ready roughly a week before September 1st. We have planed to make the exchange on the Hogwarts Express. I shall be standing guard right beyond the gate to platform 9 ¾ to stun her as soon as she arrives. She will be killed quickly and efficiently and the changeling will replace her on the train." He recited the plan he had committed to memory.

"Well it sounds as if you have everything in order. You will receive the changeling and the potion for memory transfer by the last week of August. Now are you still committed to staying for two days? Or are you already beginning to feel the separation?" King Roiben asked as he stood from the chair.

"Yes, I do feel it. But I can't go back on my word, I said I'd give him two days and I must. If I were to return to my body right now, I would not be able to resist the pull towards him." Harry said sadly as he stretched and followed King Roiben's example to stand. They all returned to the great ballroom, King Roiben returned to his throne, Kaye to her spot behind it, and Harry began wandering around the room looking for something to preoccupy his mind for the next two days. He settled down in front of a large fight of random creatures, sipping the sweet wine, and taking a bite of a honey cake.

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