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She may be a Soul Reaper but there is something different about her. Rukia Kuchiki. That name in itself is beauty. On principle I hate Soul Reapers. I mean I am a Qunincy, one of the last. Rukia is a Soul Reaper. However I saw what they wanted to do to her just because she transferred her powers to Ichigo so he could save his family from a Hollow. It was a two on one fight when I stopped to try and destroy Renji Abarai and her own brother, Byakaya Kuchiki. It was horrible.

I think she saw right trough my story of going to Sunflower Seams. Even how I said it gave it away! I'm positive she thought it was the worst lie ever told. I'll admit it was. At first I wanted to fight Renji and Byakaya just to avenge my master, who was killed by Soul Reapers but Rukia is different. She has a heart. I just wish I could tell her how I felt. Now she's on the Soul Society's Death Row. I wanted to save her. Renji however injured me to a near lethal extent. I wanted to protect her. I couldn't. It pained me inside. Then I saw him as a Soul Reaper- Ichigo Kurosaki.

It was a fool of me to think I was the only one who could save Rukia from those two men. I saw Ichigo in a Soul Reaper's uniform, it made some sense. Rukia always hung out with him. She says that it is only to help out with him. She says that she is only Ichigo's advisor to his Soul Reaper abilities but something else has to be there. Then again it could be my imagination. It may be true that Rukia and Ichigo are just friends but everyone, myself included, thinks there is more to it.

Nobody who knew me would believe it, that I like Rukia. I have a ferocious mouth. I don't know how I got that way, most likely in my thirst for revenge. Soul Reapers are dirt. However there are roses in the dirt most specifically Rukia. At night in the darkest depths of my dreams she is mine. I am holding her close and she is happy. The last few days before she was arrested and taken back to the Soul Society she seemed kind of sad. Something just wasn't right about her. I wanted to comfort her but something within me stopped me and now I may never see her again. God if I had one wish it would be t have Rukia in my arms. She is the girl of my dreams. That is why I am training here, alone. I wish to save her. I know this sounds like a pathetic fairy tale but I mean it. My feelings for Rukia are real. I would never forgive myself if she was killed and I did nothing. In fact I might kill myself in an effort to be with her. Even if Rukia doesn't return my love I'll feel better knowing I did all I could. I will not settle for less, I will save Rukia Kuchiki, my one true love.